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Anon asked: Plz an imagine Peter Parker where he’s best friends with y/n but secretly likes her and gets pissed off when a jock flirts with her so he uses his spidey powers and kicks his ass? And then you decide where it goes from there, haha sorry if this is too long. thanks pal ;)

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“Like I said, nothing to worry ab-” Peter faded out as he stuck his head into his locker to rummage around while Y/N leaned against the ones next to him. 

“Nothing to worry about,” you scoffed, chipping at the already peeling cobalt blue paint covering the locker. “Coming from Peter Parker, the smartest kid in this school, I’m sure you are completely right. Nothing to worry about for you." 

You glanced around Midtown high school with a heavy sigh as a loud crash echoed from your best friends locker. 

Not even flinching, your face broke into a smirk. Who knows what that boy had shoved in that poor thing. 

Before you could say anything, his voice called out, "I’m okay!" 

Laughing, and shaking your head, you looked away to see Flash Thompson smiling down at you. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm up for February ;) - Anon Editor

Here’s how it’ll go down: I’ll wear a pair of sweat pants that the entire cast of Leverage have signed. They’ll be red since I hate grey. My shirt? Who cares. Probably a pirate shirt with gold chains. You are responsible for matching. I’m thinking plaid, maybe paisley.

My sister’s ideal wedding takes place in a forest with fairy lights. Guess what? We’re stealing that and making it better. Ours will be in the woods in a Mystery Location™. A scavenger hunt designed to look like the Slender Man set up will be arranged. We will write the clues on week before on bar napkins while sipping on diet coke.

(This will be the first time we meet)

Only half the guests will show up. They’ll all be in costume. Why? We told them that it’s a Halloween party. April Fool’s. “But it’s not April.” You would expect it in April.

I’ll write our vows live on a projector. You will edit our vows live on our projector. We will bicker about the oxford comma until our guests feel uncomfortable.

The stragglers, only just showing up after being horrifyingly chased through the woods by a tall man dressed like Slenderman, will be confused.

The grocery clerk from down the road, the one who continuously gives me free bags, pronounces us married. They cry a little. They were in love with me and are grateful I never knew. I knew. I just never mentioned it because I didn’t want my grocery buying duties to become awkward.

You open the Champagne and pretend to poor it into a glass. We laugh as you pour it on the ground, just keep pouring it until it’s empty. Champagne is gross. You pretend to throw the bottle deep into the woods. You don’t because, like me, you care about the environment and don’t litter.

Next, the reception.

There’s just so much barbecue. So much. All of the barbecue. In the center of the dance floor, there’s a pool filled with barbecue sauce. Everyone declines to dip their food into it, which is smart. We spiked the barbecue sauce earlier.

We dance the night away. The wedding started in the morning, so this takes a while. Our guests are tired and some are still lost in the woods. Who cares? Not me. This is our special day.

“Keep dancing,” we growl at our guests. Dark, shadow tentacles lap at their feet. “DANCE.”

They dance.

The festivities are disturbed by the sound of something huge lumbering through the woods. We huddle together, half in fear, half in excitement. Has our union summoned a god? A demon? A nature spirit?

A bear wanders out onto the dance floor. It’s attracted to the pool of barbecue sauce.

We leave before the bear asks us to drive it home, too drunk to find its keys.

We are scheduled to go on our honeymoon. We wander through the woods for hours, trying to find the parking lot. We send any guest that tries to guide us deeper into the woods, where the man we hired to play Slenderman is still lurking. We don’t need them. We don’t need ANYONE.

We miss our flight which is good because I never actually booked it. I just said I did and then forgot until it was too late. You are way better at this stuff than me.

The bear finds us and adopts us as its own. it can’t see straight from all the alcohol and thinks we are cubs. It shows us how to survive in the wild.

We live happily ever after with our drunk bear friend.



My mouth goes dry as April looks at me with huge eyes and pallid skin.

“You’re crazy,” she says.

I am. I am fucking crazy. But this is something that I really want to do. For her, for Alaina, and for myself too.

“Maybe,” I say, the sun shining down on us suddenly feeling way too hot even though it’s close to November. “But I don’t wanna take it back.”

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crazynerd815  asked:

Who enjoys Halloween the most?

1. Mimi (I just picture this girl loving any excuse to dress up in fun outfits that she couldn’t normally dress up in. Also, loves any excuse to throw a party.)

2. Taichi (Free candy, and parties, sign him up. Also you can’t convince me he doesn’t love dressing up, and seeing other people dress up. He also pretty much dies any time he sees Yamato in that vampire costume.)

3. Hikari (She is way more like her brother than people are willing to accept. Minus the secret desire for Vampire Yamato.)

4. Takeru (It’s a holiday now built around scaring people. I’m pretty sure the only holiday he could possibly like more is April Fools. He counts down the days to when he can take full advantage of the Halloween atmosphere to mess with Yamato.)

5. Sora (Enjoys a party. Has a secret sweet tooth. Likes this Holiday, but isn’t in love with it either.)

6. Jyou (Doesn’t love it, but doesn’t mind it either. Neutral.)

7. Yamato (Loves it if he can avoid his brother’s schemes and no one suggests going to a haunted house. Unfortunately for him, both these things are virtually impossible. Likes to dress up, especially as a Vampire. Likes to see what Taichi dresses up as. Also, it’s a great opportunity to subtly suggest Taichi wear some sexy outfits, like a pirate costume with a revealing neckline.)

8. Koushiro (Doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Isn’t a huge fan of parties. Doesn’t understand the appeal of dressing up. Doesn’t get this holiday.) 


I combined these two! (I’ll do a separate one for malvie later)

  • Jay and Mal take turns falling victim to Evie’s hair braiding obsession, but secretly love it. 
  • Coming form the Isle, they all excel at April Fool’s day, and the entire school is afraid of them. 
  • They petition for better treatment of the Isle and its habitants, which includes actual food to be sent over rather than leftovers. 
  • Carlos and Mal never stop teasing Evie and Jay about the time they hooked up as part of a dare. They’ll never let them live it down.
  • They throw the best halloween parties. And thanks to Evie’s sewing and makeup skills, they have the best costumes too. 
  • They host an annual Come Dine With Me, but it always ends up with Carlos and Evie getting overly-competitive, because Jay and Mal fail miserably every year. 
  • Their sleepovers get weird past 1am. Like, super weird.
  • They form an interschool general knowledge team and beat every team in the country. They’ve won three consecutive years in a row. 
  • When one of them gets upset, they all clear their schedules to spend the rest of the day trying to cheer them up. 
  • They never miss each other’s big events- Jay’s tourney games, Carlos’ track and field competitions, Evie’s decathlons, and Mal’s art shows. 
  • Are constantly challenging the other at competitions to see who’s the better couple. At this moment, Evie and Mal are the lead.  
  • Although Mal would never admit it, she loves the impromptu cuddle sessions the four of them have when one is stressed, angry or upset.

I know I’ve done a post like this before, but I still can’t get over how much Mavis looks like April trying to cosplay as Karai. XD

Can you just imagine? 

Leo: “I just don’t know what I’m going to say to Karai once we get her back home… how I’ll tell her how I feel…”
April: “OOH I know! You can practice with me!”
Leo: “What?”
April: “Role play! Just tell me what you wanna tell her! Wait here, I’ll be right back.”
*a little while later she shows up sorta dressed as Karai*
Leo: “Yeah this isn’t gonna work.”
Mikey: *walks in* “Hey April! Whoa, awesome Mavis costume!”
April: *makes done face* “Okay, fine, you’re right, this won’t work… try drafting a few ideas of what to say in a journal or something… I’m just gonna save this for Halloween.”