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I had an anon a while ago asking for Hunk love and I was so busy I didn’t get to it until now! (And even now it’s kind of messy but !!! I love hunk!!!)


*On every planet, always

How to stop time: kiss.
How to travel in time: read.
How to escape time: music.
How to feel time: write.
How to release time: breathe.
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every time i get ready to write a writing guide it just makes me sound so pompous and arrogant and literally I roll my eyes at people who make these kinds of guides

i’ve become the asshole that i fear

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hey! i love your blog because honestly, it's so relatable - especially when i'm learning a couple of languages on duo. do you know any good websites for learning romanian? don't get me wrong, duo is good, gets annoying most of the time and it isn't really consistent? e.g. for grammar and vocab - it doesn't help me much. thanks! :)

Hi anon! The only suggestion I have for you is the app Memrise. I don’t know how their Romanian course is, but they have courses for just about every language imaginable, so at the very least it can be additional resource. Does anyone have any Romanian-specific suggestions for this anon?

I get asks like this all the time and I always feel bad because I don’t have any answers. I literally only use Duo (and Memrise for ASL). I know nothing. I’m John Snow. I’m happy to post these and hopefully crowdsource an answer, I’m just sorry I can’t be more helpful!

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ok,, so honestly I’ve been thinking about this ‘charmless man’ idea for a while - and possibly, in the first episode (or pilot, even) charmless man literally goes over the edge and kills all of the blur members (through really mean-spirited and over reactive means, such as running them over or pushing them all off the edge of a building.) and instead of them coming back without reason every episode, they could return as ghostly beings that only charmless man himself can see. this is due to the fact that he killed them and all of that internalised spite had driven albarn and co to refuse to leave until charmless man stopped being such a damn asshole - this isn’t easy. firstly, charmless man and his resulting fears cause him to call the police (or any of the forces, really) and try to explain to them on what he was seeing. but because of the charmless man’s awful track record in being pleasant with anyone and only caring about his huge business - it’s simply ignored as some sort of planned scheme or prank call. leaving him to deal with his irritating britpop roommates to piss him off even further with absurd hijinks and all of that typical 90’s sitcom stuff, with a bit of a more serious tone sprinkled here and there as charmless man manages to develop and become a little more charming as days go by. only a little though, he always seems to be a completely dick to someone or other - almost erasing his steps every episode, causing blur to be crude and crass, with a few insults chucked in to make the relationships between all of them considerably unpredictable. not to mention, they’re ghosts that can and will use all of the power to make charmless man look like a complete fool in front of his business, possibly even making him lose his job. I don’t know what would happen from then on though, sympathy? nah. he’d probably be involved in criminal activity and then blur would file in the evidence and he’d be eventually sent to prison with blur ultimately leaving him there to think about his life decisions and how he turned from an asshole billionaire, to fretful murderer to criminal under-lord in a few seasons. we need to make this a real show guys, I’m fuckin signing up for this??

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How would you feel about making a fan club chat for Lucie? Q w Q

(( uuuuUUUUH LMAO no….oh god no lmao i am really honored you guys really love and enjoy lucie but i dont feel right calling anyone fans or making a “fan” club for her……a oc chat would be fine but a Lucie fan club chat LMAO fucking noooooo uvu the thought made me smile tho ))

Tonight was the first night I prayed and cried in front of my sister.. Usually when I cry during prayer, I hide away and pray somewhere nobody can see me but today it was different. I was looking for a place to pray alone, and then I thought why am I so scared of people seeing me vulnerable? I should be scared of Allah (swt). So I prayed my heart out and cried quietly, my sister noticed half way through but she didn’t say anything..