me meeting jensen ackles

I think a lot about a post I saw once about people having platonic soulmates because that’s literally how I would describe Jensen and Jared’s relationship.

They’re not just friends, they’re not even just best friends. They’re not just brothers. There’s something so much more unique about the connection between them and I love seeing it.

Meeting Jensen Ackles - 09/05/15

Today was the day I met my idol, my HERO, Mr Jensen Ackles.(It was only an autograph, so sorry, no photo)

I was a mess when I was in the queue to go get my booklet signed, and the steward actually asked me if I was going to faint. But no, I got through it and I was finally infront of Jensen.

I was really badly shaking and Jensen just grabbed my hand and help it tightly and would not let go until I stopped shaking. 

I told him: “Sorry, it’s just you are my idol, i look up to you so much and you are my inspiration.”

At this point he grabbed my hand tighter and said: “Thank you so much, that means so much to me, I am so glad you have come today and told me this.” 

He asked to make sure I was okay before letting go of my hand and I said goodbye. 

Jensen Ackles really is a true gentleman.

Isnt it weird how a celebrity can be the best thing in your life but ruin it at the same time ????

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  • Person: What's your number one ambition?
  • Me: To meet Misha Collins
  • Person: Okay but after that?
  • Me: To meet Jensen Ackles
  • Person: Yes but after that?
  • Me: Too meet Jared padalecki
  • Person: Fine but after you meet all of them what's your number one ambition?
  • Me: To meet them again!