me in my new sun hat

Pater’s Rose 3

Part 3 of my series!! I hope you will like it!!! Let me know what you think what will happen next ;)!!! Enjoy it 

All the love 

E. xx 

I was right, he didn’t come in the next days. The first days were awful, and my thoughts cycled around him. Every night when I hold my book of prayer in my hands, I think of him. Slowly I start to relax, to feel again. I allow myself to open up a little bit.


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Confession:  Before I played MEA, based on fan critique, I thought I’d hate Cora. But the moment I met her in game, I fell in love. Her sense of humor, her dream of bringing something beautiful into the new galaxy, her quiet and professional, thoughtful, reserved attitude… I just love her so much, every aspect of her. I want to see her working on that rose garden wearing a straw hat, and I want to sweep her up in my arms and tell her I love her omg. Lady, beautiful, of the sun, let me be your knight

Don't. Park. In. The. Red. ZONE.

This happened a bit over a year ago, before I moved to a different state (US). I was driving through a Ralphs parking lot after getting some of my Honeydew Smoothie on, there is a two car lane in front of the Ralphs grocery store that leads out of the area. In front of the Ralphs was all painted red, as a “NO PARKING ZONE”. There was also some cones up on the other side of the car lane, as there was some things being done (idk, possibly gas/water line). As the way was clear, I was going to drive around the cones to get out and go on my merry way. There just so happened to be this snob lady in a big ol sun hat, in a new BMW convertible driving in very fast. She stopped right between the cones and the red pavement, and got out of the car.

Me: Excuse me?

Bitch Rag: I’ll be a minute, I gotta get to the bank!

(There was a bank inside the Ralphs)

Me: you could just park!

She is already running ditzilly in Ralphs with her designer bag and heels pumping her way inside.

To this day, I will regret not sipping the last of that sweet summer of Honeydew smoothie. But the taste of knowing that she will come out with a large green blanket of smoothie all over her windshield and front of the car will be enough. I got some pretty shocked smiles from the persons around, I backed up and left. I wish I was there to see her see green.


My friend finished a couple of my pillows already and I love them!!! The pool is super refreshing and amazing on these hot June afternoons! My new sun hat is open on top so I can have a bun or ponytail–👍🏻👍🏻!! And, summertime fruit is incredible!! Those peaches were so sweet and juicy! Taking a Monday off is never a bad idea!

No one tagged me to share five happy things…but I wanted to because it’s been a lovely day. 😁

Blood Price Meta

So @rinrinp42 is my favourite reader for today, (no joke!) because they’ve helpfully reminded me that not everyone commits to researching cross-cultural comparative mythology and some of my subtext goes from low-key to invisible in that case so. Yeah. Time to get out the metaphorical highlighter, my friends, and lemme break this down for you.

Advance warning: This is gonna get long.

We’re gonna start at the top, with the title. “Blood Price” is actually a pun that I came up with based on “Bride Price” (otherwise known as a dowry, which is a combination of wealth and gifts that were used as a measure of a bride’s ‘worth’) combined with the concept that you “pay for your mistakes in blood”. Given that this was a fix-it concept with kisses as the end goal I thought it fitting.

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Hi my name is Holden Caulfield and I’m trying to “hold on” to childhood (that’s how I got my name) and I have black hair with streaks of grey and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Allie (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Jane Gallagher but I wish I was because she’s a major fucking hottie. I go to a phony school called Pencey Prep in New York (I’m seventeen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear a red hunting hat I call “my people-shooting hat.” I was walking outside Pencey Prep. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of phonies stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them. 

making a name for myself

I am the statue in the middle of
my own town square
a monument to nothing much
I spend my days
intimidating squirrels and
attempting to decipher the
inscription on the plaque
next to my feet
but almost all the words
have been obscured
by years of pigeon shit

so all this time I’ve been
whatever you believed I was
and I am never sure
exactly what that is
it must be what it is
except for when it’s not
and then it’s not quite what
it used to be
so no one’s sure of what
it has turned into, but
the nice thing is
the pigeons just don’t care

still, lately I’ve been thinking that
I might sneak over to the library
one of these cloudy nights
I could research the possibilities
and maybe even settle on
an answer that will suit me or
at least be something I could hang
my hat on, if I ever get a hat

my hope is that I will turn out to be
less like the squirrels and
the passers-by,
more like those pigeons, who
you may recall
prefer to sit above it all
and keep an eye on things
without a thought to what
they are supposed to be and do

and then I might just make myself
a brand new plaque
before I get back on my pedestal
to wait until the sun
decides to shine


#239~ Pokemon- Professor Kukui

Since my team skull post was pretty popular, and I’m still loving the new region, I decided to make Professor Kukui! I know his skin tone is a little tanner (I’m too lazy to tan), so if you want me to make a tanner version, just tell me!

Hat: White Team Hat
Accessory: Sporty Shades
Shoes: Green Buckle Shoes


So I literally joined tumblr last week…. I had no idea this awesomeness existed. I have been reading some absolutely fantastic fan fiction…. really talented people on here, some of them are gods of smut. I love me a good smut! I have always made up stories in my head and wanted to write. Since I’m home with a newborn, and up in the middle of the night all the time, I figured, why the hell not. I got this idea while baking Christmas cookies, and it stuck. Tom is just, god, amazing. He strikes me as such a gentleman, but the kind that will make you scream his name later, after opening the car door for you and maybe reciting some poetry. So, I have made him my hero. This is a first chapter I guess…. I have no idea how you all do that thing with the title and ratings??? Is there a special place that I should be writing this? I need a tutorial!! Haha. I guess I should put a warning…. This is from my brain, and it’s fluffy in there. Beware. Please enjoy ;) Walnuts.

I pulled into a parking spot at Target, wishing that I had gone to the store during lunch like I had intended. It seemed that I could never get away from my desk long enough to do anything useful on my lunch hour. My phone started to go off, playing “Here Comes the Sun” making me jump. I glanced at it, and hit silent.

“Thank God they are open 24 hours for the holidays.” I muttered, pulling on my hat and gloves for the short walk to the store. It was quarter to midnight on a Wednesday night, and damn, was it cold.

As I walked past the back end of my car, I noticed a dent. “You’ve got to be fudging kidding me! It’s brand new! Damn it!” I cursed. I noticed a man had gotten out of the car across from mine, and glanced over at my out burst. “Nice car. A Jaguar. What the hell was someone with a Jag doing in North Central Massachusetts? I wonder how they handle in the snow?” I thought. He kept walking towards the store, and I followed. It was too cold to stand and stare at the dent, and staring at the strangers back as I walked behind him seemed a much better sight anyways. He was tall, with sexy shoulders. He looked powerful, but still slim. The kind of guy you wanted to climb like a tree. He carried himself like he had the confidence of a king. And, man, what a suit. He wasn’t wearing a jacket, which, to be honest, was kind of crazy in this frigid weather. “I could warm him up.” I thought. I silently scolded myself. I’d sworn off men. “Remember Rose, men are scum. You don’t need them, no matter how long it’s been…. God he looks good from behind… Hopefully he’s as hot in the front….Stop!” I silently argued with myself. This was pathetic, oogling strange men from behind. I shook my head to clear the naughty thoughts and followed him through the door.

My phone went off again. I stopped to see who it was. John. I hit silent again. I noticed Mr. Sexy Back glance my way. “I will not look, I will not look. If I don’t look, he can remain ugly in my head and then I won’t be tempted. Yeah, right. Like I could get a man that dresses like a GQ model and drives a Jag. What the heck was he doing here, anyways? Probably on his way to Boston.“ I though. I grabbed a carriage and dug out my list. Even though Christmas was in 2 days, I noticed that the store was pretty dead. Fine by me. I had enough people for the day. I had gotten off late from my job as a medical assistant, having stayed to make sure my patients were all set for the holiday. We were closed for the next few days, a nice Christmas bonus from my doctor. I ended up calling a few of my elderly widows and widowers, to make sure they had everything they needed and that made for some long phone calls. They get lonely, and want to talk. I was not in the best of moods, because as much as I loved my Golden Oldies, they had children, and other family. It shouldn’t be the 34 year old medical assistant with no life from their doctors office that called them to check in. To make sure they have food in the fridge.

I had made it to the hair care aisle, and was humming Christmas carols. I may have had a bad day, and hated people at the moment, but I love Christmas! Even though it was going to be just me and Mitch this year. Mitch was my loyal old hound dog mix, who loved me almost as much as he loved his treats. I had decided to get him a new bone while I was there, and set about opening and smelling some of the bottles, trying to decide on which scent I wanted for my conditioner, when my phone rang again. John. I hesitated, this had gone on long enough. I hit the talk button.

“What the hell do you want?” I hissed into the phone, glancing around to make sure I was still alone.

“Hey babe! I missed you.” Came his slurred words.

“John, I’m not your babe anymore, and I wish you would stop calling me, and are you drunk?” I whispered. I could hear someone in the next aisle, and I didn’t want to be “that” person. Airing your dirty laundry in the middle of the store, I mean, this was Target, not Walmart. Standards, people, standards.

“I drink because you ruined what we had. You became an uppity bitch,” came his belligerent reply.

“I ruined it? John, you screwed my accountant! My accountant for gods sake! I walked in on you two at what was supposed to be my appointment to get my taxes done! You have the gall to say that I ruined things? Besides, I was done with the way you treated me. Get over yourself. It’s been 9 months. Move on. Find some other poor fool to tell your lies to and to treat like crap.“ I said flatly.

“You’re getting mouthy with out me to keep you in check, aren’t you? I should teach you respect your man. ” He sneered, sounding meaner than I had ever heard him.

“Are you threatening me?” I breathed, not believing that this was the man I thought I had loved, even though he verbally abused me for 2 years.

“What are you gonna do about it, bitch? I could make you come back to me, make you sorry you ever left. Yeah, real sorry.” He laughed.

“I’m done with this conversation, you need to sober up and think about things. You need to move on and leave me alone, John.” I hung up the phone. I started to tremble and cry. I had never told anyone about the way John had always spoke to me, partly because I believed that he would never act on it. When we broke up, he stared calling me a lot and sort of threatening me,but it almost seemed halfhearted, like he didn’t really mean it. He was just venting. So I let it go. But over the past few weeks, it had gotten worse. The phone calls were more frequent. Tonight was the first time he had actually threatened to hurt me.

I could hear the person in the next aisle coming around the corner, so I blindly grabbed a conditioner and stared to push my cart in the opposite direction. Oh, great. It was Mr. Sexy Back. And from what I could see from my quick glance though tear filled eyes, he was Sexy Front too. Damnit. I fled the aisle as quick as I could with out looking like a total lunatic. I had a feeling he heard my conversation. He just stood in the aisle and looked after me.

I went to the women’s department, figuring I was safe there and finished wiping my eyes and took a few deep breaths. “It will be ok” I though. He doesn’t know where my new apartment is, and he’s just blowing off steam. My phone rang. John. I hit silent. I looked around and noticed Mr. Sexy Back was in another aisle near the woman’s section and he glance my way when he heard my ring tone. It rang again and I jumped. I looked at the screen. Dr. Weinberg. I answered it, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Hey Dr. W, what’s up?” I said, trying to steady my voice.

He had some questions about the patients that I send in prescriptions for before I left, the pharmacy had called for clarification on a few. I told him about one of the widowers I had spoken with before I left, and that I ended up going to the store to get him some food and dropped it off to him. I had ended up staying and chatting with him for a few hours. “It’s ridiculous, he has a daughter the lives 2 towns over. How can she live with herself, not making sure her father has food in the house?”

“Rose, you do too much sometimes. I mean, I appreciate it, but you have to separate work and life.“ He scolded me.

“I know, I know! I just get so attached to them, I can’t help it but to make sure they are ok. His wife would have been thankful that someone thought of him, besides, I changed the bandage on his foot, so we can bill for it.” I joked.

We spoke for a few more minutes as I strolled towards the baking aisle.

“Well, tell Sharon and the kids I said Happy Hanukkah.” I said in closing. I hung up the phone and it rang again. John. I hit silent and groaned. This was getting ridiculous. I heard someone behind me and noticed out of the corner of my eye it was Mr. Sexy back again. I turned in the baking aisle and he followed. I looked at my list. Walnuts. I looked at the nut section, it was pretty sparse. There was one bag left. It was way more than I needed, but as it was the only one, I grabbed it. Meanwhile, Mr. Sexy Back had gotten closer and was perusing the nut section as well. I could only just smell his cologne and he smelled so damn good. I closed my eyes and inhaled. “God, I’m pathetic,” I chided myself. I heard him sigh. My eyes snapped open and I looked at him. He was gorgeous. Dear god alive.

I looked at him and muttered, “That was quite a heavy sigh for the baking aisle. This is a happy place, a place where cookies come from. Your negativity is not appreciated.“ I was immediately mortified at my attempt of a joke. He turned to look at me and a small smile lifted the corner of his mouth. “Walnuts. They are out of walnuts. The one thing I came in for.” He said in the sexiest British accent I had ever heard. I literally had to focus on closing my mouth, it was hanging open. “I-I-I have nuts,” I stammered. I inwardly cringed, knowing I sounded like an idiot. He smiled fully at me, and Jesus Lord Almighty. The man was a God.

“Do you now? You seem like you’re all woman to me, but who am I to judge.” He smirked, looking me up and down, making my skin prickle and heat up. Those eyes, oh my god. I shook my head, clearing it of the cobwebs that get there when it’s been far too long since you’ve had great, or even mediocre sex, or any at all for that matter, and narrowed my eyes at him. “I have the last bag of walnuts. Would you like to split it with me?” I questioned him, feeling proud of myself for recovering so quickly. He smiled at me, a big boyish grin. “That would be fantastic!” He exclaimed. Well, I just made his night now, didn’t I?

As we stood there and looked at each other, my phone went off. I reached for it and he snapped “Don’t you dare answer that phone if it’s him.” I looked at him in shock. He had heard my conversation. His face had changed from the boyish smile to rigid stone within a split second.

“I wasn’t planning on it.” I answered, warily stepping behind my cart. He watched me make this maneuver and looked pained. “Im sorry, I didn’t mean for that to come out that way. I didn’t mean to scare you. Christ, you’ve got enough of that, haven’t you? I couldn’t help hearing you earlier, and it seemed that wherever I went in the store, you were there. I heard you speaking to your doctor. You sound like an amazing person, caring for your patient the way you did. I cannot stand men who treat women in the way that man treated you. I know it’s not my business, but you can’t go back to him. He doesn’t deserve you.” His blue eyes bored into mine. Damn. He was incredible.

“I-I-I left him months ago, and he’s been basically stalking me. He was always an asshole, and now he’s threatening me. I’m scared that he may plan to hurt me, and I don’t know what to do.” I blurted out, hating how defenseless I sounded. Why was I telling this absolute stranger this?

“I don’t even know you, yet I’m telling you this, you must think I’m insane.” I looked down, avoiding his penetrating gaze.

“I don’t know you, but I feel like I’ve met you before, in another life perhaps. I have this urge to protect you, like you are mine and it’s my duty. Now you must think I’m mad.” He breathed. I slowly looked back up at him and could see the sincerity in his eyes. Who was this man, who made me feel safe. I did feel safe, I noticed that since our strange conversation started, I hadn’t had that feeling of needing to look behind me. I felt calm. Calm, but extremely turned on. This man really was a God.

“Maybe we should start this over and introduce ourselves first.” I said, trying to sound like my heart wasn’t hammering in my throat. “My name is Rose.” I said, feeling myself blush, because let’s face it, I felt like a moron .

“My name is Tom, and it is my pleasure to meet you, Rose.” He said, smiling into my eyes as he took my hand and kissed my knuckles. Dear reader, I almost swooned. Yes, you heard me, swooned. He held my hand for what was way too long for my senses to handle, staring into my eyes. “Would you like to get a drink with me, Rose?” He murmured, rubbing his thumb along the back of my hand. I felt my knees go weak.

“I would, b-b-but that wouldn’t be wise.” I stammered. Good lord, make him stop staring at me with those unnerving eyes. I felt as though I would have an orgasm just looking at him.

“And that would be because…..” He trailed off, waiting for me to finish the sentence.

“Because I’ve sworn off men. In case you can’t tell.” I muttered, looking away.

He reached out his hand, gently grasping my chin, “That is not a man.” He growled, looking fierce. “You deserve someone who will treat you like the queen you are, as all women should be treated. Any poor excuse for a man who treats a woman the way he treated you should be taken out back and beaten.” I stared up into his beautiful face, wondering if I was dreaming. That’s it, it must be a dream. I reached out and touched his cheek. It felt real. I shook me head and stepped back, wondering where this crazy conversation was headed.

“So, Rose. How about that drink.” He purred. I looked up at him, God, he was tall. “I don’t really feel like a drink…. it’s been a long day.” I said, bewitched by the boyish smile that sprang to his mouth at my statement. “Really? I don’t really either, it just seemed like the only way to keep you with me so late at night. Are there any late night coffee shops around here?.” He asked. “Do you even know where you are? You are in the middle of nowhere!“ I squeaked. “The only reason this store is open is because Christmas is in 2 days. Things around here close at 9 normally.” He pondered that for a moment, looking around. “You know, I don’t know where I am, I just got off the highway because I saw the Target sign…. And I had a feeling I had to stop here….So, what are we to do then?” He asked, smiling at me like the Cheshire Cat. “Uhh. I have to finish shopping and get home. Mitch will miss me if I’m gone much longer, I would love to have a coffee or something but I really don’t think it’s a good idea, I have to make a lot of cookies, and then….” I trailed off, realizing I was rambling. “Ok, can I finish shopping with you then?” He asked, smiling at my awkwardness. “It’s a free country.” I replied, instantly hating myself. Why would I say that? I hate myself. He laughed and said “Yes, yes it is, isn’t it?” He followed me to the pet section where I proceeded to grab one of those huge bones that can’t fit through a door way. “Do you have a dog or a dinosaur?” Tom asked, eyeing the giant bone. “Oh, Mitch is about the size of a small horse, but he thinks he’s a lap dog.” I laughed. “Ah, so Mitch is your dog. I was wondering who would miss you if you stayed out too late.” He smiled at me and winked. I literally thought I would die. How was I going to get away from this charming man? And did I even want to? He had to be insane, right? I mean, who tried to pick you up at Target in the middle of the night besides a crazy man who wanted to chop you to bits with an ax?


The heart knows a hundred thousand ways to speak

It was amazing to be in Dubai again. This time we decided to go to the desert to ride camels. I think the best time to go is during the sunset hours, especially when the sun casts shadows through the sand. Amazing time for photographs as well! 

That day I decided to wear all RED! Only because I wanted a change. I’m always wearing white or blue but this time I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try to be bold! Even though I feel my best when I am wearing neutral colors, I loved the way this red made me feel too!

Try new colors and feel confident in any thing your wear!

Photographs by my sister Zahra <3 her!


So I started Pokemon Ultra Moon Today and since this is my game blog, I gotta tell y’all about my games. I started out with little expectations. Made my character. Named her after me. Loved her little hat so much and the new hair is so cute but so far it’s pretty chill. I have some bad pictures to accompany this post so enjoy… 

Day 1 of Tilly takes UltraAlola: 

  • Fire Kitty becomes my starter 
just like in Moon.
  • Pikipek is the first Pokemon I caught just because I felt like I needed more pokemon
I played with a Rockruff for like 10 minutes just running around in a circle. This is hands down the BEST new feature
. It was so freaking cute
  • Battled Hau at the festival and won, obviously. He’s always so easy. 
Had to give Fire kitty a good brush for the first time, gotta build up that bond so it’ll come in handy later
  • Got an ugly Z-ring like why?? If you gonna give me something at least make it pretty, it’s not like I care about Z-moves anyway 

  • Mystery gift Rockruff was added to my game and I immediately put him in the PC because I want a normal Rockruff 
  • At the trainer school I battled a Zorua who was an ass and beat all my Pokemon. I say all, I had 2. He just didn’t wanna be caught. 
Went back with a vengeance and captured one of the rats so Zorua becomes the third member of my team… for now.
  • Battled the cutest of characters. A preschooler. You kinda have to but still their design is so adorable. Her name is Mia and she has a metapod. 
Beat the trainer school with ease. 
  • Went into town and then got bored after being taught about stickers. 

 Final thoughts: So far its not much different than the first one so what’s the point??


Been a while since I’ve gone out. I recently got my license so I took an opportunity to visit a much nicer neighborhood. I was actually kind of afraid to go out. It had been so long and my social anxiety had been kicking up a lot so I almost didn’t even walk out the door. It didn’t make it better that I was going alone. But I managed to gather what little courage I had to take a chance. Grabbed a little lunch and found a quiet place to sit where I could draw. Eventually I got a little bit more confident and decided to do some good old wandering. I happened upon a rather talented man playing a flute on the corner. I have a policy to do something nice for someone each time I go out. So I thought it would be kind to offer him a little tip and a piece of sugar free gum for later. He politely accepted thanking me kindly. As I started to wander off, he stopped me, opened up his flute case, and produced a blueberry sucker and offered it to me saying, “It matches your lovely hat.” This little compliment and offering of gratitude pulled me out of everything that had been bothering me. Just a small act of kindness from a stranger that made the world seem better. I thanked him jovially and proceeded to skip away to the nearest comic book store.
Trying out a new mascara. In love with it already. Also, sun has been bringing out my freckles a lot. Got a really cute new keychain and a new copy of Nightwing. Cool beans. Also, legs. Just legs. ^ 3^
Be nice to someone. They might need it. And you might need it too. 💜


Adventures with gckaf!

When I finished my first dandie at friend gckaf’s, there was another one right next to me, ready for nomming!

A fabulous new turtle blanket, trying on Mario and Luigi hats, meeting the cutest rainbow shark and koi made by himagurumi, and a fresh dandie buffet—This was the best visit ever!!!

It Takes Two


“So any baby news?” Gemma’s eyes were hidden behind her sunglasses, her margarita in her hand. You hadn’t seen her for a few weeks and you’d both decided it’d be a good idea to grab some lunch together.

“Has your brother been nagging you to convince me?” You adjusted the sun hat you’d recently bought, it’s brim hanging over your eyes to give you shade. You watched as she grinned, taking another sip of her drink.

“He sure has,” she laughed. “But hey, I’m not complaining. I can’t wait for you to pop out my niece or nephew.” She leaned back in her chair as you laughed, shaking your head.

Harry had been asking for a while and he really wanted to try for a baby now that you were both settled into the new home you’d recently bought. Not only was he asking you, but he began to ask others to ask you because honestly, he wanted to know the real reason why you weren’t ready.

You’d been married for a little over a year now and all he’d wanted was to get started on a baby; he just couldn’t wait to become a father to a little boy or girl although he always snuck in that he wanted a girl.

“Hey, tell me what’s on your mind,” she leaned in closer, pushing her sunglasses into her hair. “You always used to talk about having kids. Did he do something?”

You quickly shook your head, looking down to pick at the nothings on your sundress. “No, no. I just…I don’t know. I’m really nervous,” you sighed softly.

“What’re you nervous about, sweetheart?” She always knew when something was up and she’d pry it out of you no matter what it took.

“I feel like he’s going to be such an amazing father and I won’t live up to his expectations,” you bit down on your nail to fight back the tears threatening to spring to life. “I don’t want him to be disappointed.”

“Oh my gosh,” she quickly scooted her chair around next to yours and wrapped her arms around you. “There’s no way Harry would ever be disappointed in you. God, I remember the day he met you; he just wouldn’t shut up. And when he came back for the movie and saw you again, he told me he had to make you his. He’s so in love with you, darling. He became the happiest I’ve ever seen him when he slipped that ring on your finger and made you his wife. And I can’t even begin to imagine how ecstatic he’s going to be when you tell him you’re pregnant. Please take my word for it when I tell you he’s waiting for the day you tell him he’s going to be a daddy and how much he loves you.”

You felt the tears spring to life and you blinked rapidly to fight them off. She pressed her head to your shoulder and kept her arms wrapped around you.

“You’re right,” you croaked, clearing your throat and dabbing at your eyes. “I guess I’m going to talk to him when I get home. You know, yesterday I took my last pill. I ran out,” you looked back up at her and took a breath.

“That could be a sign, my love.  But of course if you’re not ready, just know he knows that and he doesn’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.” You nodded, taking in a breath and pulling out your wallet.

“No, I’ve got it today. You just get on home and talk to that weirdo I call my brother,” she grinned, nudging you softly before she paid for the bill.

“Thanks, Gem. Really, you’re amazing.” You watched as she playfully flipped her hair and slid her sunglasses back on.

“Oh, stop it,” she laughed as you reached your car. You turned to her, opening your arms before enveloping her in a tight hug.

“Love you, Gemma.”

“Love you too, sweetheart. If you need anything, I’m only a phone call away.”


“Harry? Babe, I’m home.” You let the door click back into place before dropping your keys into the bowl in the foyer.

“Upstairs!”  His voice echoed down the stairs and you dropped your bag by the door before you made your way up the steps, skipping every other one. You peeked in to find him with a towel around his waist and another draped over his head. You stifled a laugh and crept in, leaning against the wall to kick your shoes off. He heard and his eyes shot up at you, a grin forming on his face.

“Hi, baby,” he gave his hair a quick ruffle with the towel and dropped it to a pile in front of his dresser. “How was lunch? And more importantly, how creepy was Gemma being?”

You let a laugh out and you turned so he could unzip your sundress, allowing it to fall past your shoulder and to the floor. “Harry, be nice. Lunch was great, we really had a great time.”

“You were checking out guys as they passed, weren’t you?” You watched as his eyes danced along your lingerie clad body with a smirk on his face. Smacking his arm softly, you laughed once more before leaning up on your toes to kiss him.

“You know I only have eyes for you,” your arms draped over his shoulders as his own pulled you into his chest. He grinned, leaning down to press a kiss to the tip of your nose.

“Phew, thank goodness. I didn’t want to have to punish you if you were checking out any other guy,” his hands gave your backside a soft squeeze and the playfulness came to life in his bright eyes as he heard you squeal.

“Punish me, hm? You and I both know you wouldn’t dare,” you leaned up on your toes to meet his gaze and watched as his eyebrows shot up.

“Baby, when you’re standing in front of me in just your underwear and only a towel around my waist, there’s no hesitation,” he pulled you closer, your chest pressed to his as his grip tightened. You let out a shaky breath, feeling him grow against your belly and you took your bottom lip between your teeth.

“Don’t do that,” he growled, his eyes suddenly dark as his fingers swiftly unhooked your bra. You felt the blush creep to your cheeks as he pulled them down your arms before quickly pulling you back against his chest.

“Do what?”

You knew exactly what he was talking about, you know exactly how much he got turned on when you bit your lip; whether you knew it or not. The closer he pressed you to him, the more you could feel him grow beneath the towel. You let your eyes drift close for a second before you found yourself draped over his shoulder.

“You know exactly what you’re doing, missus,” he set you down on your back before climbing on top of you, discarding the towel to the side of the bed. “And you’re so going to pay for it.”

“Harry,” you breathed out as his thumb ran along your bottom lip. His eyes crept up your face until he’d found your eyes, his hand reaching down to interlock with yours. “I uh, I’m ready.”

You watched as his brows furrowed for a second before it registered and his orbs shined with a bright shade of green, a smile spreading on his face. He pulled your hand up to his lips, placing a soft kiss through the smile he kept on.

“Are you sure?” The last thing he wanted was for him to pressure you into something you weren’t ready to take on, but he felt like he couldn’t wait anymore. All he wanted was to start a family so he could hold the life you’d both created in his arms and cradle his baby to sleep at night. He wanted to be a father.

“I’m sure,” you buried your free hand into the damp curls at the nape of his neck and shot him a soft smile. “I took my last pill yesterday. Gem said it’s a sign and I…I’m ready, Harry. There’s nothing I want more than to start a family with you.”

He felt his heart flutter in his chest and he closed his eyes, letting the words sink in for a moment. “So you…you want to start tonight?”

“I don’t see why we can’t start right now,” you whispered, watching as his eyes shot back open and met yours. You purposely took your lip between your teeth once more, releasing your hand from his hair and running it down his bare chest.

“Damn it, you’re driving me mad,” he breathed out, his lips falling to yours as he shifted his weight on to his elbows. Your arms came to wrap around his neck as you felt his hands roam your naked torso. He moved his lips down across your jaw and down to your neck, stopping to suck on your most sensitive spot.

“H-Harry, you’re going to leave a mark,” you managed to get out but you tilted your head to give him access anyway.

“Good,” he growled. “Everyone’ll know you’re mine and only mine.” Once he was sure he’d leave a love bite, he continued his journey down your chest, leaning over to pepper each breast with kisses, satisfied with the arch of your back he’d received. His fingers were swift in yanking the barely there panties in anticipation. Your eyes shut tight when you felt him continue, dropping a kiss to your navel and over the spot you ached for him.

“Jeez, no teasing, Harry,” you groaned, your fingers beginning to grip the sheets. He laughed, his minty breath breezing over the sensitive nub and chills were sent up and down your body. His lips grazed your slit before he moved to the side, peppering your inner thigh with kisses and switching to the other. You let another groan out as you began to grow impatient.

“That’s what you get for teasing me,” he rasped out and before you could reply, his tongue had found your aching core. You shrieked, quickly arching your back in response and tangling your fingers in his curls. The moans and gasps fell out quicker than you’d wanted them to and they only grew louder as he quickened his pace.

You arched and squirmed, his hands holding you down firmly in place as his tongue continued its relentless assault. Once you’d reached your high, his name falling from your lips and the only thing he could hear was your ragged breathing, he pulled his face away licking his lips.

“Better and better each time,” his voice was hoarse and you opened your eyes to be met with his sly smirk. You took the opportunity to flip him over, his eyes wide in excitement.

“And it’s only going to get better, baby,” you mimicked his movements, pecking his lips before traveling down his neck to suck on a spot you knew would be visible the next day. Your lips trailed down his chest, showing love to each and every one on his tattoos before gliding your tongue along his torso.

“Shit,” he whispered, his neck craned to watch you intently. When you pressed a kiss to his swollen tip, he groaned and dropped his head back as you began to stroke him a few times. “You tease.”

“Payback,” you smirked before taking him into your mouth, satisfied as his head was thrown back in ecstasy. You continued to pump as your lips roamed each and every inch, feeling him begin to tense beneath you.

“B-Baby, stop,” his voice was strained and you ignored his pleas. When he couldn’t take it any longer, he grasped your head and pulled you back up. Pinning you down beside him, he climbed over you and pressed his lips to yours.

“Are you okay? You’re ready? I have cond-“ You pulled him down to your lips once more to cut him off, your hands grazing down his chest.

“You’re awfully chatty today,” you breathed out. “Let’s make a baby.”

“I love you,” you felt him align himself and you cupped his face in your hands, his curls already sticking to his forehead.

“I love you.” He didn’t waste any time before he buried himself deep inside of you, a guttural moan leaving his lips. With a soft cry, you buried your face into his neck as he thrust into you at a steady pace. “Faster, please, Harry.”

He groaned against your ear before he obliged, his hips moving at a faster rhythm. You didn’t last much longer when he reached down between the two of you, his fingers giving the sensitive nub of nerves a steady rub. “Let go, baby,” he managed to let out and before he knew it, he was watching you come undone beneath his body. The moans falling from your lips along with his name were enough to send him over the edge, his face burying into your neck as he released into you.

In the quiet bedroom, the only noise was coming from the frayed breaths coming from the two of you. He collapsed on top of you, his head on your chest as you ran your fingers through his hair.

“You think we did it?” He mumbled, his eyes closed as he began to doze off. You let a breath, closing your eyes as well.

“I really hope so, Harry.” You felt his lips press a kiss to your ribcage, his thumb kneading small circles into your hip.

“Thank you for this, baby,” he leaned up and laid his head on the pillow beside you. “I love you.”

You smiled, cuddling into his and pressing your head to his chest.

“I love you too, Harry.”


“I don’t know man. It’s been over a week and she’s afraid to take any tests,” he sighed, leaning against the wall of the studio. It was true; it had been over a week since you told him you were ready. He’d been trying to convince you to take a test but you refused, reassuring him that your body would know on its own.

“Why?” His Irish mate questioned, his brows furrowed. Harry wish he knew the answer and he ran his hand over his face. All he wanted was for you to confirm his hopes and he felt like he was on the edge every time he even glanced at your flat stomach.

“Wish I knew, Niall,” he sighed and reached in his jeans to grab his keys. “I should head home. She told me she was making dinner,” he gave each one of his band mates a fist pound before heading out through the stormy weather into his car.


“I swear, Gem, there’s a pink plus in front of me,” you couldn’t believe it either as you stared down at the positive pregnancy test in your shaking hands.

“And you’re sure it means positive?!” She asked once more, her voice getting higher and higher over the phone.

“It doesn’t get clearer than this, darling,” you breathed out and you let a giggle out as you heard her squeal like a young girl. “How…How do I tell him?”

“Show it to him! Jump on him! Do something! Call me when he finds out!” You couldn’t help but let out a laugh when you heard her shout, “I’m going to be an aunt!”

To be honest, you had no idea how you were going to break the news to Harry. Of course you were excited, but you couldn’t help being nervous. You ran your hand over your face and through your hair before setting the test down on the bathroom counter. You looked into the mirror and lifted your shirt up, your hand placed on the belly that wasn’t there.

This was it. If everything went well, and you prayed to God that it did, in nine months you were going to become a mother. Harry was going to be a father. The thought of it had your heart fluttering and you couldn’t stop the smile forming on your face as you imagined his reaction. But then again, what if you didn’t live up to his expectations? What if you couldn’t be the mother he wanted for his children? You tried to push the thoughts out of your head and you splashed your face with a handful of cold water, a breath escaping your lips.

“A baby,” you smiled and glanced down once more at the pregnancy test before a clap of thunder made you jump. You placed your hand over your chest and when you heard the front door shut, you felt your pulse race.

“I’m home, my love!” He called out and you let out another breath before walking out of the bedroom and towards the stairs.

“Hey, babe,” you smiled and made your way down the stairs, standing on the last step to be matched with his height. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you down, towering over you as he leaned down to press his lips to yours.

“I missed you,” he whispered against your lips and you smiled, pecking his lips once more as he held you close.

“I missed you too. How was your day?” You watched as he rolled his eyes and pressed his forehead against yours.

“Boring,” he mumbled. He pressed a kiss to your nose before pulling back and reaching for his bag on the floor. “So I stopped by the pharmacy on my way home and I bought a couple of tests I thought you could try out,” his voice was small as he began to pull out the plastic bag.

You couldn’t put it off any longer, you knew you had to tell him. Right now. You watched as he pulled out several different boxes of pregnancy tests and you couldn’t help but stifle a laugh.

“Harry, I don’t need any of those,” you looked at him, your voice shakier than you’d hoped. You watched as he shot his head back up at you, his brows furrowing.

“What? Why?” He waited a few seconds in silence before you watched his face fall. “You…You got your period, didn’t you?”

You heart sank and you quickly shook your head, leaning up to brush the crease in his eyebrow. “Harry, look at me,” you tilted his head up to meet your gaze.

“I know, I know. We could always try again,” he sighed. “But I thought we finally did it last week.”

“Harry, baby, listen.” You placed your finger over his lips and he focused on you, his eyes falling to your lips. “I…I took a test earlier,” you didn’t miss the gleam in his eyes. “It came back positive.”

He suddenly dropped the boxes in his hands and they flew to his mouth, his eyes widening. “A-Are you serious?”

You let out a soft laugh, nodding your head as you reached up to push his curls out of his eyes. “Follow me,” you took his hand in yours and led him up the stairs into the bedroom bathroom, moving to the side so he could examine the test in his shaky fingers.

“Oh my God,” he whispered, turning his head to you and smiling like he had on your wedding day. “We…We did it,” he choked out.

“We did, my love. We’re going to have a baby.” Before you knew it, you were scooped into his arms and he pressed a long kiss to your lips. You pulled away softly, brushing your thumb over his now red mouth. He must’ve caught the uneasiness in your voice and he settled you down on the counter, his fingers pushing back a stray hair behind your ear.

“What’s going on in that pretty little head?” You let your gaze fall to your fingers in your lap and you sighed.

“I’m scared, Harry. I-I mean what if I can’t do it and I’m not good enou-“

His lips quickly shut you up and he pulled back, his face more serious than ever. “I never ever want to hear those words come out of your mouth again. You are going to the greatest mother ever. You want to know why? Because you are the most incredible wife and I’ve seen you around kids, around Lux. You know she absolutely adores you and I can only imagine what you’re going to be like with our kids. You are going to be amazing, words can’t even describe it. I know you’re scared, baby, and that’s okay. But you’re going to be just fine, I promise you. I love you so much. Thank you for this,” he leaned in to peck your lips before crouching down to press a kiss to your stomach.

The words he’d just said sprung tears to your eyes and you were quick to dab them away. He noticed, cupping your face in his hands and grinning.

“Happy tears?” He asked, his eyes soft as his thumbs wiped away your tears. You let out a chuckle and nodded, looking up at him.

“I love you, Harry. More than you can imagine,” you kissed his lips before resting your head on his chest. His fingers raked up and down your back soothingly and he pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“I love you too, baby. We better start getting that nursery ready, huh?” 

There you have it, darlings! Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope you as well as everyone else enjoy! I incorporated a bit of smut to spice it up a bit since I don’t do it often. Don’t forget to drop by my ask for some feedback or anything else on your mind! Love you, dolls.

Anna x 


Shirt by  THE N A K E D || C LO T H

Since the year turned a few things have changed, first off, i am back to wearing my sneakers almost every day of the weekend, i reckoned my usual loafer wearing routine needed a break. In other news, the brim reaper is back, this new hat refuses to unglue itself from my head. I have always been a fan of hats but i tend to get bored quickly, this time around i am looking to rotate them enough and still have an excuse to show off my barber’s skills somewhere in the middle. Wish me luck

Denim Pants by Jack and Jones Premium label + Sneakers by Nike

em is a man man
em is a man man

in the summer with a sunburn and the bedroom windows shut

in the suburb where your badge is a buzzcut

getting high down by the racetrack where the neighborhood boys run

with their burning backs all freckled in the sun

lets draw our map and run

when the moon bleeds, turns the sky red, you can catch me on the grass

with my hair cut off, wearing a new hat

if they catch you hopping fences chasing ducks and trapping bees

ill find you in the kingdom that we lead

cuz my posture sucks and your eyes still sting

but if youre the queen baby im the king

because youre like glowing stars on a ceiling

so promise me this one unspoken thing

DAY 2399

The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata      Nov 9/10,  2014      Sun/Mon  12:19 am

Of white tigers .. who I believed had a link with the white tigers of Rewa, a royal principality in years gone by, when the Raja of Rewa mated and produced the white tiger .. !!

I may be wrong though ..

Of crowned cranes, with their hooded looks .. and peculiar hair styles ..

Of CATS, of course and coloured hat ..

Of the beauty of the setting sun against the new bridge across the river Hoogly, other than the Howrah Bridge ..

Of the stop over at the ‘kachori and jalebi’ eatery and all those that came to watch me eat it .. after an incognito ride through the morning streets  ..

Of meeting up with my old colleagues at Blacker’s and colleagues during the time when I worked here from 1962 to 1968 or a bit more .. they have aged along with me, but their hearts and their connect has remained the same ..

And tomorrow is the inauguration of the Kolkata International Film Festival and the family comes in to join me, along with many others .. and then later by the 14th an ISL football game of the 'our’ team ChennaiyinFC with the local team Atletico de Kolkata …

Time is racing by … the work continues unabated, and I need to deliver on various fronts - work, script, visits, meetings, … and that private unknown ride perhaps in the middle of the night to all those places which were our haunts .. to stand in front of them and recollect the time and place and deed .. to bring back the old , to bring back the adventure and compassion .. to simply stand silently and allow time to go by ..

I look at the stack of books that stare before me in complaint ..“ brought us here to be referred to, but no .. you have not even given us another glance ..”

Institutions and others send in their notes and letters of invitation, to various social generous programmes .. I cannot possibly attend to them, keeping in mind my schedule .. so I hope they shall understand .. it is difficult to respond to them .. I run a shoot schedule, not my office to be able to give response .. so .. sorry ..

O ! Dear .. I need to do so much now … but am sleep dragged .. was up from 5, and its 7 tomorrow ..

Good night and love …

Amitabh Bachchan 


- WTF IS UP WITH POKEMON NAMES no seriously what am I supposed to call the wooden pup and the floating angel-ghost-jellifish-wig? Whatever they’re both precious and I love them

- I thought nothing would ever make me laugh as much as alolan Exeggutor ever again. But alolan Raticate proved me wrong. If they do the same to Persian I’m gonna flip the fuck out tbh

- If Jangmo-o doesn’t evolve with a heart scale or at least won’t possibly come with heart scales in the wild I’ll eat my hat

- Lusamine is THE definition of “classy”

- Y’all can stop complaining about Nintendo not making an updated remake of Pokemon Snap now :D 

- Looks like Team Skull members are actually gonna shake their hands around like moronic gangsta wannabes when they talk god help us all


watchu wanna bet he’s related to Lusamine well in case it’s true I totally called it hahah….ah…..