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As straight as possible

Destiel, college AU, roughly 1000 words. Based on that “straight guy worries he’s homophobic” article, you know the one. - I want to make clear that I don’t find homophobia funny, romantic or inspiring. It needs to stop. But that story was just too amazing not to re-use. (Even though this has probably already been done about 498,723 times.)

It is a quiet Sunday in autumn. A couple of tiny birds are picking seeds from the last hollyhocks in front of the window, the weather is chilly and fog has gathered in the streets, the living-room table is littered with textbooks, Jess is taking notes with a mug of steaming peppermint tea in front of her; and nothing has prepared Sam Winchester for this question.

“I’m – I’m sorry, can you say that again? The connection’s a bit unstable.”

He can hear his brother swallow hard at the other end of the line.

“Am I homophobic, Sammy?”

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Girl from work knows I like boy from work and does this in the group chat????

He seemed pretty into me on Friday b/c he pretty much only spoke to me and also kept showing me pictures of the two of us on the night we slept together.

I just don’t get him though, like idk if he’s interested or not.


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ok so FRIDAY says tony specifically programmed her to warn him about possible incoming hostiles by saying “we have company” i absolutely need to know in what sort of nerd action media this line was first used

Sportsmed!Brittana Part 3

Here we go!

Santana slammed the door to her and Quinn’s small apartment, “Brittany Pierce can go fuck herself.” She grumbled into the empty living room.

Quinn appeared from the hall way dressed only in a robe, “Santana it’s 2 am. What the hell is your problem?”

The Latina was obviously pretty drunk. Swaying as she was now standing in the kitchen hunting a beer down. “Sorry Q. I know you and the hobbit were sleeping. Apparently Brittany has a boyfriend.” Santana swung the beer in her hand around, with the container open. Spilling beer all over the floor. “We have been fucking for 3 weeks…and she has a god damn boyfriend.”

Quinn grabbed the beer out of Santana’s hand and dragged her off toward her bedroom. “Honey, I’m sorry things are messy. But if you drink anymore you are going to start crying.”

Santana just huffed out as she started to take her Jersey off, “I would not fucking cry.” She glared at Quinn, “I would not.”

The blonde could see her eyes starting to water. She knew her best friend was going to start the water works shortly. She just sighed and put her hand on the door, “Get your pamajas on and I’ll be right back.

“Fuck you, Q.” She threw her shirt off cross her bedroom. “I don’t need to be fucking babysat.” She went to step out of her pants and nearly fell on to her bed.

A few minutes later Quinn came back with some Advil, water, and some toast. “Drink the water with the toast and take 4 Advil. We can talk about Brittany in the morning when you get up.” She set them on Santana’s night stand.

“Shut up, Q.” She sighed out. She was overly annoyed and fairly irrational at this point. She at least managed to dress herself. She walked over to Quinn and gave her a small hug. “Now get the fuck out of my room.”

Santana woke up to bright light and the smell of pancakes and bacon. She groaned as she rolled over to look at the clock. It was almost 11. Quinn had let her sleep in. Usually after one of her drunken stupors, her best friend will punish her with loud cleaning very early in the morning. She also assumed by the smell of bacon, Rachel must have had work this morning. Quinn was sensitive enough to not cook real bacon in the morning when the diva was there.

She grabbed her glasses off her night stand and hobbled her way into the kitchen. “Q,” She mumbled out softly before she took a seat in at the table.

Quinn just sat a cup of coffee and a plate of food in front of her, “If you don’t have a hangover yet and you eat this you might dodge the bullet.”

Santana just nodded and took her first sip of coffee. “Life would just be easier if we just married each other.” She snarled out softly.

“You’re welcome,” Quinn had known Santana long enough and well enough that that was her form of a thank you. Just not in so many words. “We would kill each other.”

The soccer player just sighed, “That’s very true.” She shoveled almost a whole pancake in her mouth, “Madye I colled be da nun.”

Quinn sat down across from her at the table and laughed, “You couldn’t be a Nun, Santana. You like sex too much. You would probably literally die without it.” She snapped a piece of bacon in half and put it in mouth, “So what is this about Brittany and a boyfriend? I feel like I haven’t really seen you since you started whatever the fuck this is.”

“Well, the night of the fundraiser was the first night anything happened.” She pushed her food around her plate and shrugged. “We were supposed to go to dinner then go to her place. But she lives like 30-45 minutes outside of the city depending on the part of town you’re in.” She took another sip of her coffee, “So we just ended up here. We didn’t even make it to dinner.”

Santana had Brittany pinned up against the wall with the blonde’s long legs wrapped around her waist. The Latina was assaulting her neck with licks, kisses, and bites. The kind that would for sure leave marks for the next day.

Brittany grabbed her chin rough, bring their faces so close that Santana had to make eye contact. “Bedroom,now.” She unwrapped her legs lowing herself down slowly, she kissed the small brunette roughly, and started to push her backwards.

Quinn just sighed, “I remember that night.” She groaned out a little and finished off her piece of bacon, “There were clothes strung from the front door to your bedroom. I still don’t know how you got her underwear across the living room and on the lampshade.”

Santana smirked a little, “It had been a while since I had gotten any. Some of us don’t have girlfriends.”

Quinn slammed her hand down on the table, “Thank god I do. I’m so glad I went to Rachel’s that night so I didn’t have to hear you guys. Brittany is loud. Anyway, go on.”

The next morning Santana woke up in bed alone. She wasn’t really surprised by that. They had talked briefly about last night just being fun and she was okay with that. No note or text message. Santana didn’t really care.

Well, she didn’t care until she got to practice and Brittany was there. The blonde basically ignored her for the 2 hours they were there. She didn’t need to be hugged, kissed, and fawned over. But a hello would have been nice.

A little later Santana overheard one of the other girls ask Brittany about the marks all over her neck. The Latina’s chest did swell up with pride a little bit at the question. But what really surprised her was Brittany’s answer.

“Well, let’s just say I haven’t had that kind of fun in a really long time,” Brittany shuffled her bag on to her shoulder and went to leave. “I really hope I can get it to happen again.”

Santana didn’t think Brittany had seen her. She was around the corner changing basically hiding from plain sight. Brittany rounded the corner just as Santana pulled her shirt over her head, she looked up and caught Brittany’s wink as she left the locker room.

“So, do you think that was a professional thing? Like her not talking to you after?” The blonde asked softly.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Santana just huffed and crossed her arms leaning back in her chair. “So I see her at practice all that week. We talked a little bit more, but nothing you know sexy. Then she texted me 2 Fridays ago pretty much out of the blue.”

Santana shoved her law book out of the way when she heard her phone vibrate. She hoped to God it was Quinn getting out of work early so they could go get a drink. Brittany came across the screen with one new message it confused her.

Round 2?

Was all the text said. Santana didn’t need to be told what it meant. She texted back Yes, when and where. She grabbed her jacket and drove the 35 minutes to Brittany’s place. She didn’t end up coming home until 4 the Saturday afternoon.

“So at this point you guys have banged twice and that’s it?” Quinn was trying to follow as Santana filled in the blanks.

“Yea, pretty much,” She sighed out, “Then that Sunday, we went out and had lunch. She acted normal all week. We made plans again for Friday. Same kind of set up, but she came here instead. That was last weekend when you went to Rachel’s parents.”

“So what happened while I was gone? I haven’t really talked to you because all of the practice you have been having for the tournament.”

Brittany knocked on the door and patiently waited for Santana to open it. “Hey, San.” She said softly before she kissed the brunette deeply.

Santana just took at the door a little stunned. Sure Brittany had kissed her like that before, but she thought they were going to have dinner before they just started fucking. She had actually cooked for them. “Hey, Britt.”

They did end up having dinner, mostly talking about school and the tournament coming up. Santana cleaned up the dishes and got them both desert. Santana was a little confused when Brittany led them to the couch for what seemed to be movie watching time. Brittany had seemed pretty quiet most of the night. Letting Santana make up most of the conversation topics.

About half way through the movie their small kissed started to turn into a very hot and heavy make-out session. Brittany had lost her shirt over the side of the couch. Santana’s hair was down and her shirt was unbuttoned to the middle.

The Latina went to un-clasp the blonde’s bra when her hands were stopped by Brittany’s. The blonde lace their fingers together and pinned Santana’s hand above her head. “This week…getting past second base might not be a good idea.” She leaned down and started to kiss Santana’s neck. “At least not for me, but I can do whatever I want with you.”

Santana was about to ask why, when it registered with her. Brittany her been kind of quite. She looked exhausted. “Do you just want to go to bed?”

Brittany looked down at her confused. She wasn’t sure what her answer should be. “Do you want me to stay?”

Santana just shrugged, “I mean, I still have a heating pad from my shoulder. I also have chocolate. If you have better options, you can go if you want.”

“Let me get this straight. You couldn’t have sex because she was on her period. She offered to give you probably a whole night’s worth of sex, at least from what you say happens between you guys,” Quinn stuck her tongue out in disgust for a second, “And you instead ask her to sleepover and offer to take care of her.”

Santana just shrugged, “I know. That was the night I really fucked myself.”

Monday afternoon, was the first time since that Santana had seen Brittany. They were in the locker room getting ready for another long practice.

Brittany was checking her bag to make sure she had everything. She walked up to Santana holding a small plate with clear wrap on it. “Hey, San.” She said softly, standing in front of the Latina.

Santana looked up from the floor, she had been lacing her new cleats.  “Hey, Brittany.”

“These are for you,” The med-student said softly, “Kind of like a thank you for the other night.”

Santana wasn’t sure how someone could be the sexiest and the cutest person on the planet rolled into one. But Brittany did pull it off. Santana took the plate out of her hand and nodded. “No problem, Britt.” Santana pulled the clear plastic back and smiled. “How did you know snickerdoodles were my favorite?”

“A little blonde birdy told me,” She grinned a little bit, “I also don’t have class tomorrow night. I know you don’t either,” She leaned down towards Santana’s ear, “I’m game if you are.”

It took as second for what Brittany had said to sink in. “I don’t have anything on the books. My place?” She asked softly.

“Yea. I like your place. I’ll be here tomorrow anyway with the tennis team,” She leaned down and kissed the soccer player on the lips softly, “I’ll see you on the field, Thirteen.”

“So what happened after that?” Quinn for once was actually enjoying Santana’s escapades. Usually she told the Latina to keep them to herself.

“Well, she came over Tuesday night. She spent the night.” Santana said softly finishing up her coffee. “I mean, you saw her that morning. I heard her talking to you right before she left.”

The blonde just nodded. “Yea, she said something about an early class that day.”

Santana rolled over early in the morning feeling the other side of her bed for Brittany. When she came up empty, she grabbed her glasses from her night stand letting her eyes adjust for a second. She felt her breath get caught in her throat. Brittany was standing in Santana bathroom, with the door open. Leaning over the counter washing her face. Santana wasn’t sure if it was the sight of Brittany’s bear ass or the fact that the shirt said Lopez across the back, but one thing was for sure. She liked it.

“You’re up early. It’s not even 8.” Santana grumbled out as she rolled to her side putting her hand under her chin.

“Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have classes at noon most of the week. I have a 10 am. I have to get home to get ready for class,” Brittany replied softly as she walked back into the bedroom throwing her hair up into a messy bun.

“I can’t help it your major requires like 5 hour classes with 8 hours worth of labs.” She teases softly batting her eyelashes at the blonde.

Brittany sat on the edge of the bed and started to pull her jeans up. “Well, you also have to do nine thousand research papers.”

Santana traced the number 13 on the back of her jersey that Brittany was wearing. “That’s my away jersey. Since the game is home this weekend,” she leaned up and kissed the back of Brittany’s neck. “You could wear it Friday if you wanted.”

Brittany tensed up a little bit. She turned to Santana offering her a small smile. “Ms. Lopez, that might get us in trouble.” She took the shirt of slowly, keeping her back towards turned Santana. “It might be seen as a little unprofessional.”

Santana just nodded. Brittany did have a good point. But that didn’t change the fact that earlier in the week the blonde had kissed her in front of half the soccer team in the locker room. “That’s very true.” She leaned back and threw her arm over her face. “Let me get dressed and I’ll walk you out.”

The bed dipped when Brittany leaned over top of Santana. “Don’t worry about it. You should go back to sleep for a little bit while you can,” She leaned down and kissed the soccer player lightly on the lips, “See you tomorrow afternoon for practice.”

She knew Brittany was about to pull away, but Santana hadn’t gotten enough yet. Her hand slowly made it’s way to the back of Brittany’s neck. She pulled her back down and bite on her bottom lip. Not wanting to waste any time, she kissed her back deeply. “Okay. See you tomorrow.”

“That doesn’t seem like she was pulling away or like trying to back off at all to me?” The short blonde said as she cleared their plates off the table.

Santana threw her hands up in the air, “I fucking know right?!” She huffed out softly and laid her head on the table. “Wednesday was normal we got a drink after, but she went home to study. She was at the game Friday. So I invited her to the party for last night.”

“And you effectively came home drunk as shit,” Quinn piped in mid-sentence.

“Yea,” Santana snapped bitterly. “She showed up with some asshole in a military uniform. Stupid fucker had a Mohawk. She said it was her boyfriend…what the fuck. Like seriously?” Santana smacked the table.

“Well, what did she say about it when you asked her?”

“That’s a fucking shit show too.” Santana huffed out as she got up from the kitchen and motioned to the living room. “You will want to sit down for the rest of this.”