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I have to save myself.... Cole Sprouse imagine.

A/N: So I’ve been feeling down about my situation lately and since I’ve had so many feels about my baby Cole Sprouse, I thought about how I wanted to hear his voice and make all this shit go away. this is my first every imagine, so please be gentle and I hope someone reads it and it somehow puts you at ease if you’re going through the same thing. Cole is visiting for a while, while he’s on break from filming the show.

P.S. This is about a YouTuber Precious Galvan a.k.a PreciousGhettoness

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It was such  busy day at work, Me-N-Ed’s Victory Grill a restaurant in the city where I live (Fresno, Ca). I’ve been working there for almost a year and I still haven’t moved up into becoming a server yet, even though they promised me two months back

Now I know I can’t complain because this is the longest that I’ve held a job and I love almost everybody here and had become a real family which is what I’ve come to love about this place.

“So, how’s my little Precious on this busy night.” my boyfriend Cole surprised me.

“OMG, baby!! When did you get into town? I’ve missed you so much!” I exclaim as I jump into his arms.

“Like five minutes ago, I called here to make sure you were here or not. So I quickly hung up as you said your name.” He answers, as he tries to kiss me.

“Hey, Precious stop kissing your super hot actor and get back to work.” My manager Jose says half-serious.

“okay,” I say as Cole slowly releases me from his grip. “Just one today Sir,” I say to my beautiful boyfriend and turn to my manger smirking. “I’ll put him in VIP so there won’t be any commotion.”

“Fine,” Jose rolls his eyes. Chuckling at us before going off somewhere in the restaurant. Cole just chuckles and puts his arm around my waist. I seat him in VIP which is a small little glass room .

As I set down the menu and close the door behind him, he takes a seat and looks at me ,”Well I’ll just let Aleeya know that she’ll take your order ,K.” I say hugging his head on my chest. “I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve missed you.” I say thanking God that the curtains are closed from the previous guests.

“Me too,” is all he says before kissing me softly.

As the night goes on , I can see that the curtain in VIP has been moved so that Cole is looking at me, which makes me giggle as he does one of his stupid ass faces.

“Hey, Mike I just sat that 8 at table 44, they’re ready for you.” I say looking at my co-worker.

“Can you get started on their drinks for me, I’m barely getting to my 63 girlie, please.” he says as he walks to table 63.

“Sure, like every other table, I got you.” I say as I make my way to 44 greeting and asking for their drinks.

After I’m done handing out the drinks I let them know that Mike will be here shortly to take their order.

As I see the order for one of the big parties is out I offer my help, which Dern, one of the servers, gladly accepts. We take out their wing platters, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and finally three large pizzas.

Then I help Matty buss some tables, since we have a couple of small parties waiting to be seated. As soon as I’m done seating people with the help of my other co-host Marissa, Jose walks up to me and tells me I have to take a 30 since I will be closing tonight. I’m a little relieved because I am hungry and realize Cole is still here. I quickly clock out. (this is literally what goes down at a regular day at work as a host)

As I walk through the door to VIP, Cole is already meeting me with open arms. I set my drink down and in some weird coincidence as if it was supposed to happen , Aleeya walks in with a plate of a beautiful BBQ chicken sandwich cut in half with fries and some ranch. “Made with Love,” she says as sets it down in between us two and leaves us alone, closing the door behind her.

“Thank you so much, I love you.” I say while thrashing into my half, he just laughs at how I’m acting like a starving animal.

“No problem I know how hard you’re working today,” he says biting into his own half. “Like you do everyday.” He stares at me.

“Cole, I know you don’t like how they treat me professional-wise, hell I don’t either, but it’s my job and it’ll have to do for now.” I say right before taking a sip of my raspberry tea.

“I just don’t get how they can treat you like you’re the most hard working person here, but they still wont move you to a server. And I’m not the only one who thinks you deserve the position.” he says protectively. I know that he’s right.

“look this is only temporally until I’ve saved enough money to move to LA, remember. And plus my YouTube channel is kinda taking off right now.” I say pleading he’ll drop the subject. But knowing Cole he wont.

“Yeah now your up to 300 subscribers, Yay.” He says sarcastically. Which he changes as he sees the hurt in my eyes. “I didn’t mean that. I just- I just don’t know why you wont let me help you out with that dream job of yours. We can move you into my place no rent needed.” he says hopefully.

“Cole Mitchell Sprouse, when have you ever known me to just take hand-me-downs. I love how protective you are of me and want to do everything in your power to save me, but you have to understand that I don’t come from a world where everything is right there. I’m starting from the bottom here and I just want to say one day I got there because I earned it, just like you did. I love you but just, just let me do this for me.” I say as I get up. “I’ll see you after I close okay. Thank you and I love you.” I say as I kiss him bye before getting back to work.

We both are now in my dark room, lying down in my bed; me tired from work, him tired from the drive from LA to Fresno. As he sits up staring at me into my eyes as I’m lying on my back staring back at him.

“You know I didn’t think of how you felt about this. I didn’t mean for you to sound like a charity case, you know that.,” he says slightly stoking my cheek, then moving his hand back to my waist.. “It’s jus I know how hard you work there, but I also know that you’d be one of the best actresses I will ever know and love. I just wish the universe felt the same way right now.” He says right before he kisses your forehead.

You sigh know exactly what he meant. “I know that. I love you for just being my cheerleader when needed. And you know I’ll always be your cheerleader when you need me to be. It’s just that my time to become everything I’ve always wanted is still a long way ahead of me then it was for you.” you say sadly smiling. He nods knowing you are right. “Oh and it wasn’t 300 subscribers, it’s 378!” I say matter of fact. We both chuckle lightly tiredly.

“Well since you do have the day off tomorrow, I would love it if you were actually my personal cheerleader and pull out that cheer outfit from your high school days.” he says stupidly.

“We’ll see about that.” I say as he leans down to have a quick little kissing scene, before he shifts himself back onto my bed, pulling my into the spooning position, and pulling the duvet on top of us. Me smiling because I know damn well I will be in that cheer outfit he loves so much, because I missed everything about him, especially him inside of me.

eene-fangirl  asked:

What are your top 3 favorite Ed moments and why?

My favorite Ed moments…hmmm. Well, I love the overzealous, monster fanatic, logic defying oaf just as much as the next person, but if I’m being honest, the moments I find myself most fond of are the times in which Ed is grounded to reality just as any normal boy his age would be. 

1. In “Boys Will Be Eds,” Ed encounters “wiggly, crawly” feelings when looking at Nazz. I just love how the other boys have these goo-goo eyes while watching Nazz flap her lips and then there’s this confused, uncomfortable, almost frightened looking Ed just standing there not knowing what to do with himself. 

2. “Eddy nabbed my responsibles!” lol In “Postcards from the Ed,” Ed becomes responsible for showing Plank’s parents around only to quickly lose them to Eddy’s quick-buck thinking. This is the first time we see Ed’s true integrity without having anybody first manipulating or influencing his thoughts. Ed is such a kind and honest dope, but unfortunately this genuine characteristic falls prey almost every time Eddy opens his mouth. But with Eddy removed from the equation, in this senario, Ed neither runs away ( like in “For Your Ed Only”) nor just stands there fretting, looking to his friends for help (“Brother Can You Spare an Ed”). Instead, Ed stands his moral ground and pursues after the greedy boy. Yay, character development!

3. Lastly, in “Momma’s Little Ed,” Ed lets out the cutest, richest giggle I’ve ever heard from him throughout the entirety of the show. We’re all acquainted with his usual dopey laughter, but this is a moment in which he sounds just a little more genuine and mischievous. Well, in my opinion anyhow, haha.