me obsessed

someone: haha why are you so obsessed with *insert show/book series/film/etc)

me, internally: because throwing myself into something allows me to briefly forget the constant depression misery and sadness i suffer through every day and when i marathon things my self hatred sometimes starts to disappear because i forget that i’m a real person who exists in the real world. my obsessions help me to cope when i feel like i’m about to explode or cry or scream or all of those at once and once i get into something i barely think of anything else for weeks which is a very unhealthy coping tactic but hey it helps so

me: haha idk :))


but at least I got you in my head, oh yeah,
at least I got you in my head, in my head…
sleepovers in my bed…

CW, please, this is annoying

CW: gay fandom, please, SuperCorp is not real, Kara is straight!

Lena: is it because I am a Luthor?
Kara: I said I am not gay but I never said I was straight.
Maggie: you would be surprise of how many gay people I heard say that before
Alex: please, Kara doesn’t obey gravity, why would she obey heteronormativity?
Mon-el: fandom?
Lex: Lena! Luthors are not gay!
Clark: says the man who is obsessed with me
SuperCorp Fandom: *musical voice* I don’t care! I ship them!

Katie: SuperCorp?
Melissa: oh, let me show you

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do you have music that you listen to for writing zelink? if so would you mind recommending some songs? thanks & love your writing!

thank you! and yes!!! oh my gosh, i am always listening to music while i write or even to inspire myself to write, etc? i would love to share/recommend songs *n*

truthfully, however, i mostly listen to the botw soundtrack when i’m actually writing because lyrics tend to distract me from my process;; the tracks i listen to the most would be the dragon theme, ganon vanquished (zelda’s theme)main theme, trailer theme (this is not official, but it is scarily accurate and the guy who did it did such an amazing job!), life in ruins, temple of time, & hyrule field horse (night) – i also listen to the hyrule castle theme a bunch… especially while i write the second chapter of tga, part of it takes place within the ruins of hyrule castle so listening to it helps me create the same atmosphere i felt while i played botw inside of the castle, if you understand what i mean? the sort of excitement i got is something i want to capture for my readers, so i always listen to the soundtracks of wherever they are to help me create the mood of the place and stay true to it.

as for other music, i listen to so much as well (even while i write, though i tend to have it very low) examples such as:

black out days - phantogram // i listen to this one religiously while i write the mafia au actually… this one and // meet me in the woods - lord huron

willow tree march - the paper kites

retrograde - james blake // my most fav song ever! it is so beautiful, also is SUCH a zelda song!!!

take control - kodaline // another zelda song, though this one is also fitting for link honestly? i love

run boy run - woodkid // a huge link song omg. also fun fact, this album this song is off of is called ‘the golden age’… ring any bells, anyone?

lullabies (adventure club remix) - yuna  // this one is such a zelink song imo it never fails to inspire me

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Proposal: eat the president of something small, like the president of a chicken committee, or the president of the united states

Why is everyone on this site obsessed with me eating important government figures?

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seriously, nobody's here 4 ur beauty tips. post that ass, bitch!

i was about to ask why are you obsessed with me but i just looked in the mirror and i understand why


“As Victor watches, dumbstruck, he realizes that while Love is playing the harp masterfully and would’ve no doubt garnered attention for that alone, it’s not only that which has everyone in a trance. It’s watching him play, watching deft fingers pluck on the strings and the serene expression on his face that’s truly captivating.”

Dancing Daffodils has taken over my life. And for the record, @grayclouds, this is all your fault. ༼ಢ_ಢ༽

it’s been over 13 months since ‘the force awakens’ was released and i still don’t understand why people like h/ux so much other than the fact that he’s a white man. in all my months on this website i literally have not heard one single authentic and convincing explanation with canon basis as to why people actually like him