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Make This Go On Forever

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Steve Rogers meets his soulmate in the cabin of a ship straight out the future after being defrosted from the ice that he has slept in for the past fifty years. If that alone didn’t tell him that he and Tony Stark are fated, the warm, complete feeling that rises in his chest when they first touch sure did.

“i guess there’s no point trying to keep it a secret from you,” Tony laughs nervously. His eyes, the blue now rimmed with gold, stare at the same ring surrounding Steve’s irises with fascination and no small bit of apprehension. “I never believed that I would-”

“Me neither,” Steve replies breathlessly. He can’t stop smiling, can’t stop catching himself of an endless loop of soulmate, I have a soulmate. Even more, his soulmate is beautiful, and brilliant, and courageous. He wants to touch Tony, even though Tony doesn’t seem to like it much, when he stops, frowning, a pain he isn’t used to weighing him down. “Why does your chest hurt?”

The smile slides off Tony’s face and all the sudden he looks miserable. “Oh.” With shaking hands he reaches up and unbuttons his shirt, revealing a mass of metal that looks welded onto his chest. “I was injured. This keeps me alive. I’m…I didn’t even think, I’m so sorry.”

“Hey,” Steve hushes him, and ever so carefully puts his hands on Tony’s shoulders. The tension bleeds out of Tony, the look in his eyes full of relief held at the ready for Steve’s next words. “It’s not your fault. You survived, you should be proud. And I can handle a little pain. We can share it.” Tony’s smile is fragile and gorgeous. Steve can’t believe how lucky he is. “We’re in this together now.”

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Guide to commonly-overheard Hunter-related discussions between Guardian, Ghost, and Vanguard, as organized by Guardian type:


Titan: “Your methods are questionable, but your results are undeniable. I like it.”

Ghost: “Perhaps there is something to be learned here, despite…you.”

Zavala: “We’ll speak about this later.”


Warlock: “That was…that was ill-advised, Hunter.”

Ghost: “Why are you like this?”

Ikora: “How am I supposed to explain this to the Consensus?”


Hunter: “Whoops.”

Ghost: “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Cayde-6: “Me neither.”

- Cryptarch Records // Field Guide to Strategy // Rejected

Sakura: I still don’t like the whole ANBU thing Kakashi.

Kakashi: But Sakura…

Sakura: No, no… don’t apologize to me or explain to me that what you do… you do it for Konoha and it’s people. *gets closer and places her hands behind her*

Kakashi: Do I get a kiss before leaving?

Sakura: Of course you do idiot! *steps on her toes to reach his cheek, kakashi lowers his face for her*

Kakashi: Thanks. *grins*

Sakura: I can’t believe I love this idiot.

Kakashi: Me neither, I can’t believe you love.

Sakura: I love you Kakashi.

Kakashi: I love you too Sakura.

Sleepover at Pearls (Trixya Highschool AU)

Soooo I have never written ANYTHING before… but here is a preview of what might be a sleepover Fic based of my Trixya highschool au 🙊 I don’t know if it’s worth shit, but if anyone’s interested at all…I might continue it. I am super duper nervous about this 🙈

“Are you gonna go to Pearls sleepover thing?”
Katyas thick accent rung in Trixies ears as she squeezed her pillow tight.

She wanted to go, she really did. But all the girls wearing lingerie and nightgowns, she’d be wearing a t-shirt or some hideous pjs from years ago…

She heard her phone vibrate, a text from Katya.
“Hey, you seemed kind of down today, wanna talk?” - K

“Nah it’s fine, I’m just not sure what I’m gonna wear to Pearls party…I don’t really have anything” - T

“Haha me neither! I haven’t done laundry in months! I have a pair of boxers with hearts on them, ya or nah?” -K

Katya sent a picture of her in the boxer shorts, they where white with hearts on them. Trixie felt her cheeks getting hot.

“They are really cute, you’ll look
great” - T

If Katya could look that cute in a pair of mans boxers, maybe Trixie could find something to wear…but Katya looked good in anything really.

Trixie felt her phone vibrating again after a few minutes, a heart followed by a picture. It was a frilly pink nightgown with some bows and ribbons lying on Katyas bed, looking misplaced on her brown and green bed sheets.

“I thought you might like it, I found it a couple of weeks ago at a thriftstore, I have washed it of course. I think you’d look really cute in it” - K

“ really?! It’s really cute! You are really sweet! Thank you! Do you think I could pull off something like that tho?” - T

“Bae, you are gonna blind them all with your beauty” - K

Trixya felt her stomach filling up with butterflies flailing around, suddenly she couldn’t wait for the party.

“ you’re the best” - T

“I know ;)” - K

  • Dean: *sees fake Cas and fake Dean kissing*
  • Dean: What're they doing?
  • Marie: Uhhh kids these days call it hugging...
  • Dean: Is that in the show?
  • Marie: Oh, no, Siobhan and Kristen are a couple in real life...although, we do explore the nature of Destiel in act two.
  • Dean: Sorry, what?
  • Marie: Oh it's just subtext...but, then again, you know you can't spell subtext without S E X.
  • Dean: *looks into camera like in The Office*
  • -
  • Sam: I don't understand.
  • Dean: Me neither.
  • Sam: I mean, shouldn't it be Deastiel?
  • Dean: Really? That's your issue with this?
  • Sam: *giggles* no, of course that's not my issue. You know, how about Sasstiel? Samstiel?
  • Dean: Okay, alright, you know what? You're gonna do that thing where you just shut the hell up, forever.
  • -
  • Sam: CasDean?
  • Dean: Shut your face, get in the car!
Double Standard #1

Apparently Milah deserved to die for abandoning her child yet Brennan Jones didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, neither one of them deserve to die, but at least Milah left her child in the custody of (who she thought to be) a capable guardian while Brennan literally sold his two kids into slavery. How is he better than Milah?

Basically, if you’re a woman who abandons your child, you deserve murder. If you’re a man, you deserve a “Don’t do that again.”

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Ten/Rose 5 :)

#1 The One Where Rose Is Pregnant

1500 words, Teen, #5 - “one night stand and falling pregnant au

Rose woke up with a dry feeling in her mouth and a vague inkling that something brilliant had happened - but perhaps only in a dream.

Then she rolled over and knew otherwise.

“Typical,” he whispered, eyes bright in the darkness, still half-drunk, still bloody gorgeous, “I wake up in bed with Rose Tyler and I can’t remember a thing.”

“Me neither,” she replied.

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my cousins posted a picture of them with their hair braided together and my dad saw it and told me about it. this was the conversation that followed:

me: oh yeah, that’s kind of a thing. there’s like a billion pictures of teenage girls braiding their hair together in a single braid like that.
dad: but…..why? why would you do that??
me: *shrug*….maybe it just happens. you go to a sleepover and through bonding somehow become entangled with the girls closest to you. maybe somewhere out there right now there’s a group of 20 teenage girls all with their hair braided into a single braid fighting to get into a starbucks and buy up all their pumpkin spice lattes. like a sweet smelling rat king.
dad: you know rat kings aren’t real, right?
me: neither are teenage girls…..i can’t believe that was the one detail you felt the need to comment on…..

I don’t remember olaf talking in normal mode, i don’t trust shapes other than me? neither confirm/deny. Lol don’t worry – i don’t trust shapes other than the sword.. Goats but more importantly i wanted to be better than the bass on most of our own launcher now. I shan’t take it that he usually comes on Like, i hope ex comes on. I plan out, i mean like, keynes’ whole thing. I mean like,.

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