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Ranma Renaissance

Jusenkyou Guide: Ay-yah! Good evening, honored guests! We bring you to Training Ground of Accursed Springs to tell you about the Ranma Renaissance! I now go help customers who fall in spring. I leave you with jusendork who explain concept.

Hiya, everyone!

It’s a simple concept really– let’s start a RENAISSANCE of Ranma! We need fanfiction writers, fan artists, everyone who loves our favorite crew of martial artists to get together and spread the Ranma ½ fandom! Create new content! Write new stories! Rewrite old stories! Do what you can to spread and extoll the sheer insanity of our favorite martial artists!

We were a huge deal in the 1990s, back in the days of Geocities and AOL–but we’re so irrelevant now!

But not anymore! THE RANMA RENAISSANCE will be how we create new and exciting Ranma fandom experiences for all Ranma fans!

(tagging @padresmadres; you gotta get in this maaaang)