me in a few decades

Friend: Hey, can you tell me some of the greatest relationships ever?

Me: Glad you asked! Okay there’s septiplier, destiel. drarry, johnlock, spideypool… *goes on for infinity*

*A few decades later*

Me: Merthur, stony, sabriel, drapple, larry, stucky…

Friend:*exasperated Please stop, I’m sorry I’ve ever asked

Yuri On Ice and Toxic Masculinity (or Lack Thereof)

fancyass title but I just feel that it’s so obvious yuri on ice was written and directed by two brilliant, brilliant women?? like I was not surprised AT ALL to learn that kubo was a woman even though she used to produce work under a male pseudonym, because the content was so clearly NOT the kind of toxic, objectifying material that’s produced when men think they know what the audience wants to see but is actually just projecting their own stereotypes and fantasies

there’s fanservice in yuri on ice, no shit (ep 1 victor in the onsen is a screaming hint already) but it’s never gratituous or objectifying. the director and writer know what the audience would like to see but don’t put their own fantasies over artistic integrity. and there’s no toxicity in victuuri’s relationship, even though it would have been SO EASY to fall back on usual yaoi tropes of seme/uke, and there’s already a clear power imbalance at the start where victor is presented as being in control while yuuri doesn’t have his shit together. What I love about YOI is that instead of taking that easy way out and running with it, stretching the power imbalance even further, they made the effort to go the EXACT OPPOSITE WAY and subvert those tropes so that victuuri evolves to become a healthy and loving relationship between equals. There’s no sense of who’s ‘the man’ in the relationship, or who’s wearing the pants (lbr, neither of them). yuuri becomes a seductive power on ice and gradually more assertive and open off ice, and victor nikiforov isn’t some mysterious, unreachable idol, he’s a fool in love and happier than he’s ever been in his life.

idk, just seeing this is so amazing when it’s so rare to see pairings or even general stories in both eastern and western entertainment that are healthy and good and pure and still tell a fantastic story, and on top of this it’s a QUEER relationship which comes with even more trappings and stereotypes

so I really applaud kubo and yamamoto for everything they achieved, for the vision they had, and for the love that they poured into this project, for never taking the easy way out

and this is something women creators seem to have more in hand. I know it’s not always the case but I’ve noticed that the 'male gaze’ camera and its literary/comic equivalent happens less with women creators because surprise surprise no one wants to be objectified like that, especially women!!! and something specific to yoi but also a more of a trend among women creators than male creators is that the relationship is…deeper? it’s not just about the sexual tension but also all the other moments in between, not necessarily romantic but always emphasising respect and communication and trust, and learning to live with each other’s flaws, which is a much more realistic depiction of actual relationships

tl; dr basically women creators do amazing things and we should put them in charge more often


I am so excited for this 2017 stage release. So I am a follower of Naruto - Spiralling Sphere on facebuuuk and saw the trailer. It was awesome to know that Naruto is going to be a gazillion dollar empire after this - well literally meaning that Naruto is here to stay for at least a few decades. Me, as a follower since 2003 (or was it a little later? can’t quite remember) am very fired up to hear this though I never watched the first stage performance. It was a one night only performance in my country. Good luck to the casts! 

who wants to read the first ten chapters of my story Dark Miracle and give me some feedback?

McKenna has lived hundreds of years, the last few decades of which she’s spent avoiding someone who is intent on trying to execute her despite the fact that, for all intents and purposes, she can’t be killed. 

Her chance at answers comes in the form of a detective from San Francisco who shows up in Kansas City with a tattoo similar to her own. He says he knows her, he says he can help, and against all reason and against all odds, she believes him.

But there are still years worth of memories missing, and someone is using the people she used to know to try and kill her and the most important question looms over everything as she runs for her life: Why?

A promise to body, piece by piece.

There’s only a couple more days before I head back home from my Xmas trip to my home town. I want to make sure I keep this mind set, this motivation I’m feeling to finally change things. So I thought I’d make a promise to myself.

Dear heart,
I promise to stop making you work at maximum capacity. To stop you from pumping like i just finished a marathon everytime I go up a flight of stairs. To help you rest so that you can help me still be here a few decades from now. To have you stop worrying mom.

Dear legs,
I promise to lighten your load. To make you stronger but with less to carry. To ease your pain, as I know bringing me from place to place as I am only weakens you and slowly breaks you down. I promise one day we’ll be able to run for long periods, going as fast as you’ll carry me. I know you miss those days as do I.

Dear arms,
I promise to make you both looks awesome again. Feel strong again. Make my next move nothing more than a simple task rather than a grueling marathon. I’ll make sure you’re not worried when a friend needs help with something heavy. I’ll make sure that those moments become ones where you can show off instead.

Dear stomach,
You’ve never been particularly flat but I promise to take away this tiger costume I’ve had you dressed in lately. I promise putting on a shirt will no longer feel like I’m putting a small sock on to a light bulb. I promise you’ll have so many awesome things to wear.

Dear brain,
Oh holder of my mind. My last promise is to you and it is simply this. I promise to free you from this slow moving and painful prison.

Once I’m back home, I’m doing this. I’ll keep my promises no matter what.



Black & Brown. ‘Cos I’m A Spreezy Rebel.

While I’d never mix black and brown in a suited or formal setting, I’ll gladly mix the two in a more casual one. Since I take most of my style cues from guys who are either a few decades older than me or dead, this one is no exception.

There was a brand rep in the store last fall who wore black denim with a slight crease and Alden snuff suede loafers. Needless to say, I quickly saved that look to the archive.

Also, in a grand attempt to add levity to your day, I’ve included photos of The Doog desperately trying to be friends with Hamilton. The Doog fails to realize that Hamilton is a hedgehog with spines. But, at an evolutionary level, he might also realize that he’s a “badger dog” bred to burrow and pursue small mammals. Fortunately, The Doog is not a killer of anything except stuffed animals; and I’d rather keep it that way.

6 random facts about yourself...

I was tagged by @avaleahworks 

Since it’s wanting six facts let’s start with my fave “six”

1. My OC of Travis has been with me for a few decades as he was my childhood OC and has now been turned permanent canon thanks to Fallout New Vegas.

2.  I was in the studio audience on The Price is Right

3.  I used to drive parade floats at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s MGM Studios at Walt Disney World here in Florida

4.  I am a big NASCAR fan

5.  I used to own a blue Arctic Fox named Vixey

6.  I was in the SNES Star Fox Competitions back in the 90s

I reckon I’ll tag @zoey-and-dakota @cacomagen @antioxident @papidanse


Consistently choosing to live, think, feel, and eat in a healthy way is a difficult thing for most of us do. There’s so much in modern society that conspires to pull us away from being healthy. And, it’s only human to want to embrace enthralling, if manufactured, sensations and even values.

I know how hard it is do choose to live and eat well because I have not practiced what I have preached and I know better as someone who has studied and taught nutrition, fitness, and sustainability.  

I’ve taken my health and stature as a role model for granted. I take so much for granted. It’s something I’m working on. That song, “Smoking In The Boys Room,” could have been written about me, but I kept it up for a few more decades after Motley Crue stopped smoking.

It took awhile, but those days are behind me. My life purpose is to live in a way that consistently respects my body, my spirit, and our planet, and to continue to dig deeper for tools to help improve the lives of others.

In the last 11 days, with small alterations to my lifestyle and to my diet, I have lost 8 pounds. I have eaten most of my meals at Miya’s and at home. I am privileged and I am ashamed by it.

I exercise lightly. I meditate a little. I fast a little. I try to be present. I practice gratitude.

I am trying my best to not be attached to anything I own. This life and this body is ephemeral. What matters most in our short lives is that we try our best to exist in a way that is kind and caring and restorative of everything and everyone we come in contact with. God, help me be this way.

Most importantly, here’s my bathroom selfie from this morning. Check that ass out!


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Peter: I lost my mum…I can’t…I can’t lose you too…Not after everything..

Y/N: And you’re not going to…do you really think i’d leave you now? I’m not going anywhere, you’re going to have to put up with me for a few more decades yet…


Alan Rickman in “Hamlet” at the Riverside Studios in London. Photograph: Alastair Muir/Rex

Letter: Alan Rickman the activist   

I met Alan Rickman in 1967 when I was a journalist, setting up an “alternative” local paper in Notting Hill, west London. Alan was training to be a graphic artist and came on board as the paper’s designer. We shared the same politics and became good friends. I admired him for his beliefs and activism, and not just his acting.

The debut issue of the paper attracted some attention, and Alan’s first appearance on screen was therefore in a television news item, in which he was shown sitting on the floor of my flat gluing together a layout of the paper. The glue slurped onto the carpet and stubbornly stayed there for many years afterwards. But it at least gave my wife and me something to show guests over the next few decades as we pointed out our enduring connection with the great actor. 

As Alan began to pursue his stage and film career, we drifted apart – and we met only a couple of times before 1992, when I took a group of students to see his Hamlet at the Riverside Studios in London. Afterwards he behaved as if we had never lost contact, and chatted at length to the students, despite there being a queue of agents outside the dressing room door with scripts for him to read. He was a lovely man: an admirable actor but also a genuine, generous person.… David Adams… Monday 18 January 2016

Looking for information about rock, stone, and bedrock spirit(s)

I tend to be pretty passive in my spirit work, but there’s been a trend that I can’t let slide by anymore.  Exposed bedrock and rocky cliffsides have been eyecatching and enchanting to me for decades and in the past few years I’ve begun focusing more on that.  There seems to be a spirit of the stone, similar to mountains but smaller.  It’s hard to put into words.  And although it’s much easier for me to encounter in certain places, it seems to be relatively the same everywhere…although now that I think about it, I haven’t investigated this beyond any faultlines.

Searches for rock or stone spirits have brought up information about hag stones and gemstones, generally not for bedrock or cliffsides.  Haven’t tried divination yet, that’s probably my next step.  Offerings would be pretty easy - slide seeds or paper (preferably that biodegrades quickly) or flowers into cracks.  There’s a post about creating a poppet for a spirit to enter when called, but I don’t know if that would be a good idea with something so large and incomprehensible?  I like the idea of creating that kind of middle ground though - ideas?   

@spirithighway @swampseer @driftwood-in-the-sun @answersfromvanaheim @merkavahpartyvan @spiritscraft @spiritconnect @calicocadet @magic-for-the-masses and any other spirit workers I couldn’t think of at the moment?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

  • Sensible person: Here's literally hundreds of examples of widespread and destructive acts of Muslim terrorism, all within the last few decades.
  • Tumblr user: Yeah but let me bring up a ludicrously small, completely disorganized, pathetic group that is almost universally rejected by mainstream Christianity and has committed no major act of terror in the last 50 years as a comparable example of Christian terrorism.

Just think, in a few decades there will be special event screenings of Jupiter Ascending with kids lined up down the block dressed up as winged lizard men and space princesses, probably holding grocery bags full of stuff to throw at the screen during the audience participation bits, laughing and goofing off, and then my old ass is gonna glide in on my home-made rocket skates and be all, “I was there.”

Amethyst’s True“Age”  Speculation

Little Amethyst was so cute!!

Though it got me wondering how “old” she is mentally and how that projects on to her body? 

Because in “So Many Birthdays,” Amethyst’s body looks about the same “age” as it appears currently.

 Yet when we see her in the 80′s she looks and acts a lot younger.

It made me wonder if Amethyst had been found fairly recently, maybe only a few decades prior to tonight’s episode. 

Yet based on their outfits in the boat-painting, she’s been with the Gems for at least 200-300 years and kept the same “older” appearance.

So why is she “younger” in “Story for Steven”? Was she shape-shifting to look cute for/mess with Greg? To annoy Pearl? Did Greg just imagine her looking and acting younger in his flashback? A continuity error?

Probably nothing earth-shattering, but food for thought??