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🔮 [4/ 4] Miya Rurika as Morgane in 『La Légende du Roi Arthur』 (2016)

Run, Barry, Run + Vigilantes

Justice League/Avengers Crossover 1

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has added Diana.

Thor: Greetings Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta, God of War.

Diana: Greetings Prince Thor of Asgard, Son of Odin, God Of Thunder.

Clint has joined the chat.

Clint has added Oliver.

Clint: Greetings Peasant Oliver Queen of Star City, Parasite of your parents, Man of Green Arrows.

Oliver: Greetings Fellow Peasant Clint Barton of Compound Vents, Demon Spawn of your parents, Eye of The Hawk.

Thor: Do not mock our titles.

Diana: That is very improper of you, Ollie.

Thor: Barton, your title is more like Slumbering Coffee Monster of Avengers Compound.

Diana: And Ollie, yours is Angsty Island Man of Justice League Watch Tower.

Clint: They got us good, Queen.

Oliver: I am wounded from their insults.

Thor: Lady Diana, Lady Y/N informs me that you too have a member of your family with murderous tendencies.

Diana: Everyone on my father’s side has murderous tendencies. Family gatherings almost always end in a fist fight.

Thor: Would your family wish to take my brother in? Our pantheons may be different but I feel like he may fit in well among them.

Loki has joined the chat.

Loki: Thor, stop trying to get rid of me!

Diana: A compelling offer. I will agree on the grounds that you take one of my siblings as well.

Thor: I accept, who is the least likely to murder me and steal my right as future king of Asgard?

Loki has added Y/N.

Loki: Y/N! Do something! He is bartering me off!

You: I don’t think Loki would last a day in Diana’s family. Complete the exchange.

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You’re my Queen

Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x Reader

Word Count: 1,532

Warnings: self- hate, angst (shocker), fluffiness at the end 

Summary: The Queen starts to feel alone no matter how many people she’s surrounded by and starts to have these depressing feelings that she’s never dealt with before, does Arthur even notice? 

Author’s Notes: I really needed to write this out for myself the other night…so sorry not sorry lmao. Shout out to @mamapeterson for the beta!! I just copied the tag list from the King Arthur series I’m doing with @mrs-squirrel-chester, sorry if you didn’t want to be on it! Please let me know if you want to be taken off when I post other Arthur fics! 

**Feedback is greatly appreciated!!**

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Day 3 of Inktober. I refuse to pot day 2 bc that drawing ended in disaster lmao. So I drew Arthur Dimmesdale from The Scarlet Letter bc I have an unhealthy obsession with his character even tho I know he gon die help.


Requested by Anon #114

Arthur: Y/N, can I talk to you for a moment?
Y/N: Of course Arthur, what’s wrong?
Arthur: I have recently noticed that my knights have taken an interest in you.
Y/N: An interest?
Arthur: Yes, and I have to say as your only family here in Camelot that…
Y/N: Arthur I love you dearly but where are you trying to say?
Arthur: Are you in love with one of my knights?
Y/N: No! I admire them for their loyalty to you and the kingdom but never have I felt anything more for them.
Arthur: Right then, you might need to tell them that.
Y/N: I will, thank you for telling me that cousin because if that got back to…
Arthur: Got back to who?
Y/N: Um…nobody.
Arthur: So you do love someone.
Y/N: I don’t LOVE him but I might have an interest in him.
Arthur: Who?
Merlin: Arthur, you are needed back in the throne room.
Arthur: Merlin! Can’t you see I’m talking to Y/N?
Merlin: Oh of…of course…sorry. Hello Lady Y/N, I’m sorry I did not see you there. Not that you are invisible to me! Just that…
Y/N: *laughs* It is alright Merlin, no harm done.
Merlin: Might I say you look radiant today my lady.
Y/N: *blushes* Thank you Merlin.
Arthur: *looks at the both of them* Are you kidding me?
Y/N: What?
Arthur: Him?!
Merlin: Him, what?
Arthur: Never mind! *walks away*


John x Fem!Reader (Smut)

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut, public sex, swearing

Bloody hell, (Y/N) will you go get Arthur?” Poll snapped.

“Yeah.” You sigh as you stretch and hop down off the table you’d been sat on. It didn’t take long to get to the Garrison and find John and Arthur in the private room.


“Poll wants Arthur.” You grumbled.


“Alright, here (Y/N) on me.” Arthur sighed as he dropped a few coins on the table. John chuckled when you sat down and let you head drop against the wall behind you.


“Poll keeping you busy?” John asked as he watched you.

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I Don’t Love You

Song: I Don’t Love You by My Chemical Romance

Fandom: Supernatural

Arthur Ketch x Reader

Warnings: Angst, possibly OOC Ketch, cussing

Words: 1118

Summary: Ketch and the reader are together, but he thinks that they’re better off without each other.

A/N: This is for @faith-in-dean’s BMoL writing challenge! Prompt: “I don’t love you anymore.” I haven’t wrote anything in a long while, so I’m a bit iffy with this. Never wrote BMoL. I hope this turns out okay!

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anonymous asked:

An Arthur x reader where Arthur likes the reader and the reader is really sassy and sarcastic and she sasses Arthur all the time and Merlin's like so she can do it

Why not, right? Let’s do some Arthur!

Name: Isn’t that his Highness?

“Well, good evening, your highness,” you bow, as Arthur finally appears next to you, seconds before the huge dinner starts. “I am surprised you aren’t late… Is it because the whole thing is for you?”

“I know you’re proud of me, Y/N,” Arthur smiles at you, as Merlin rolls is eyes and stands behind you.

“Am I? What did you do, again? Killed something, right? A cow?” Merlin giggles but shuts up under Arthur’s deadly stare.

“It was a nuckelavee. And it was huge,” Arthur states quietly, as Uther starts proclaiming that magic is evil and should be stopped. And how Arthur is the best son ever.

“So… As huge as a big-big rabbit?” Merlin behind you chokes on the air, and Arthur slowly starts blushing, as you grin, slightly touching his hand. “I’m kidding. I know that you got very tired killing it.”

“Yes,” Arthur nods, and you honestly try not to laugh, but his face is too funny, so you just stare at Uther. “Wait, I didn’t get tired, it was just a creature,” you notice that Merlin silently sits on the floor and bites his hand in order to not laugh out loud. You both know that Arthur only killed the thing because of Merlin’s help, but no one will ever tell him about it.

“Shut up, your Highness, won’t you?” you smile at Arthur, knowing that he won’t get mad at you. He sighs and claps, as his father just finished the speech. “I am joking again.”

“Y/N, stop annoying Arthur,” Uther intervenes, smiling at both of you. “We all know that he did great job, you shouldn’t make him feel less important.”

“Oh, I am only making sure he doesn’t get too proud,” you explain, and you both grin, as Arthur covers his face with his hand and murmurs something about you being incredibly childish. “Look, he is so cute when he is slightly annoyed,” you ruffle his hair. “Our future King.”

“Y/N, Y/N,” Uther smiles and turns to Morgana to continue their conversation, as Arthur just starts eating, pretending that everything is totally under control.

“Why do you even let her do that, and I can’t annoy you?” you hear Merlin ask quietly, and Arthur answers even quieter.

“Shut up, Merlin. It’s different.”

“What’s different? You like her… You like me, too. Do you?” you know that Merlin can hardly help the laughter, you can hear it in his every word. Prince doesn’t.

Merlin!” Arthur almost yells, almost throwing something at his poor servant. “Go be stupid somewhere else. It is different.”

“Oh, fine,” Merlin literally lies away, smiling like an idiot and winking at you, as he is about to leave the Hall. You grin and keep pretending that you didn’t hear them.

No, no, no. But imagine this:

One day everyone in Arthur’s block start talking about the new neighbor and how handsome and romantic and lovely is. And of course, Arthur, who is editor of a literature magazine and only goes home to sleep, starts to feel irritated about that man that he doesn’t even know but is so annoying that everybody is talking about him.So he starts staying home for a little bit more, trying to catch a view of the misterious man. And one day he sees him and, no he’s not that handsome, and that’s not being romantic, that is almost sexual harrasment, and OMG can’t everybody just shut up already? Things become worst when he discovers that the new guy is a chef, and according to Mabel in the next door, his food is utterly amazing. And Arthur, who can’t cook, feels even more irritated.

So one day someone knocks his door and when he opens it, there is one of the neighbors telling him that they organized a party for Francis because he recieved a prize or something, and everyone is going to cook something for him because he’s always cooking but no one cooks for him. He doesn’t know why, but he says he’s gonna be there and after that he starts looking for recipes and by some miracle, he cooks! He makes something that tastes good. It’s not perfect and the meat is a little bit overcooked, but it’s better than anything he’s ever made, like, ever. And he is so proud of himself.

But the day of the party, when they are all in Francis’ house, that man, that despicable french man, eats almost everything EXCEPT Arthur’s dish. And so Arthur leaves the party angry and hurt, and feeling an idiot for giving so much of his time trying to make something good for that man that doesn’t even know his name or who he is.

The next day though, Francis goes to his house to give back the… idk how to way it in English, the container (?) of the food, all clean and everything, and Arthur just looks at him trying to decide if the man is making fun of him or something. Except that before he can do anything, Francis says everyone else in the party said it was very good but as he left early no one had the chance to say that to him.

“But it wasn’t good enough for you, it seems” Arthur says, bitter. Francis look at him, surprised, but then he smiles.

“Well, not exactly. I’m really sorry for not trying it, but there was meat on it and I am vegan, so…”

And that’s how Arthur discovers the new guy in the block is a vegan chef.

Then they start talking more and one day Francis tells him he’s always been looking for a chance to talk to him but he wasn’t at home most of the time so when the lovely ladies told him about the party, he asked them to invite Arthur.

And then they start dating or something.

Well all of this was just because suddenly I thought of vegan!Francis and… yeah.

I should go to sleep.

and I’m so sorry, I don’t know how to english orz


Requested by:  harrylovesemily 

Y/N: “Oh my, you saw that didn’t you?” 
Arthur: “You have magic, why didn’t you tell me?”
Y/N: “Arthur, please. Please don’t tell your father, I had no other choice but to keep it a secret.” 
Arthur: “Don’t freak out, I’m not going to tell my father. Clearly magic can’t be that horrible if someone as sweet as you can wield it.”


Merlin: “As long as you are with me, [Y/N], Arthur will do nothing.”
You: “What do you mean?”
Merlin: “Oh… Well, it’s not my secret to tell. But you’ll find out eventually; perhaps soon, even.”
BBC Merlin
Arthur Pendragon | Merlin [Emrys]

I claim no credit for the gifs. All credit goes to their rightful owners and creators. You did well, you wonderful person, you :) xx