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The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.

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seventh year sirius black, fluffy, graduating 30. “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?” 65. “Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing!”

“So of course, we’d take this passageway…”

Y/N and Sirius inch closer, hidden under James’ invisibility cloak. Remus and Peter continue talking quietly, unaware that they are being watched. “The Forbidden Forest is probably the perfect place to set it up.” Y/N furrows her brow at those words, stealing a glance at her companion, who looks equally confused.

“Do you think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?” Sirius whispers. Y/N’s eyes widen when Remus stares at the location where they stand, invisible, and shushes Sirius wildly.

“I’m confused, Moony, what about this passageway?” Thankfully, Peter’s rather stupid question diverts Remus’ attention. As he sighs and turns back to the papers on the table, Y/N nudges Sirius and motions for him to turn around.

The two hightail it back to boys’ dorm room, thankfully empty, and take James’ cloak off with a sigh. “Well, we’ll definitely do better than that,” Sirius says.

Y/N glares at him, snatching the Marauders’ Map off the table and staring at it intently. “Don’t take this lightly, Black. this is the biggest prank war of our Hogwarts careers. If you mess this up for me, I swear to god -”

“Love, calm down.” Sirius jumps off the bed he’s been lounging on and picks his way towards Y/N between the piles of dirty clothes on the floor. “Would you feel better if we started setting up right now?”

Y/N glances at the map again and notes that Remus and Peter are still in the library and Lily and James are by the lake. Their previously scouted location is completely free of students and faculty alike. “Alright, let’s go.”

Walking around the castle at night is a strangely freeing feeling, one that Y/N is all too familiar with. Turning towards Sirius with a grin, she doesn’t bother checking the map. “Do you suppose we should -”

The sound of loud footsteps makes Sirius place a hand over her mouth, quick as a cat. “In here, fast!” They make a beeline towards the open doorway of the broom cupboard on their right, not caring about the tight fit.

As the footsteps become heavier and louder, Y/N’s breathing becomes shallower. “They’re going to see us, Sirius, the doorway is open, this is the worst hiding place, I -”

“Calm down Y/L/N!” Sirius takes a deep breath, squeezing his eyes shut. “Just pretend that we’re sneaking off to snog, okay?”

Those words, if nothing else, at least shut Y/N up. Her eyes, blown up to the size of saucers, bounce around Sirius’ face looking for any trace of a joke - but she can only find sincerity. “W-what?”

Sirius blushes slightly and avoids Y/N’s gaze. “Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing!” Reaching out, he snatches her hand away from where it was hanging limply at her side, and glances out the door again. “Whoever’s out there is right here, love, I -”

“Kiss me.”

Sirius snaps his gaze to Y/N’s at the sound of her breathless voice. “What about the prank?”

Y/N rolls her eyes, making Sirius smirk and take a step closer. “Just kiss me, Bla -”

She never does get to finish her sentence.

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someone definitely should 👀👀👀👀

HERE HAVE IT @pure-magnus

The beat felt heavy in the air, resonating through every corner of the room. It brought a certain energy to the place, a constant humming underneath the skin of every guest who dared to enter. Under low light, the chatter fell to murmurs, the night so far ahead that the drinks had already slowed minds and words.

Unfortunately, the man next to him had not received that particular memo, and Magnus amused himself by listening to his futile attempts at flirting. This morning, he had not anticipated to find himself at a bar in San Francisco, but after the words he had exchanged with Alec earlier that day, the plans they had made, it felt like the perfect place. Good music, good drinks, and most importantly, mundane enough that their presence remained undetected. Interrupting his musings, the man leaned further into him, and Magnus glanced at the door, the energy entering unmistakably familiar to him.

Taking a moment to look around the crowded room, Alec’s eyes found his as he slowly began to make his way towards the other side of the bar, the air electrifying. A coy smile played at Magnus’ lips, before he turned back to the bartender, asking for another drink, Alec’s gaze still heavy on his back.

A few minutes later, the man next to him was silenced by a tall glass being placed in front of him.

“Excuse me,” Magnus said, leaning forward to hear the bartender over the booming bass, “this is not what I ordered.”

“A gift from the gentleman at the other side of the bar, sir.”

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So i had this idea of Draco with a twin they look the same except his twin has blue eyes and freckles and he looks super cute and all but he's really bold and brash and like banters with harry and then asks him out. Draco gets jealous and shows him who's boss. He kisses Harry in front of everyone in the great hall and Harry just smirks bc he likes that the hottest twins are fighting for his attention.

Hmm… interesting headcanon! I can perfectly imagine how jealous Draco would feel when his twin show some interest in his soon to become boyfriend.

Yep, wouldn’t mine reading some fic like this. ;)