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Inktober 2k17: where I attempt to draw 1 pic for each chapter of Owlet’s The Long Road Begins At Home.

Chapter 15: Spatial expansion

Rogers looks over frequently, checking in. It works. Barnes is satisfied to sit at the periphery and observe. It’s like the days of covert surveillance, except that he gets pizza and beer.

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(1) That post got me thinking - we've canonically seem Thomas in James' bed but what about Thomas' ? Imagine James feeling tiny under a shedload of blankets on this massive ornate four-poster. Imagine how much he'd love being there with Thomas and how empty it would feel with one of them there but not the other. Imagine how much James would look forward to being in that bed with Thomas when he's away and how devastated he'd be to realise it would never be slept in again after Thomas' abduction.

(2) Imagine Thomas’ bed being one of the things he misses most after James and Miranda, through an asylum cell and a plantation worker’s cot. And then, eventually, he winds up in this distinctly average bed, and James, who built the frame, is all “I know it’s not much but…” and then Thomas is crying because (a) it’s perfect and (b) he’d sleep in the dirt so long as James was still with him

o h……….. oh fuck my god that’s perfect……..i have nothing to add you can’t improve perfection….. 

Bedtime Stories

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request (follow-up to ‘
A Hand to Hold’)

Description: You wouldn’t ever have imagined a one-night stand leading to you waiting up for the father of your child to return home in order to read his son a bedtime story. But, Luke was just the type of guy who couldn’t fall asleep without wishing his baby goodnight.

“Is he already asleep?”

You could hear the exhaustion in Luke’s voice. He must have been desperate to call this late from the jet back home. You didn’t have to be a profiler to know that the case had been a particularly disturbing one.

“It’s okay. I’ll put him on.” You told him softly, tracing your son’s cheek with a gentle finger as you placed the phone down next to him, switching it to speaker.

It had become a common occurrence for Luke to check in on you both if he was traveling with his team. In fact, reading your son his bedtime story had become his favourite part of his day. Although, something told you that tonight was more than just a regular call. The dark nature of his work must have naturally caused him to worry about his own family.

It had been strange to get used to the dynamics of your relationship. Being new parents to a beautiful baby boy was the proudest achievement of both of your lives. There was a love binding the two of you together that had its own unique potency – despite the absence of a romantic relationship.

Luke had been extremely supportive, honouring his promise to be there for you and your son. Never would you have expected a one-night stand to be there by your side, helping you soothe your baby’s cries, rocking him to sleep, proudly pushing him around the park in his pram, burping him over his shoulder and even taking responsibility of diaper duty.

But, Luke had been there through it all.

Your lips curved upwards into a soft smile as you thought about the memory of the birth of your son. You could still feel Luke tightly gripping your hand, squeezing in reassurance as he helped soothe your pain. He hadn’t even complained when you had left him with bruised knuckles.

Luke had taken as much time off as he possibly could to help you out afterwards – offering his assistance in setting up the nursery, installing the car seat and stockpiling baby supplies. However, unfortunately he eventually had to return back to work – promising that he would always be willing to drop anything to answer your call.

It turned out that you didn’t really ever have to be the one to contact him. He tended to check in at least once a day, just wanting to hear his son’s quiet gurgling or even his adorable cries. It seemed like he was as enamoured with your newborn son as you were.

A soft laugh escaped from your lips as your son continued to snooze peacefully, completely oblivious to the crackling noise coming down the phone.

“Hey, little man.” Luke whispered, you could almost hear the smile in his voice. “I hope you’re being good for your mom.”

He paused for a moment, listening to the sound of your baby’s soft breathing. You had noticed that it always manage to soothe him. Luke had even taken to staying around at yours some nights after he had fallen asleep in the nursery, your son cradled close to his chest. He just loved being to hold his baby close.

“I miss you.” He murmured quietly, his voice slightly strained with emotion.

It was odd to hear Luke sound so unsettled. All the time you had known him, he had been an extremely calming and reassuring presence. He wasn’t the type to easily show his emotions in front of others.

Your son gurgled softly, lifting his tiny hands up as he wriggled sleepily. Apparently, even now he recognised the sound of his father’s voice.

“I think he misses you too.” You told Luke, smiling gently down at your baby as you picked the phone back up and held it to your ear.

Luke’s warm chuckle made your heart flutter. It felt good to be able to lift his spirits, even if it was just a little bit.

“Tough case?” You asked quietly, anticipating the reason behind Luke’s late-night phone call. It was important that he knew you would be there for him too.

He grunted softly in response, inhaling slowly as if summoning up to courage to speak. “It involved kids.”

His words sent chills down your spine and stirred a deep sympathy inside of you. You couldn’t stop yourself from reaching down to gently stroke your son’s tiny hand.

As a new mother, the thought of anything happening to children greatly disturbed you. You didn’t know how Luke coped working on such awful cases. A soft smile spread across your face as your son gripped onto your finger tightly.

“You can come around to see him if you want.” You offered, knowing how much Luke probably needed the comfort of holding his son close right now.

“Thank you.” He murmured softly, his voice cracking slightly. He cleared his throat, attempting to compose himself. “How have you been?”

A smile played on your lips at his question. Luke had been so considerate when it came to your wellbeing. He somehow understood how tiring looking after a newborn could be, never downplaying the importance of the role of a mother. In fact, he had gone out of his way to help you out. Even asking his own mom for advice on how to help settle a distressed baby.

Her advice about the popcorn technique had proven invaluable. It had been hysterical at first to see Luke gently rocking your screaming baby whilst making soft popping noises, but it worked almost instantly – saving you a lot of sleepless nights. You had made a mental note to thank his mom for her help when Luke finally got around to inviting her over for a visit.

It probably wasn’t the way she had imagined becoming a grandparent, but regardless she had been excited about the news. Even if you and Luke weren’t a couple, she couldn’t deny her affection for her grandson.

“Good. He’s been an angel today actually.” You murmured softly, still smiling down as your son remained latched onto your finger. You attempted to stifle a yawn as your body began to succumb to exhaustion.

“I’m sorry for keeping you up.” Luke apologised gently, immediately noticing how tired your voice sounded. “I-”

“Luke, it’s fine.” You reassured him, smiling softly as you bent down to place a tender kiss on your son’s head. “Besides, he’s loves a bedtime story from his father.”

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If you haven’t gotten this yet, IT for the ship ask 😁

Thank you!!

1. OTP: Reddie obviously. no ship even comes close

2. Favorite Canon Pairing: Uhhhh can I say Reddie lol its damn close to canon. If not, maybe Patty and Stan? I love Patty and Stan. 

3. Wost Pairing Ever: going with one that people actually ship, S.TOZIER. SORRY BUT FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT

4. Guilty Pleasure Pairing: I actually kinda like Billverly? Tumblr tells me I’m not supposed to though. 

5. That Pairing Everyone Likes but You’re LIke “lol no”: Uhhh I mean I don’t mind S.tenbrough? It just makes me laugh when people act like its in any way canon. It’s a fine ship though but I’m not obsessed by any means.


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Has Garu learned anything after getting Bamboozled from one of the Kyurangers?

i’m not sure about ‘learned anything’ but the poor boy definitely needs a hug

garu i love you and you are so pure but also so dumb