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I love your aus, can I just say! Also do you know a game called ‘Doki Doki Literature Club’? I feel like the obvious answer would be DR2, but I think you could totally make a drv3 au from that...

u underestimate my ability to make aus–!!

thank u for loving my aus!! i had a bit of a dilemma on who to make who, but i think this is a pretty good combination!!

unfollow   spree   coming   up   soon   !         my   following   count   is   way   too   high   right   now   and   consists   mostly   of   people   i’m   not   interacting   with   .         so   i’ll   be   going   on   an   unfollow  -  spree   so   i   can   be   more   comfortable   on   this   blog   once   i   start   writing   here   again   !         so     ,     if   you   ever   want   to   interact   with   me     ,     you   should   like   this   post   so   i   don’t   unfolllow   you   !

A Shin from today’s doodles


the happiest boy when surrounded by dogs ♡

| SORIS ; SHIANNI ; NELAROS | DAO | NPC Sketch Portraits: City Elf Origin |

Did some warmups ages ago with some of my origin faves. I thought it might be nice to do this once in awhile… Especially given how all DAO npcs look like badly animated sacks of flour. 

“i’m growing real tired of pretending i’m not in love with you.”

A.R. {can you see me?}




dan howell’s profile: good content


make me choose: haechan in cherry bomb era or we young era (for @dovounq )