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Assume they’ve known one another for a while and Zim got curious one day cause Dib’s ‘backstory’ never added up to him so he decided to break-in one day. Amazing that you find an extraterrestrial and then you make out with him. Priorities. I mean Dib’s constant staring and stalkin gave it away he was into it SOOOO. 

Irken Dib’s outfit came from this!! v/w/v i love it// 

Lugia's Song [variations]
Lugia's Song [variations]

i completely forgot i did this but i just found it on my hardrive looking for something else omg. this is me improvising around the main motif from lugia’s song on my flute. 

(all with a heck load of reverb and delay for Extra Mysterious Atmosphere)

kimkun06  asked:

You've been having pretty long days. If I'm not mistaken you're also on a trip? You deserve some rest. I hope you get a good night sleep or an enjoyable good day off. One must always prioritize ones health and state of mind ♥

Aw thank you so much~ You’re too sweet ;0;

I’m actually on the opposite of a vacation rn LOL. I’m at the Pixar Summer Story Intensive. It’s pretty much a full day of drawing and storyboarding and pitching and a bunch of other stuff. Plus some cool lectures! 

I’m like… suffering bc I have to get up at 7 every morning and then don’t get home until like 9 or 10 (also im jet lagged whoops). Found some cool juice that helps me sleep tho so iz coo LOL 

Thank you again for the reminder! I forget to take breaks every once in a while haha