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Hello, what video games do you like to play?

Oh gosh I’ll play anything really, but I gotta admit my f-favorite games are Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon X/Y and p-pretty much anything in the Zelda series (Grandpa Rick likes Zelda a LOT so he got me to play my first one), and I really like Tetris. I really wanna like Mario better but all t-that j-jumping and the p-possibility of f-falling really stresses me out. Oh geez, evening thinking about it stresses me out!

@askrick got me to play Pocket Mortys b-but it’s REAL w-weird…. I uhh caught a…. Unicorn… me… a-and he’s fighting me with a mustache and oh gosh I just…


Jason: *Pulls Clark aside at a gala event* Do you have ANY idea what the smashed bullets that hit you are being sold for on eBay?

Clark: *Shrugs* 20 bucks?

Jason: Thousands, Kent… I have a business proposal. When you get some free time, we can go somewhere and unload a couple rounds. You could buy your Ma like, four new Tractors.

Clark: *Adjusts his glasses* Ma could use a new tractor…

Jason: Great. Give me a call then, huh? *Slips him a piece of paper and walks away*

Bruce: *Walks up behind Clark and hisses in his ear* You will NOT go out into a field and let my son shoot you, understood?

Clark: He gave me a grocery list…

Bruce: What…?

Clark: Dear Lord, that boy likes cheese.

theatre beauties - gavin creel

“I like singing too much and I believe in the art form, the musical. When it’s great, there’s nothing better, and when it’s bad there’s nothing worse.” 


Riverboat appreciation~