me meeting jensen ackles

storytime: the time my own dreams pranked me.

last night i had a dream. i met jensen ackles in the airport. we took pictures. we talked. we even hanged up for a little bit. i don’t remember anything but i remember leaving my laptop case and just going towards him and just know hanging out… then more people began to go around and he just needed to go. he also was riding a bike… then we say goodbye.  then i go back to my flight, get to my apartment and fell asleep. when i wake up, i start checking my phone, there was no pictures… my laptop was next to me…



Meeting Jensen Ackles - 09/05/15

Today was the day I met my idol, my HERO, Mr Jensen Ackles.(It was only an autograph, so sorry, no photo)

I was a mess when I was in the queue to go get my booklet signed, and the steward actually asked me if I was going to faint. But no, I got through it and I was finally infront of Jensen.

I was really badly shaking and Jensen just grabbed my hand and help it tightly and would not let go until I stopped shaking. 

I told him: “Sorry, it’s just you are my idol, i look up to you so much and you are my inspiration.”

At this point he grabbed my hand tighter and said: “Thank you so much, that means so much to me, I am so glad you have come today and told me this.” 

He asked to make sure I was okay before letting go of my hand and I said goodbye. 

Jensen Ackles really is a true gentleman.

I think a lot about a post I saw once about people having platonic soulmates because that’s literally how I would describe Jensen and Jared’s relationship.

They’re not just friends, they’re not even just best friends. They’re not just brothers. There’s something so much more unique about the connection between them and I love seeing it.

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Okay guys I’ve finally calmed down enough to tell you about meeting the love of my life Mr Jensen Ackles. So me and my friend (I’m on the right) decided to wear our costumes of Dean as a gym teacher because we wanted to stand out. The whole time I was in line I was freaking out and basically not breathing. I was dangerously close to fainting when we walked into the room. And let me tell you when I heard him say “Hi” to some people a couple turns ahead of us I almost fell over because it was HIS VOICE. Which meant it was actually him and not a hallucination of him I had created. So anyways it’s our turn and I’m literally walking up to this man with my hands over my mouth in utter disbelief and he just got the biggest smile on his face and said “I love your outfits!” He was so happy! My friend basically ran into his arms while I was only capable of slow walking. When I finally got up to him I asked if we could do a big bear hug and he said so excitedly “yeah get in here!” Then he pulled me in for the biggest hug of my life and I basically just held on to him for dear life. After the picture was taken I was still holding him while looking up into his eyes I just kept saying over and over again “I love you so much, I love you, we love you so much.” And he smiled said we were adorable and then we had to leave. The SECOND we turned around I instantly started crying. This was the man who got me through the darker days of my life. The man who was there for me when no one else was. The man who saved me and didn’t even know it. When I say I cried for 20 minutes after meeting him I’m not lying. Jensen Ackles is the sweetest, kindest, and most humble human being I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and I’m counting down the days to Pittsburg Con next year to meet him again. Thank you Jensen Ackles for saving me from myself. You will always be my hero.



when i walked up to osric i was like ‘heeyy man we’ve skyped before on my birthday!’ and he was like ‘omg really what’s ur name’ ‘amanda’ ‘oh yes oh my god hi amanda!!!’ and like i showed him my anti possession tattoo bc we talked about that during the skype call and id k man he was really cute and just aa hhh. when i walked up to him during autographs he was like ‘hi amanda!!’ and he asked me things and said it was really nice to finally meet me and i still can’t believe 

tim was so good looking like omg i rlly wanted him to smoulder // do the blue steel bc like his hair and just ???? idk so yes we did that and it was great he also thanked me for coming out to meet him and shook my hand and like woah u kind being 

i wasn’t rlly nervous tbh like it was my turn to take a photo w jen and i kind of skipped up to him like ‘heeeey’ and he smiled and ‘hi’. then i asked him if we could hug bc i was being rushed and they wouldn’t let me have like a pose thingy and he was like ‘ofc you can’ and i held my arms out and he came in and like he had such a strong hold and he was rlly firm and tall and just oh m god as i was letting go he held me in a bit more and squeezed and i felt so loved omg 

i also gave him a letter i wrote to jared and asked if he could pass that on and he was like ‘yes sure definitely!’ and i thanked him for coming ‘my pleasure!’ and out of reflex i said it was rlly nice to meet him ?? ? and like he said it was nice to meet me too and idk he great