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currently trying to figure out how to sell my soul to Kings in Couture by @forovnix?? any thoughts??


We never explore female relationships in our films. Two girls come into a movie and are associated with each other only because of a guy. I will make films to change that.

I think people need to understand the difference between not enjoying something and having a “fanboy rage” (or fangirl rage) over it.

When someone says “If you don’t like it you don’t have to see it” they probably are not meaning that in a way of “You should only go watch things you are 100% sure you will absolutely love and see no flaws in”

They probably mean it in the way of “If seeing this thing will just piss you off and make you miserable and rage, you probably shouldn’t see it”.

I won’t even frame it just in terms of others attacking DC.
Like I’ve mentioned I no longer enjoy the Marvel flicks like I used  to in large part due to the fandom.

To me, a lotof the stuff that I presume Marvel fans still see as positives I find as flaws and frustrating as hell.

Every time there’s a scene that someone or a lot of people should have been killed or injured and it’s just glossed over or ignored? That to me is a flaw and pisses me off.

Making awkward jokes that are meant to draw laughs from awful things (Example: “He’s my brother” “He killed 80 people in 2 days” “He’s adopted” To me that’s no longer funny, that’s laughing about murder. And yes some can say I’m taking crap too serious, but is that that really any more nitpicking than people upset about color coding on DC’s movies?)

The fact most of the villains actions tend to exist only to make the heroes look good. (Ultron ignores the body he wants to kidnap Widow for no reason other than to let the heroes get to his hideout before he has his body. Ronan just stops dead because someone is dancing. Aliens that don’t care about human life kindly avoid hitting buildings and causing damage)

Now, what would me going to say, Spider-Man: Homecoming accomplish? Especially since I, in particular, hate Peter Parker as a character and am sick of him as a teenager.

I really doubt I’d put together some critique  that’d actually change the minds of anyone, most would just write it off as hate from someone who would never enjoy the movie anyway.
And  they really wouldn’t be wrong.

The only thing it’d accomplish is pissing me off, giving money to something I don’t like, and at absolute best pissing off fans of the thing I dislike during a time they should be allowed to enjoy the stuff they like.

And I’m just someone who no longer likes the MCU, I’m not someone who actually believes it shouldn’t exist, I’m not someone who thinks people who do enjoy it are mindless drones (at least, not most of them), the just enjoy different shit than I do.

So how much worse is it for those who genuinely hate something so much they hate that it even exists to go review something?


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so i was thinking earlier about the interesting mis-match in terms of au ra emotes, which is that female au ra emotes seemed to have been designed with doman raen au ra in mind (which makes sense, because our first au ra character was yugiri), while the male au ra emotes seem to have been designed more with steppe xaela in mind (how very little we know about xaela/xaela men aside), and i was wondering if this sort of design optimization was part of why i tended to see more male xaela than male raen and female raen than female xaela among players and especially among players who did au ra shipping, and then

i realized

holy crap it’s all a bunch of lizard khal drogos and lizard daeneryses

all jokes aside, if you’re having trouble listening to jeongguk’s playlist because it’s too different from your music taste, try listening to it while thinking about the fact that this is the longest playlist out of the ones so far, and knowing a bit about his personality, he probably chose these songs extremely carefully while thinking of us. once you think more about him rather than the playlist itself, you might be able to listen to it in a different state of mind 

ok idk if this hasn’t been clear enough but the discourse is over. it’s been like 12 hours? i’m done answering asks about it. i’ve had to go through this whole ordeal about once every two months (seriously, someone always asks and then whatever i say, whether blunt or polite, inevitably brings discourse because you can’t express any opinions on this site without someone getting offended and misconstruing it) and my stance is unchanging so if it bothers you, feel free to unfollow. i will delete any further asks that i get about this topic. because this is a mythology blog. not a middle grade book blog.


There we go. The accent challenge