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okay that ask about Gemma as a hot modern witch!!!!!!  

I wish there was a tv show where Gemma was a hot modern witch, trying to make it on her own in the big city.  And she’s sort of downplaying her witchiness just a bit, to fit in and like, be employable or whatever.  And then POOF!! One day her little brother harry shows up in a big puff of dramatic smoke, trailing like 4 pet toads, talking about dragon dung too loudly on the street, and demanding to live with her.  And it’s just about them coming of age as modern witches in London!!! 


Story time:

On September 4th, I had the lucky chance to be apart of a small group who got to watch Darren Criss and his band rehearse for Elsie Fest which is (today) September 5th.

For a good portion of my life I’ve been working festivals and working my butt off around the world to one day work towards working along side my idols or even to just cross paths with them. Yesterday, I got that opportunity with Darren. Not only did I get to meet him and talk with him and share my passion for hard work with him but I also during his rehearsal got to sing with him. (With two other lovely girls that I pulled up because when are you going to get that chance!?)

I will go into more detail about the meeting and what was said and the other opportunities I got out of yesterday but for now.

A very huge thank you to the team at Hyphenate Creative and Darren Criss, my fellow vagabond xx❤️


This is the video of me meeting Darren!!
I’m not in the video bc my friend was stood next to me but I’m that English accent!
It doesn’t have the beginning where he walked up to me, asked my name and shook my hand. He then asked if we’d met before and that’s where the video starts.
He’s so incredible and just wow

The First Day I Met Chris Colfer..

A lovely anon asked me to write Chris meeting Darren on set, being a Starkid fan and all awkward. I hope it’s something like what you wanted. ~1,805 words.

Darren was led to the to a room inside the large gray building.

So this is where they come up with all the ideas for Glee.’ he thought to himself. ‘Wow.

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Meeting Room with Darren Criss - Gleek Reunion (transcript under the cut)

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Also another thing that really freaked me out about meeting Darren this closely was that he doesn’t look an inch like blaine. It’s pretty obvious in interviews but even more so in real life. Everything from his posture to his facial expressions to his speaking voice is completely different. He really puts a lot of work in Blaine and I admire him a lot more now that I’ve been able to witness the difference.


So, here’s a thing.

I took a trip to see Darren as Hedwig, and we had tickets to Friday night’s show. It was so amazing we had to go back the next night to see it again. I literally spent the last of my money buying tickets, but I HAD to see it a second time. We were on the aisle, so I had to stand up to let the people who sat next to me in. I have really bad knees, and they are not accustomed to the fast pace and tons of walking required to get around in New York… But I needed to see this show, so I chanced it. Went to sit back down but my seat somehow got stuck a little and would go down. I did this weird twist thing to attempt to help it along and ended up dislocating my knee. I fell into my seat, teared up a bit, jerked it back into place and was incredibly determined that I wasn’t going to let it keep me from trying to meet Darren that night, because the night before when we were stage dooring I didn’t get to the front to see him. I’m 5 feet tall, and there was just an impenetrable people wall I could not defeat. So I made it through the show (which was absolutely amazing of course) and headed out to try and get a spot by the barricade. That’s a joke, right? No spaces. Managed to go all the way down to the other end and figured that if I got to see him at all I would probably be close to the last one who did. This was true. By the time he made it out to us, my knee was killing me. I was really wondering how I was going to get back to our hotel on Staten Island… But that trip is another story entirely. Long story short, Darren came up to me, signed my playbill and my poster, and my friend bitz-criss decided to tell him about what happened.

Can I just say that the genuine look of shock and concern in his face is like completely burned into my soul. He genuinely authentically gave a damn. I was blown away. This man is beyond worth everything I went through. From the 24+hours by bus and car to get to New York, to my empty bank account and my dislocated knee. Every second of it was worth it because Darren Criss actually gave a damn, and he called me honey.

*sigh* that really meant a lot to me.

Here’s the conversation we had. I will forever kick myself for not having a video or picture of it. I swear every single word is exact, however. I can’t stop replaying it in my head.

Me: You were absolutely amazing.

Jen: She dislocated her knee for you.

Darren: Wait-What?!!? Why?

Me: I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear.

Darren: How??!

Me: I went to sit back down after I got up to let someone sit next to me.

Darren: Wait- here? In the theatre?

Jen: Yeah, before the show.

Darren: Why the hell aren’t you at the hospital??!?

Me: I’m used to it.

Darren: You’re used to dislocating your knees?!!

Me: Yeah, they do that.

Darren: (softer) That’s fucked! And hardcore.

Darren: Somebody get this girl to a hospital.
Feel better honey, I hope you didn’t really dislocate your knee.

May 22nd, Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Okay hiya friends! Someone asked me to write about meeting Darren (and the story behind the picture that everyone seems to have seen) because the video wasn’t exactly clear and all that jazz so here it is. This is just the first night, the second night was a little less eventful.

It started off that I was 2nd row seeing Hedwig, I can’t believe that was real honestly, I cried when I walked in the theatre, I cry a lot about things related to Darren as you probably know. So row 2, right in the middle, was fucking bomb.

And then the show started and he was insanely incredible. He was Hedwig, I honestly forgot it was him most of the time. He looked at me so much and my mum lmfao…I think bc I was mouthing all the words to all the songs and I had a smile plastered on my face the whole show…except for the sad parts ofc. There’s this part where he drinks water from a can, and he literally just looked me straight in the eyes and spat it out all over me. And he’s like “oh that’s not a rock ‘n roll gesture” then drinks more and looked me right in the eyes and spat it out all over himself. Then he also threw the Love Theme from The Hurt Locker sheet music at me, and the shroud of Hedwig which was wet from his sweat…Also lots of sexual eye contact which he talked to me about later when we met which you can watch here


So after the show, he comes out at 11pm, like he does almost every night. I wasn’t ready, and I really didn’t want to cry but he means so much to me when I saw him I couldn’t stop. He came to me and was like “Hey what’s goin’ on?” AAAAAANNDDDD I was just crying, and he was like doing this thing which is hard to explain it’s easier to watch . I look so gross I’m so sorry…. So then I said “You mean a lot” and he was like (giggling) “Oh stahp it” and he fucking hugged me./?>/./.???!?? And whilst he was hugging me I said “You’re real” which you can’t hear in the video bc at this point everyone was going “awwwwwwwwww”. Then he pulled back and had his hands either side of my face and said “Remember that time I threw a towel at you?” And in the seconds before he said that he wiped the tears from my face whICH WAS VERY SWEET HE’S SO UNREAL. Then I was like “Yeaah and lots of sexual eye contact” and more detail to that is in the video. The selfie wasn’t really a selfie, although I’m pretty sure Darren knew what he was doing when he leaned in, but he said “that’s on record” for everything he said. Then I said “I love you so much” and the video stopped bC I RAN OUT OF STORAGE but he said “you too darlin’” and that was that. A really amazing night im sorry I sound and look and acted like a 12 year fangirl I don’t cope well around people I care so much about. K cool, message me if you have questions. Catch ya on the flip.