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A couple of weeks ago, my 5 yr old asked me if I could print the lineart of my drawings so she could color them like a coloring book.  I printed out like 30 of them, so she was one happy camper. 

She showed me this one tonight, saying that she tried to make it look like mine, but couldn’t find her red marker and used pink instead. 

I think Nino could rock a pink Ladybug outfit regardless.  XD

Edit: Here’s a link to the original

Ubisoft: Ezio Trilogy Remaster!

Everyone else:

My Ezio Trilogy loving ass:

cheesy self indulgent hc: dave strider can sing but he never ever does because singing too raw and sincere and vulnerable. not to anyone, not ever. so nobody knows. he barely even knows because there was no singing with bro around. he hasnt got a strong voice but its sweet and melodic. maybe he might occasionally sing along to music quietly to himself and if he has his headphones on rose might catch him and he gets so embarrassed she doesnt even tease him about it

bonus: he also has a stammer and it doesnt bother him so much when he sings


omg this was so hard (i knew i liked fantasy shit, but omg so many photos of landscapes/just pics it’s crazy)

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concept: me, in an oversized “mens” shirt tht practically drapes over my worn out high waisted jeans, wearing glasses “too big for my face” tht are perched right above my nose, & large gold hoops tht almost touch my neck, sporadically searching for my lucky blue shoes due to being in a hurry to get to my first ever solo directed art show.. my hair is kempt (for once), my makeup is dewy, & my eyes are larger than ever