me is envious ~

I think at this point I’ve lost any right to complain about feeling lonely in the fandom.

After at least five online friendships failing because I’m distant, space-needy, poor friend material, a failed group chat effort and several failed attempts at joining fandom discords only to put a foot in my mouth and get all bristly, prickly and confrontational then hightailing it, it’s not others.

It’s just plain old me. I have no idea how to make friends anymore, and if I do find someone who I click with, the crippling distrust from experiences not too much past rears its head. 

Making friends or even regular acquaintances is hard when there’s three feet of reinforced plexiglass between people and you, manufactured and installed by yourself, but you’re just as clueless as anybody as to how to get rid of it. And most of the time I can manage it, it’s ok. But sometimes it just makes me so damned sad. And envious.


Natsumi: You also drew Tako Mothers, and lots of them too, I should show this to Mother! Shinichi, someone drew a picture of me!

Shinichi: Hm. I can see that.

Natsumi: Why are you so quiet? *Gasp! Don’t tell me, are you envious, Shin-Chan? >:)

Shinichi: I-i am certainly not. I am just surprised someone would draw one of us.

Natsumi: Yup, You’re envious. Do you want a drawing too??? >:3

Shinichi: Sigh….

The original master list

For late night talks with friends

  1. If could relive childhood all over again without being able to change anything, would you?
  2. Looking at your current level of intelligence and attractiveness, which would you choose to increase/improve?
  3. Which have you thought about more, your wedding or your funeral?
  4. If you knew you would never meet your soulmate or be happy in a relationship, would you choose to still get married/settle down with someone?
  5. Do you take what you can get, or are you “all or nothing"
  6. Have you ever thought you had a mental health issue/illness?
  7. Which are you most like and why -a river, a lake, or an ocean?
  8. If your partner/you were to get pregnant at this current moment, would you keep or abort the baby?
  9. What is the biggest mistake you’ve made
  10. What do you feel is your biggest personality flaw?
  11. Which do you admire more -your mother or your father?
  12. Who do you spend more time trying to impress?
  13. What is something that you do often, but almost always regret?
  14. Have you ever fantasized about having sexual relations with someone in this room?
  15. Do you prefer to be the big spoon or little spoon?
  16. Do you prefer to be tied up or do the tying? (bondage)
  17. Do you have a martyr complex?
  18. What is something you wish you were complemented on a lot more?
  19. If you just met someone and found out they were a psychopath, if you knew they would never harm you, would you like to be their friend?
  20. Have you ever admired a manipulator?
  21. What is something that if someone does it, they immediately lose your respect?
  22. What would having sex with the person to your right be like? (Characteristics)
  23. What do you think the person to your left thinks their best quality is?
  24. What do you think people your age’s biggest insecurity is?
  25. What do you think makes you the most different compared to everyone else in the room?
  26. What do you think makes you the most different compared to everyone else your age?
  27. What personality characteristic gets you in trouble the most
  28. What personality characteristic gets you the most friends?
  29. Pick a personality characteristic from the person to your right that you would want to have
  30. If you were   a relationship with the person on your left, what do you see them doing that would end the relationship?
  31. What characteristic makes you a bad girlfriend/boyfriend?
  32. What characteristic makes you a great boyfriend/girlfriend?
  33. Ask the person opposite you why they think you are single
  34. Which person in the group do you feel the most chemistry with?
  35. Have you ever fantasized about anyone in the group?
  36. What would make you leave your partner?
  37. What would your parents have to do to lose your love?
  38. What would your parents have to do to lose your respect?
  39. What about growing up has been the hardest for you?
  40. How do you deal with bad memories?
  41. How good are you at reading people?
  42. What is a weakness you have in your relationships?
  43. Do you think it is/will be easy for you to say “I love you” or difficult?
  44. If you had a daughter, what would you tell her about boys?
  45. If you had a son, what would you tell him about girls?
  46. Which do you think you are stronger in? intelligence or emotional awareness?
  47. Are you more of a long-term or short-term relationship person?
  48. What scares you the most about being in a relationship?
  49. Are you attracted to happy people or broken souls?
  50. Have you ever had an incestuous thought?
  51. What do you blame your parents for?
  52. List five ways in which you are, after all, quite difficult to live with?
  53. The chief problems in my relationship with my mother were…
  54. The chief problems in my relationship with my father were…
  55. If someone likes me a lot, I start to feel…
  56. What did you learn about relationships from your parents?
  57. What slightly unhealthy things feel attractive in a partner? How might this relate to your opposite sex parent?
  58. What slightly unhealthy things feel attractive in a partner?
  59. If you could consider yourself dispassionately, what might you warn a friend about if they were thinking of starting a relationship with you?
  60. If I were to explain a bit more to people about how I felt about things, they would…
  61. What are, or would be, my faults as a parent?
  62. What would hurt you the most, in terms of what your kids do/are like/think?
  63. What would be the biggest disappoint you in the kids?
  64. Name three sexual scenarios that especially excite you.
  65. When do you cry or want to cry (as an adult)?
  66. List five things that are the important to you in your life. How much of your time do you give to each of these?
  67. What things do you often end up buying that don’t – on reflection, much of the time – actually satisfy you that much?
  68. What are you trying to say through your clothes?
  69. Name three works of art (music, literature and visual art/architecture) that mean a lot to you.
  70. What are you a little addicted to? Porn, alcohol, shopping, arguing…
  71. What negative character flaws do you fear – in your worst nightmares – that other people have spotted about you?’
  72. ‘If I knew I couldn’t fail, in my professional life, I’d try to…
  73. Rank in order of importance for you in your career: Money, Status, Creativity, Social Impact, Colleagues.
  74. What sort of things have made you envious recently?
  75. When my partner disappoints me, I:
    1. Explode/get angry at them
    2. Withdraw
    3. Re-evaluate our relationships
    4. Other -
  76. What often impairs your decision making process? Lack of confidence, impatience, desire to please, over-excitement…
  77. Choose four adjective to describe yourself. Ask three good friends to do the same for you.
  78. What are you currently lying to certain people around you about?
  79. If a really kind person wanted to praise me, they’d say…
  80. If a really tough person assessed me, they’d say…
  81. Are you dominant or submissive sexually? And in the rest of your life?
  82. What things would deeply alarm your loved ones if they knew them about you?
  83. If you could create your ideal pornography, what would it feature?
  84. What would you ideally like someone to feel compassionate towards you for? What would it beautiful if they could forgive?
  85. What did you most enjoy doing as a child? Do you get those feelings now?

THE PACK MEMBERS + seven heavenly virtues and deadly sins
(3/?) →  Leah Clearwater

I’ll get out of your way. I’ll do whatever you want, except go back to Sam’s pack and be the pathetic ex-girlfriend he can’t get away from.

@ZELO96: 울 회사 TRCNG 멤버 막둥이 강민이랑 투 샷 후훗 막내끼리 너 얼굴 진짜 작구나… 흠.. 그냥… 부러워서… 나처럼 크지마 너 센터 못 서…

A photo with Kangmin(,) the youngest member of our company’s TRCNG hehe
The youngest together
Your face is really small…
I’m just…
Don’t grow like me
You won’t be able to stand in the center…

trans by transforbap ; take out with full credit.

Amigos 😍

A amizade, cuja fonte é Deus, não se esgota nunca. 👊😍

A melhor amiga que alguém pode ter. 💕

Eles que fazem meu dia mais feliz. 💞

Não troco por nada. 😍💕

Amizade é assim, no riso e no choro 🎶❤🙆

Você é muito mais que amiga, é um anjo que o senhor me enviou. 💞

Quem disse que pra ser irmã, precisa ser de sangue. 😘💞

Parceria é parceria, em qualquer situação, em qualquer lugar, a qualquer hora. 👊❤

Valeu por você existir, é tão bom te ter aqui 🎶🙏❤

De todos os cupins, baratas, pernilongos, pulgas, ratos, formigas.. vocês foram as pragas mais legais que já conheci. 😂💞

E se precisar, eu tô aqui, é só chamar que eu vou correndo. 💕

 Estou com você até depois do fim, eu te amo muito. 🙆❤
Melhores momentos apenas com a melhor amiga. 😍❤

Porque é com você que eu tenho as melhores conversas. 💞

Você é aquela que sempre estará no meu coração. ❤

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anonymous asked:

I don't wanna be rude, but how can someone sit around and ask people to buy them shit? Your wishlist is full of materialistic stuff. I'm starting to question you

That’s cuz the stuff I needed, like my heating pad, humidifier, facial cleanser, etc have already been gifted to me :)))

People get things for people whose content and work they enjoy. I’m not forcing anyone to do anything for me, sugar. I don’t care if you question me, I don’t know you because you’re on anon.

Anyway, I love wishlist culture and if I see your wishlist, I’ll reblog it!

Façade (Taehyung X Reader)

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Word count: 6.0 K

Warning: cussing, slight jimin x reader, daddy kink, dirty talk , smut

summary: Y/N struggles due to her sister as she is faced with a new love interest. Due to the age gap Y/N must cover up and pretend as if she is the one dating Taehyung to please there parents. Along the line Taehyung and Y/N grow closer together, closer in more than one way. 

speaking from personal experience having a sister had its rough patches that most likely couldnt be fixed. Okay i may be exaggerating but life only gained more diffcult if she cared about her apparence more then your whole exestince. I had been born first making me gain all the responsibilities and her gaining all the mistakes. She had been in her last year of high school as I was in my first year of college. It had also been spring break meaning I had to visit my parents and come to terms with my lovely sister.

I had managed to befriend someone apart of my college by the name of Kim Taehyung. He was attractive to say the least, anyone could point that out even my sister. She had no problem with pointing it out unlike I did. She had already knew I had striking feelings for Taehyung yet she ignored my feelings and contorted her own. Taehyung seemed to like the attention from her, bringing them together. Leaving me out.

I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like this, as did my parents but they only saw Taehyung as her friend and I as his girlfriend. It gets confusing at times definitely but none of the less it makes sense, no matter how against it I was. My parents would lose their shit if they found out there youngest daughter was dating a college kid, but would freak out much less if their eldest daughter was dating a college kid. To put it in simpler terms I was fake dating Taehyung while my sister was in reality.

“Ding dong”
I groaned at the noise and that simple fact of Taehyung. I hadn’t always been irritated by his presence not till he started dating my sister. Our friendship had been put down the drain, his focus forever on my sister when she was around at least.

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I wish black parents paid more attention to the mental health of their kids. So many black parents call disabilities like autism, ADHD and, ADD a “white people’s thing”. And that’s sad. Its with this kind of damaging logic that I’m 20 years old and I’m ONLY just finding out that all my social and academic struggles basically point autism or ADD. If my family didnt consider those things “white illnesses” I could of gotten tested when I was kid and got accommodations in school. I struggle so hard and ive only been called lazy for it. It honestly makes me envious of white people who were able to get evaluated when they were young and get a diagnosis all because their parents decided it wasn’t laziness. But At the same time, I understand that a professional diagnosis cost ALOT and its super time consuming. And that there is racism in the psychological industry. It just sucks tbh :(