me kriti

I have always found it hard to open up about the chapters that are closed now, I have always found it very difficult to explain myself, I don’t know how to put it all into words, everything that makes me .
So I will slowly introduce you to myself through my favourite quotes and songs that hold past experiences and memories and hopes, through the places on a map, I have always liked quite places, my itineraries will reveal that about me. The way I spend my Sundays and the things I keep collecting and the memories I can’t get rid of and keep bringing them up in odd ways in our talks and from the things I flinch at and the things that send a wave of peace .
You will have to read me. That’s the only way you will ever get to know me slowly.
—  kriti-g 

Kajol for Elle India (aug 2015)

I am afraid of the darkness because it’s when I fall apart and there’s no sun to light the way and there’s no you to hold me together .
—  Kriti
Please don’t silence your demons when you’re with me , I need to hear them, I need to see how they are taming you, I need to set you free , just hold my hand and shout , I am here to listen .I am here to walk with you
—  Let me love you / Kriti

If you can take me anywhere , take me to the depths of your soul , take me to all the hidden places of your soul , the ones, no one knows about because I know there exists a beauty , a beauty like no other , deep in you.

Take me there

—  Kriti (gypsy-nomadic-soul)