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u kno that moment when u give up and u just feel this immsense wave of relief wash over u? that shit is dangerously addictive


I love my boyfriend so much. So much. And it’s different. So different. Every relationship I’ve been in has been abusive, manipulative, unstable, chaotic, depressing, but not this one. And I’ve never had this. It’s beautiful. And I’m happy. The happiest I’ve ever been in any relationship. It took me nearly 20 years to find it, but it was worth the wait. Totally worth it. And it’s only been a short time, but I love him so much. I’m so excited for our future. I don’t know what will happen, but all I hope is that he’ll be in it. And I’m confident he will be. He is my life now. My whole life. I’m so happy I get to see him everyday. I don’t know what to do with the hours I’m not next to him. This is scary, outright terrifying. What I have is terrifying, but I’m glad I have it. I never knew this was possible for me. I stayed in bad relationships because that’s all I figured I could get. But I have this, and it’s wonderful. Extravagant. I can’t put it in words what he means to me and what he makes me feel, but I’m doing my best. I’m just so happy I met him, and I’m so thankful. I deserve this. For what I’ve gone through my whole life, I fucking deserve this. Thank you for this, baby💖💖

Also, not to mention that my confidence has improved in this relationship and usually in all my relationship, it does the complete opposite.

Why is being average at something a bad thing? C is an average grade, which means you understood the material just as well as most people do, because that’s how you get “the average” of something. Why weren’t we told more often that it’s okay to be average? Like teachers and parents and other adults always said “do your best” but then they were disappointed if your best wasn’t up to their standards, which is bullshit. If my best is a C, then I did my best and that should count for something damn it. It is okay to be average, in fact it’s unrealistic to expect yourself or anyone else to be great, or even good, at everything. 

givenchy & gold (m.)

;pairing — jungkook/reader

;warnings — sex | implied exhibitionism | mild dom/sub tones | if u’ve got a praise kink then ur gonna love this | mentions of daddy kinks | instances of spanking 

;summary — you’re the supervisor of the clothing department with a lot of useless lingerie knowledge, jungkook is the jewelry department’s defiant hot boy who flirts in wristwatch brands. basically an upscale retail au, but with lots of implied under-the-counter sex. and when an opportunity presents itself to fuck each other in the boss’s office after hours, you’re both too hot for each other to say no.

;word count — 20k im so sorry

part i | part ii (coming soon!)

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Maybe it is because I can’t seem to love myself, people never want to love me.
—  Late night thoughts #56