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He was that special person

A little headcanon my gf and I had today. She want to make something like this in her fanfiction. Mikasa hoped to share the tattoo with Eren but after things not going on well between them she is waiting for another special person *wink wonk*

The tattoos idea is from this fanart 

Also, had to change Levis age and I made Mikasa a little older getting her tattoo :P hope i made more fanarts of this ;_;


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I Realized Something Today
  • Random Jock: Why are you always so quiet?
  • My Thoughts: Go away already
  • Me: It just depends on who I'm talking to *hasn't lifted my head from my book yet*
  • Random Jock: Well, you never talk to me- and we sit next to each other!
  • Me: That should tell you something.
  • Random Jock: *stares off into the distance* well then
  • My Thoughts: Wow this is why I have no friends

please send something in. I’m in the middle of writing an argumentative synthesis essay for AP and i need something to keep me from losing the last shred of sanity that I have.

Femslash February, Day 15

“I can’t believe you’re graduating college already,” Anna mused aloud as she pulled the new boxes of cereal from their shopping bags and put them atop the fridge where they belonged. Her mom’s kitchen stereo, perched in the window, buzzed and popped with the news in the background. Mom liked to listen to her CDs on it, but when she wasn’t around, Anna and Cassie liked to turn the radio to news stations to listen as they talked.

Right now, Anna wished they hadn’t. Apparently police were still trying to solve the bizarre serial murders that had been going on in the area, despite no leads and no luck. Anna got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach that got worse the more she heard about it.

Cassie hit the power button and the radio faded to silence. Anna glanced over but Cassie was already turning to get the other bags. The glimpse she got of Cassie’s face was stony. At least Cassie sounded like herself when she replying, “I know. Time flies when you’re drowning in papers.”

Anna went to join her in unsheathing the milk, and took the opportunity to nudge her side at the same time. “You think maybe you should’ve eased up a little on your classes?” she asked. Okay, yes, sometimes she got accused of being the mom friend. Anna took it as a compliment. It meant she looked after her friends. Like Cassie. At this point, the battle was over, but there was still hope for her not overdoing it in the future.

Probably not much though, going by the sudden intensity Cassie gave off. “No way. A shot like this seemed way too good to be true, I wasn’t going to waste it on a handful of classes before they could pull the rug out from under me and make me go home with nothing to show for it.” Cassie nodded, full of determination and - Anna’s heart swelled - the amazing, beautiful pride she took in her own accomplishments. Anna loved her for it. Among other things.

When Cassie turned to look Anna in the eye, Anna wondered if she’d heard her and the world seemed to freeze. Instead Cassie said, “Believe me, I worked hard for this.”

Anna impulsively reached out and touched Cassie’s arm, needing to affirm. To let Cassie know how happy she was for her, how proud she was too. “I know you did. I was here, I saw you.” She cracked a grin. “I had to stop you from pulling your hair out the night before exams, remember?”

“Thanks for that,” Cassie said wryly. Then sighed. “Ah, I’m gonna miss this place.” Chuckled. “I never would’ve thought I’d miss Ohio.”

Anna, who had never lived anywhere but Ohio and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, settled for a, “Yeah.”

Cassie shot her a look Anna had little trouble interpreting. “And I’m gonna miss you. That’s really the only… bad part. I mean, thank God I won’t have to get by on two hours of sleep anymore. And I can’t wait to see my parents and go home. But…”

“Cassie?” Anna asked. She could barely hear her own voice. For the moment, that seemed unimportant.

Cassie smiled painfully and Anna felt her hurt with her, as bitter and sharp as she’d felt any of her own. She could understand. If nothing else, they were practical girls. “But… what are you gonna do?” Cassie finished simply, closing the door on a question with no answer, her eyes glistening. Only a little.

Anna felt a tear break off and slid down her own cheek as she cupped Cassie’s face and kissed her, wordless.

Between the two of them, there wasn’t anything else to be said.

“Please just tell me one thing” I ask as tears beg to be spilled

“Sure” he shrugs

“How the hell do you expect me to see you in class everyday and not want to cry? Why did you ever ask me to be yours if you were going to ruin me in the end? Why did you take me to the movies and tell me how pretty I looked and meet my parents if you were just going to forget about it all in the end? Why would you promise to never hurt me?”

He’s silent for moment “I wasn’t planning on hurting you, but we both know I’m bad at keeping promises.”

—  I wish he would have kept just one promise
You asked for it

(By the way I am a woman) Ok so everyday for a few weeks, this girl I sat next to in class would always ask me for stuff.  Like everyday it would be a pencil, paper, eraser, food, etc.  I’m a pretty giving person, but after awhile she got the expectation that I would give her shit no matter what and she just started taking stuff without asking.   So one day I brought a small tube of hand lotion, just because I recently got a new tat and would put some lotion on it throughout the day.  Anyways, this girl of course sees this and immediately asks to borrow some.  I have no idea why the hell she’d want lotion in the middle of a lecture, but to hell with it.  I’d been tired of her freeloading off of me so I decided to get my revenge. So I told her “Of course, here”, she sticks out her hand and with a smile, I give her the biggest handful of lotion.  I’m talking like half the tube amount of lotion.  She just gives me the biggest wtf look and I return to taking notes. Totally worth the staredown I got from her for the rest of the lecture as she tried to get rid of all the lotion.


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A / Age - 20

B / Biggest fear - living things in water. Plants, animals, fish, doesn’t matter.

C / Current time - 5:08 pm

D / Drink you had last - water from a bottle yet technically it came out of my sink ?

E / Everyday starts with - me regretting taking three lit classes this quarter because I know I should be getting ahead in homework so I won’t be crying tonight but like, It’s 7:30 and I don’t want to?

F / Favorite song - Butterfly by BTS (butterflies are my favorite thing and it’s a beautiful song)

G / Ghost beliefs - I believe in conservation of energy. Also in souls.

H / Hobby - writing is love. writing is life.

I / In love with - my wife Bambam

K / Killed someone - DEATH TO THE JINGLEF*CK

L / Last time you cried - yesterday because vomiting makes me do that sorry tmi


N / Number of siblings - one. I’m older.

O / One wish - realistically? to be an influential writer. unrealistically? Everything I say between the phrases “I believe” and “be it so” is true.

P / Person you last texted - @slightlyunnatural

Q / Questions you’re always asked - “Why are you so cute?” / “what the hell are you doing?”

R / Reasons to smile - I am ALIVE and I have friends who love and support me

S / Song last sang - Hmmm… do instrumentals for The Last of Us Soundtrack count? Cuz I totally rocked those guitar notes.

T / Time you woke up - 7:30 am because my body hates me

U / Underwear color - crimson red ❤️

V / Vacation destination – Hawaii because I want to see the half of my family that lives there and I’ve never been.

W / Worst habit - laughing at everything

X / X-rays you have had – teeth

Y / Your favorite food - Jinglef*ck’s soul pizza~ because pizza can be lots of things <3

Z / Zodiac sign - Scorpio

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