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one of the good things I got from drawing my zistopia comic is that now I am way more comfortable drawing snouts, so get some gratuitous zootopia blacksand furries! Sandy is a lemming and Pitch a gemsbok (I though about making him a horse but like all the horses concept were ultra buff and even if irl gemsbok are also meaty, in the movie they were pretty slim)

They look like a couple of roomates college boys tbh how even you deal with dating someone not even the size of your cranium???


STEP BY STEP - John Watson

- mechanical pencil, grey colour pencil, soft N1 pencil and white gel pen on A4 paper

Part 3 of my Step by Step series, Part 2  Part 1

From the bottom of my heart...

Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here lately, I know y'all follow me mostly for Doukyuusei and teh draws, I have plenty of ideas that I’ve been meaning to work on buuuut I got a hold of the new Zelda game and now… it’s got a hold on me lol I’m kind of wrapped up in it at the moment XD

Anyhoo, I plan on getting back at it soon but I just wanted to take the time, while it’s still fresh, to THANK YOU FOR 1000 followers!!

Holy cow! I never imagined I would ever reach that many! I appreciate all of you, so from the bottom of my heart…


anonymous asked:

How do you draw male lips? I have been trying to get it right but the most I can do is make some lady lips or a thin line


So this one took me a while, I had to give it some thought. And to be honest, after thinking about it, I… have to say I don’t really do much different when drawing guy’s lips ;u; To see my original post on drawing luscious lips look here! (if you haven’t read it yet, go read it before reading this post, as I will refer to it!)

Honestly it comes down to practice and again, thinking of the character you’d like to convey. There are a few stylistic choices I personally make if I’m going for a more “masculine” character, but the way I set up the sketch and even carry the sketch to completion sometimes isn’t all that different than how I explained female lips. Take for example below, the different ways I represent guy’s lips, but when you look at the actual linework and drawing, they’re set up the same way as my lady lips.


I’ll do thicker lips or thinner lips depending on the way I want my guy to look, and then just shade where his lips would be, or draw thinner lines to show the shape of his lips.
Here’s some older drawings of guys I’ve done. They’re flawed and in varying styles but just to sort of show different ways I’ve handled guys in the past

Most of these drawings have traces of the lip shapes then I just shaded them in rendering instead of drawing all the lineart. And some have less information and more information depending on whatever style I go for. So yeah, just depends on what you’re tying to convey! But these are the ways I personally handle drawing men’s lips :)

An important note on my “tip” posts!

As my posts have continued to circulate, and I’ve continued to get more asks for tips, I want to reiterate that these are TIPS, not TUTORIALS, please make sure that you do a good amount of research in addition to any advice I have, I highly recommend photo reference whenever learning to draw, and utilizing the many Andrew Loomis books and drawings circulating around the internet. They’re all free and super great!
Also, I’m going to respond to these posts slower following forward. Even though these are ‘tips’ I do in my spare time and try to keep brief and simple, they do take a lot of time and energy to work out and try to explain my process. So if I go days or even weeks before I get to your ask, please do not send me another message. I really like sharing these posts and sharing tips I have learned, but keep in mind I am not a paid tutor and I’m doing these for free, while working full time and managing my personal projects and store. I appreciate your patience! <3

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