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not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice

I know absolutely nothing about what’s going on with them but I’ve seem them a lot on my dash lately *cough* @kimmys-voodoo *cough* and I feel like a part of me has adopted them as a little ship of mine???? Plus I love old cartoons so…


If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn’t exist, you’ll never make progress. The wall will never change, so you’re the one who has to change.

Happy birthday to my dear Allen!!


“Child of Calamity and Light, born to bring salvation to the world.”

Elmer C. Albatross + epithets 

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please don't not finish whms bc every time u upload a new chapter i read the whole thing again and i fear what's going to happen when you're on the like 758th chapter will i live will i die

how the FUCK do people do this

u for sure know my fic 10x better than i do


Being a Libra moon can be infuriating.

The moon represents our emotions, our inner selves, our intuition, and some our most personal desires.

Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by an object. Objects are inherently lifeless, they do not have thoughts or feelings and cannot take action. All objects exist only to serve, to benefit others. Their purpose to be used. Objects are created by life forms and used by life forms. An object does not exist just to exist as the way people do. They cannot fulfill their purpose without other’s interactions and influence.

So, in combination, this sign does not feel the way other moon signs do. In the realm of emotion, a lifeless object such as the scales is uncomfortable under the moon’s position. Here, the celestial body that rules emotion has no natural life force to work with. The scales are born impartial, objective, and devoid of feeling.

This lack of feeling where there should be is what causes many Libra moons (and to a lesser extent Air moons) to feel hollow. There is an emptiness that rages inside. The emptiness may come and go the way the moon pulls the ocean tides back out to sea, but it is always there. Think of emotions as the sea, vast and ever changing. The Libra moon sails its small ship at night, alone. The water is dark and calm on the surface but underneath lies a turbulent current. The Libra always feels the nagging of the whirlpool underneath and struggles to sail against it. It is only when the Lunar Libra finds a match to sail with do they feel like they have a chance to conquer the undercurrent. It is only when the Libra has found companionship are they able to sail under the warmth of the sun, feel the spray of the sea, and enjoy what life has to offer.

Lunar Libras logically know they have the power to be independent, to sail their ship alone. But doing so would mean facing the sinister undercurrent by themselves. Having a partner fulfills their ancient need to be of service, of use. Others influence, create, and mold Libras: something they cannot do on their own. An object cannot create itself. It needs the touch of another.

A Libra without love is an object who’s creator has thrown them away. Libras need to be desires and loved in the same regard a sailor takes care of his ship. An unloved Libra is a ship forever docked, never taken out to see the world.

The moon in Libra needs other’s influence to develop themselves. They can learn how to behave, how to respond, how to feel, how to live. The Lunar Libra must always try harder to access their feelings than other signs. They must build their own personality from what they’ve learned along the way.

There are two parts to the Scales. Lunar Libras come into this world trying to keep them level and balanced by themselves, but always one side is heavier than the other. Having a partner means that Libras have help to keep the Scales even. They can finally lay down in a dish to rest, their partner in the other keeps them balanced and safe.

Please be patient with the Scales for they are still learning how to sail.

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hello tay! super quick question: what are your top 5 YA books? this is more in the sense of supernatural/adventure kind of fiction (with a tinge of romance of course) rather than real-life (idk what genre that is). have a good day!!

i don’t actually read “real-life” books bc to me they are pretty boring LOL i like lots of action/adventure to mine!!! i’ll give you my fave series….if you wanna know books as in singular just let me know lol

1) the winner’s trilogy 
2) an ember in the ashes
3) the lunar chronicles 
4) the partials sequence
5) ??? divergent but just the first book


Meme: create a photoset of yourself surrounded by characters you relate to

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So like? These were drawn maybe less than a year apart??? And I’m?? So proud of myself??? I never thought my art would reach this point? I never thought I’d improve and I felt like my art was going no where?
I remember when I started actually trying to improve my art when I was about 13/14 and thinking I’d never be as good as the artists who were my inspirations at the time. But now I’m 16 and seeing how far I’ve gotten from when I was 15 is so nice??

This morning my gym teacher was like yelling at the class and me and my friend just exchanged super uncomfortable looks because whoa men yelling is a very terrifying thing

wowowow slang and how u use it is like p important w ur characters. be wary of the environment ur character grew up in cause that will absolutely influence how they talk. 

Aww shit dude the first summer festival in my hometown was just announced and now I have to work on my festival body ugh

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can i just say i really really appreciate that u like my legacy posts, , ,, like it means a lot to me. thank you so so so so much, it really brightens my day and makes me feel more motivated to keep doing what im doing. thank you for being my idol and an amazing one at that.

DUDE u have hecka cute sims & u are such a sweet person!!! im glad it brightens ur day!!! i lov ur blog n keep it up♥

ALSO rlly flattered u consider me ur idol omfg……. i dont DESERVE THIS ilysm!!!