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Detail shots of one of the few larger Forget Me Not pendants I made. I really like the way this one came out.

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I would like to request ftm trans!draco coming out to Narcissa/ them bonding! thank you so much ilu <3

Hi my love ♡ I hope it’s okay! 

Draco couldn’t do this.

He had dreamed about how he would tell his mom - make her dinner, buy her flowers and hug her tight.


Just in case she didn’t want to hug him ever again.


He would tell it to her slowly, breaking the news as carefully as possible.

(Anything to save her from an imminent heart attack.)

He had made a speech, wrote it down on paper in the middle of the night, the paper stained with tears because he couldn’t focus on anything but the fact that his mother is going to hate him.

Pansy had calmed him down from several panic attacks, Blaise had basically just told him to “suck it up and tell them” and he was still convinced that he’d rather jump into the Hogwarts lake and be drowned by the giant squid than go through with this – because oh dear Merlin he couldn’t do this.

But he couldn’t back down now.

Because his mother was standing in front of him, her hands full of clippings he’d stashed in his room, his binder wrapped over her wrist and – oh no.

“Love,” his mother began, slowly, looking up from the muggle Trans Teenagers magazine clippings, “what’s this?”

“I –”

He had prepared a speech. He was going to do it, but he wasn’t ready now – he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t he couldn’t he couldn’t

He had to.

“I’m..” he took a deep breath, looking down at his hands. “I’m sorry, mother.”

“Darling,” she started again, her voice slightly off, as if she was on the verge of tears. “Are you – is this –“

It felt like there was a hippogriff on his chest now, pressing down on him until all he could do was choke. Please, please, she’s going to hate me - “I – yes, mother, I –“ why couldn’t he breathe, he needed to breathe –“I’m so, so sorry that – I didn’t mean to –“

Then, suddenly, she lurched forward and wrapped herself around him.

She hugged Draco tight to her chest, locking her arms around him and her head against his hair – crying and kissing his forehead, whispering impossible things to him, “shh, darling, it’s okay, I’m here –“

“Mom,” Draco sobbed, hugging her tightly. His heart was going bonkers. Was this really happening? “I’m not your –“

“You’re my child,” Narcissa said through the tears, firmly and clearly. “And that’s all that matters.”

Draco hiccoughed a laugh, a broken one but it felt real, and he buried his face deep in her chest. She didn’t hate him – she was hugging him, she wasn’t appalled, she wasn’t locking him up – he couldn’t believe this he couldn’t

“And I think,” Narcissa continued softly, “that your father has always wanted a son, anyway.”

They both snorted at the same time, and then started laughing.

Because at the moment, it was fine. Draco could finally breathe in deeply, knowing that whatever his father would say, he’d be able to go through it, to keep standing and face him, knowing that his mother was right there beside him to hold his hand.

“I love you,” he murmured finally, and she squeezed him tighter. 

She didn’t need to say it back.

He knew.

For being someone who’s always sleeping or talking about sleeping or wishing he were asleep Aizawa sure likes being up late at night, doesn’t he

who would have thought I’d have found yet another reason for finding this man relatable

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Draw my boy Raz being rad

You asked for Rad, but somehow my brain jumped to bring your son to work day two nerds in lab coats. I’m…so sorry;;; I hope you can still get some enjoyment out of it lol


on the day that I become so forgetful that all of this melts away/I will burn all the calendars that counted the years down to such a worthless day

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Hey Verby! I know you suggested this prompt in your post, but if you have time I would love for a "fix-it spaceship UST" drabble! (p.s. 800k words on FitzSimmons?! My gosh. Thank you for all the amazing fics over the years - I've said this 100 times before, but your writing is just wonderful to read!)

ahh thank you so much!! I’ve been so happy to share this fandom space with you. <3
@fitzsimmonsavengers also requested “anything with FS in space.” this fills both! although it is perhaps a bit low-angstier and less UST-y than originally intended. 
Anniversary Ficlet 4/8.
Rated T, for vague mentions of canon noncon. Post-s4 FitzSimmons in space.

At first, peace for Fitz only came in breathing. He could not change the past, he could not control the feeling of violation or the future that might have been stolen from him – but he could breathe. So whenever he felt overwhelmed, whenever the screams in his head became too loud or the memory of touches he never wanted were too potent, he would put his head between his knees and he would breathe.

Months passed. The team became used to living on the Peak, adjusted to this strange new reality of existing separate from planet. This innate difference, that feeling of being unmoored, had shocked even Jemma, who had whispered to him early on about how Maveth had sometimes felt just like their own Earth, especially when she closed her eyes or dug her fingers into the sand. Agent Brand told them they would all adjust, and, of course, they did. Daisy spent weeks distracted by the otherness to outer space-bound vibrations, which was accompanied by a lot of Beach Boys jokes and even more eye-rolling.

It took a long time for Fitz to unlearn wanting to touch Jemma, but he tried all the same. Not necessarily sexually, not with any strings attached, just the brush of his fingers against her lower back, or resting one hand on her shoulder, or letting his side lean slightly against hers as they worked – all of those things had become as natural as breathing to him. As he learned to rely on breathing to ground him, so he had to remember to give her back the space she surely wanted. About two weeks after he had managed to learn to keep his hands to himself, Jemma confronted him. She wasn’t going to let him withdraw from her completely, she said, not when she suspected he didn’t actually want to. Fitz didn’t argue.

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Best boy, birthday boy!!
Yes I’m glad I made it in time, more appreciation for my darling Sougo who I love soo much ♡
It has been a little over a year since I found my love for him and it keeps growing stronger~ I think I never got so attached to any characters like this wahh!! But I wouldn’t change that at all, this boy is very special to me for a ton of reasons~! ´ ω`

May 26

The girls had a show in Philly tonight!! 

Only Love!

Normani looking absolutely stunning on the cover of Kontrol Magazine! 

ICYMI, Strangers was dropped a bit earlier then anticipated!

Lauren and Halsey’s song, Strangers, was released worldwide today!! What does everyone think? 

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The girls are all so supportive of each other! 

Can’t go wrong with Popeye’s biscuits! 

Dinah bites back, y’all!

In West Philadelphia…

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Ally had so much fun on Fashion Police!

Instagram stories!


Yesterday was my 20th birthday party and the theme was “favorite movie character” so I cosplayed for the first time ever and ended up going as Sirius Orion Black and honestly I’m quite pleased with myself.

i don’t know what kind of phase i was going through from 2015 to 2016 but it was Embarrassing™
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