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On Satele Shan

Alternatively titled: Why I will defend Satele Shan to my dying breath and Bioware really screwed over her character in game.

Okay, so I’ve seen multiple people now talking about why they don’t like Satele Shan and most of it just links back to how she’s a terrible parent who doesn’t care about Theron (and I don’t just mean the post going around right now; I’ve heard this from a variety of sources, some of whom know very little about her to start with). Which… really kind of pisses me off. And I ranted at a few friends about it (thanks to @inquisitorhotpants and @fluffynexu for putting up with me lol) and just need to write about why I love her so much and how Bioware screwed her over. Bear with me: this is going to be long and probably get a little personal.

The tl;dr version: Satele has a lot of backstory that the game never shows, being as it’s never told in her POV, and so it’s very easy to make assumptions based off of only what we see, which is mostly from Theron’s heavily biased perspective.

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Agents Of Shield 2.11 Recap

I’ve had a few people bring up the fact that I no longer do recaps like I used to  last season, and I decided that, since I have a little extra time today, I’ll go ahead and do a recap of Aftershocks. Last season my recaps were mostly just me yelling incoherently, so I’m going to try and make these a little classier. And by that, I mean I added like 50 screencaps that should increase the funny by at least 10%. You’ll notice the words are not their usual bright colors, because I didn’t use my usual program, and didn’t feel like trying to recreate the right colors. Anyway, enough yapping, here we go - 

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