me in puppet form

WTT: all of this Ouma merch! 

I thought I would love Ouma a lot more than I did when I actually played the game, so I bought all of this in advanced and now don’t need it ;v; 
while I love him as a character, the sparks just weren’t there in the right way! 

Ouma’s character tax is extremely high as you can see here:

 so even buying from Japan, these items were expensive

I’m looking to trade for

  • the blue Komahina button that was limited edition and features both of them in chibi form
  • the Hinata puppet 
  • or make me an item for any rare Komaeda/Hinata items you’re willing to part with, although I probably already own it
  • also interested in Saihara merch since I love him more than expected and bought nothing of him in advanced, but the Komahina stuff takes priority and for either of the first two items I will trade you this entire lot 

Thank you for looking and please signal boost so these can go to a better home! (/OuO)/ 

“U-Uh… hey there. I’m Red, that’s Reginald, and he’s Crowe. Please don’t ask me why his name doesn’t start with R too. The two people in the back… that’s a clock, Tony, I think, and Notebook. Anyway, after a few… recent events, we decided to start up this blog to pass the time. It isn’t so much as we wanted to socialize with the world, but rather we just wanted something to distract those two with so they can leave us alone. So, uh, yeah. Leave us your questions, if you want, whether it’s normal, weird or a plan to get us out of this death trap. Just.. don’t mention anything that questions the existence of time or anything that’s green. Trust me, it’s for your own good.”

(so i. finally cracked and made an ask blog.. lol… bye… i can’t draw their puppet forms for the life of me im so sorry so i made this personified ask blog instead, i hope thats ok omg. most answers will be answered with art, and if the situation requires it, writing.)