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A new photograph of Myra Hindley has emerged and may hold the key to finding the location of victim Keith Bennett, as his body was never found.

Hindley, who is one-half of the killing duo nicknamed the Moors Murderers, killed five children with Ian Brady, is photographed on a wall in the dead of night wearing a dirty coat and gloves: something she often asked children to help her find in the Moors of Manchester. Hindley admitted to police she wore them when involved in a killing or burying a body.

Researcher Darren Rae found the photograph and has discussed it with many people, including the police but they refuse to carry out further searches without precise details. Rae estimates the photo was taken in 1964, the year Bennett was snatched, by the clothes and hairstyle Hindley is wearing. (x)

Above is a letter from British serial killer Ian Brady, who is one-half of the killing duo nicknamed the Moors Murderers. Brady wrote the letter to a man named Tom Rattigan, who claims Myra Hindley, the other half of the killing duo, offered him bread and jam if he went home with her. Rattigan, who was seven at the time, remembers agreeing due to poverty.

Rattigan, says he walked to a terraced house in Gorton where Hindley was living with grandparents at the time, whilst being followed by a man, who also entered the property with them. Hindley’s attitude switched from being pleasant to agitated and nervous. Rattigan started to feel uneasy and frightened when he heard the man shouting. He climbed out of the window and left the property when the pair were arguing elsewhere in the home. Years later, Rattigan wrote to Brady, wanting closure and confirmation that he had in fact been in the house with them, but Brady denies it, something Rattigan doesn’t believe. The letter reads:

Dear Mr Rattigan re: your letter.
‘I’m afraid you are mistaken in believing you encountered us in the past. I’ve had letters from other people mistaken in this belief. The peculiar thing is of all the strangers we met and on our many travels not one remembers, or if they do, have dismissed the idea as too fantastic, as we were quite ordinary and not dripping blood. As for Hindley’s latest absurd allegations and protestations, I’ve already rebutted them publicly and it has appeared in all the media. All coverage of her latest desperate attempt to gain freedom has been dismissive of her allegations which have taken her over 30 years to dream of.
Yours sincerely, Ian Brady’

The letter was written in 2000, two years before Myra Hindley passed away. (x)


More gross cute cop family and headcanon Myra stuff! This time including Lily~  Seb refuses to succumb to sleep before he knows what happens at the end of Tangled. Sometimes Dad-life is tough. >:I

The hairtie & fox are references to chief-meister , her awesome art and how much I love her version of Lily <3 Thanks again to everyone for going on this headcanon adventure with me, normal TEW stuff to resume shortly!


Shall we dance?

Jellal Fernandez lineart by chengggg and the coloring by me

Erza Scarlet lineart by me and the coloring by chengggg

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Me and Myra (aka chengggg ) made a special collaboration! And since today is St. Valentine, we decided to post on this special day! Both of us worked hard so please support us!! We hope you will like them!! 

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February Photo Challenge // Day 12 // Romantic Cover

My True Love Gave To Me edited by naturallysteph

I love the look and feel of this cover so much. I know most people prefer the UK version, but this one is so whimsical. I love it.

I’m so sorry it’s so late, I’ve been really sick around the time of your birthday and kind of forgot about this ;-;
But thank you sooooooooo much for being an inspiration to me, and supporting me so much in my art! It really means so much to me, Myra ♥
I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

We both know how much Plue likes Natsu huhu -w-

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