me i funk

you remind me of uranus
(stay with me)
because the seventh planet from the sun symbolizes change
it represents freedom
it means “i evolve”
and darling,
you have gone through so much change
you are not the person you were when i first met you
but the person you are now
this is who you truly are
the real you
i feel like now
you are free
and like the planets who never stop turning
i hope you never stop evolving as well.
—  ♅ // @ghostheroes
(cc, 2017)

wtf. i’m so done w y'all. 

tagging ya shit as “jungkook angst” when it’s a pic of jin wearing bunny ears,
tagging ya shit as “got7 au” when it’s a leather pants collage u made of exo,
tagging ya shit as “chanyeol fluff” when it’s a video of yugy humping the floor,
tagging ya shit as “svt fic” when it’s ur lame joke u tryna promote………



i 👏🏼
searched 👏🏼
angst 👏🏼
bc 👏🏼
i 👏🏼
wanna 👏🏼
cry 👏🏼
painful, 👏🏼
frustrated 👏🏼
tears!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼




just tag it for what it is!!!!
not that hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On this day in music history: April 5, 1968 - James Brown performs at the Boston Garden in Boston, MA. The concert takes place the day after Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination. The city of Boston, along with many other major cities across the US sees major rioting as people express their anger and grief at the loss of the civil rights leader. At the behest of Boston’s mayor Kevin White, Brown makes a televised plea for the rioting to stop. His concert is broadcast live on local PBS television station WGBH in Boston, and is immediately rebroadcast after the live telecast. People are moved to stop rioting to stay home and watch the concert. The original concert “Live at the Boston Garden: April 5, 1968” is released on DVD in August of 2008. The landmark show is also commemorated in a documentary produced by PBS and VH1 titled “The Night James Brown Saved Boston”.

I went to a local historical society today for a town over from mine and honestly I loved it and the best part was when the guide was telling us abt this woman doctor who lived in her big mansion with another woman who I believed owned a buisness and she’s like “how great is that! two successful buisness women living together and doing their thing” and full offense they were probably lesbians


For a project im doing im personifying my favorite albums. Starting off with ‘From Under the Cork Tree’ by fall out boy. What I get from this album is its punk, rugged, raw and sad. Ill be doing other albums and honestly im super excited