me getting up in the morning

It's only fair, right?

I work at a logistics company and my job is to find drivers to take freight from A to B. I work with the same trucking companies a lot, but sometimes I get one-off drivers. This is one of those.

A truck driver calls me asking about a load for the next morning coming out of Laredo TX going to Portland OR.

TD: What is rate?

Me: We can pay $3,500 on it

TD: How about $4,000?

Me: Sorry, customer is strict about the rate on this one. Has to be 35.

TD: Oh man, I need this. I need to get home to see my son and my wife is sick.

Me: Then we need 35 on it. Customer will not go higher.

The guy ends up taking it. If you think I’m being too hard on him, keep in mind there really isn’t a whole lot heading from TX>OR at any given time, so I could try to get him his rate but I’d risk losing the load to another driver. If he really needs to get back, why does he want to go back and forth negotiating on price and risk it?

The answer is because he’s full of shit.

The next morning I get a call from the customer saying that the facility that’s receiving the freight has been changed. It’s still going to be in Portland, just in a different place. Something like a 20-30 mile difference, tops. Should be a complete non-issue, considering the driver has just started a 2,200 mile journey, so it’s a drop in the bucket.

I call him back.

Me: Hey, just a heads up, receiver called to say that it’s going to deliver at a different address. It’s XXXX, Portland, OR

TD: Oh well, you can send me rate confirmation with little bit more money.

Me: … What do you mean?

TD: Agreement has changed, need to renegotiate.

Me: … seriously? It’s like a 20-30 miles difference from the original one.

TD: 20-30 miles is kind of long way to go.

Me: (humoring him) Okay what do you think you need for the new rate?

TD: Ehhh, $4,000 should do it.


Me: Are you serious?

TD: It’s only fair.

I put the driver on hold just to spite him for trying to handle me like that, and I start working on something else. Out of curiosity, I check the address for the original delivery facility compared to the new one. Turns out the new receiver is actually 25 miles closer to the shipper in Laredo. New travel distance is 2,175 miles. I pick his line back up.

Me: Hey we will change up the rate after all.

TD: (very excited) Okay, send to me the confirmation.

Me: Okay, we ran the miles and the new receiver is actually 25 miles closer to Laredo, so we’re going to need to reduce the rate to $3,000.

TD: Wha… what are you talking about??

Me: Well, we’re cutting 25 miles off the trip and it’s kind of a lot of miles to cut. It’s only fair, right?

TD: Ahhh, ah hah hah hah… ahhhh so, ah that's… yeah, so $3,500 still good?

Me: Of course it’s still good. I’m not going to change the rate by $500 because of a 25 miles difference. I’m not an asshole.


My peahen Chelsea was walking around with this wolf spider on her head for quite a while like it was some damn weird accessory or something??? How did it get on her head? Why did it get on her head? I have so many questions…

She got it off eventually and I believe she ate it, though I can’t confirm that 100%.

Today I lost my first betta. About a month ago there was an accident where he ended up getting attacked by another betta. He had been on the upside until recently. He was looking worse and worse but I simply couldn’t bring myself to euthanize him. I decided I wouldn’t go through with it unless he stopped eating. He ate this morning but when I walked into my room awhile ago he was gone…

I can only hope it was fast and peaceful. Owning him was a humbling experience. He was the only betta that “spoke” to me from his shelf. We had a special connection and he taught me so much about how amazing bettas were. Lol he dragged me into the world of bettas and thanks to him I came very far from where I started. He’s been through a lot and I’m comforted with the knowledge that he’s finally earned the peaceful rest he’s deserved.

Bradley we’ve has a crazy ride together and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. You were my first betta and will always hold a special place in my heart. I love you and miss you my old friend.

The Peculiar Children as Things That I Said Last Night

Background information: I went to a place out of town Monday morning to look for homes near my university. I had to leave really early (like 4 in the morning) and I didn’t get home until 11 at night. Then, I had to wake up at 9 am to go to work, and I was just exhausted. It resulting in me saying some pretty strange stuff.

Enoch: death sounds good right about now… 

Jacob: fuck adulting, I can live my life off of mac n cheese 

Emma: I’m pretty sure there weren’t any drugs in there. 

Olive: if someone offers you chicken, you take it! 

Millard: it’s scientifically proven that you’re an idiot. 

Horace:  if I die doing this, tell people that my last words were “fuck y'all" 

Claire: what do you mean you won’t wish your fish a happy birthday? 

Bronwyn: can you make sure that I didn’t fuck up my life? I think I did and it’s not even noon.

i cant get rid of this thought of bruno and abbacchio waking up together in their comfortable big bed in their cosy nice home and its a peaceful morning with golden light streaming from the window and thEY ARE OKAY AND THEY ARE HAPPY AND THEY GO TO MAKe BREAKFAST in their nice kitchen and everything is quiet and peaceful

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Supercorp 27 Bonus points if it's Lena that's pregnant

 A few other people sent me this number so I made it longer :)

27. “I’m pregnant.” 

Lena woke up with Kara wrapped around her, blinking back the Sunday morning light she suddenly knew something was wrong. Scrambling to get out of Kara’s arms waking the girl up in the process, Lena made a mad dash to the bathroom. Kara was confused at the sudden movement and almost found herself going back to sleep if it wasn’t for the sudden sound of her girlfriend being sick. Kara was up in a flash knocking on the bathroom door, waiting for a response which came in the form of a grumble before entering.

Kara wordlessly approached Lena and with the spare hair tie on her wrist tied Lena’s hair up in a bun and waited for her stomach to settle. A few minutes later Lena leaned back into Kara as they both sat on the floor.

“Are you alright?” Kara asked quietly.

“Yeah.” Lena nodded her head. “I feel better now.” She added, slowly getting up to flush the toilet.

“What brought that on?” Kara asked passing Lena a glass of water. 

Lena took the glass and rinsed her mouth. “Must have been the Chinese from last night.”

“That’s weird I feel fine.” Kara frowned slightly.

“Darling, you have a stomach of steel. Not all of us are that fortunate.” Lena chuckled slightly, trying to ignore a sudden impossible thought that popped into her head.

“True.” Kara smiled almost sheepishly, pressing a kiss to Lena’s cheek as she picked up her toothbrush. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

Lena hummed with a small smile whilst brushing her teeth. 

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“you woke me up in the dead of night to PUN AT ME I’M GOING TO COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE”
“haha u mean like… a PUNch 2 PUNish me”
“srsly tho u should make biscuits i want like ten rn and ur biscuits=best”

  • Me: The house is haunted.
  • Family: * laughs * you're just paranoid.
  • Me: * wakes up in the morning to a shaking bed *
  • Me: * hears a woman's scream on Christmas Eve 2 years in a row *
  • Me: * sits in living room and hears "go somewhere else" *
  • Me: * walks past my stairs twice and heard, "help me, Gabby." *
  • Me: * hears knocks on my brothers door, then my sisters door then my door at 3 am *
  • Me: * hears "watch out!!" while I'm getting ready for school *
  • Me: * When I'm the only one in the house I wake up to the call of my name *
  • Me: * Sees the charm on the closet door move on its own *
  • Me: Yeah... I'm paranoid.

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post 5 things you like about yourself and send this to 10 of your favorite followers :-)

Luna, you are a sweetie! @fiery-feyre also send me this so I’ll just answer this in one ask :)

  1. I was a cheerleader in high school.
  2. I never get tired of watching The Blind Side.
  3. I love the ocean.
  4. I could eat pizza until I throw up.
  5. I wake up 6:30 every morning to walk my dog.
  • Warwick: You stay positive. You always believe that everything is going to work out. How do you do it?
  • Henry VI: Well, I'll tell you my secret sir!
  • Henry VI *whispering*: I lie to myself. Every morning when I wake up, I say, "everything's going to be okay," but I'm lying. And I don't know how much longer I can do it.
  • Henry VI: [sharp inhale]
  • Henry VI: Have a swell night sir! :)

For @mythicalmeetup !

Hi! Most of you know me, but for those who don’t, my name is Kinley! (ken-lee. you would be surprised how many people say it wrong haha) I live in America! I’m heteroflexible and demisexual! I have interest in few things… Art being the main one. I’m actually working on that being my career! (pray for me) I’m not the greatest but I hope to get better with every day that passes.

I found Rhett and Link a little over a year ago through my little brother that asked me to watch some youtubers with him. I wasn’t really paying any attention until I heard that they were putting chili in a popsicle and tasting it?? I looked up and almost immediately fell in love with them and Good Mythical Morning. After binge watching for a few day, I decided to subscribe and check out the fandom. (as i do with most of my interest.) And found this absolutely lovely community full of beautiful people. I started a blog and the rest is history! I have been in several fandoms but none have ever pushed me to do things i love like this one. (I make gifs now, write fanfic, make edits, amongst other things i’ve never been able to do.) Ya’ll taught me how to express myself!

I sometimes find myself not really liking my life outside of youtube and tumblr. When I feel that way, i run away to this community and they always welcome me with open arms. I love Rhett and Link and all of you so SO much!!! And i feel very loved by many of you every day! Thank you for that! ❤️

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You ever written any fics?? I read your tags on a sterek post and it was like reading a fully planned, plotted fic. If you've written a full fanfic I'd love to read it 😊😊 ((Also your blog helps me get up in the morning, keep shipping you're an amazing human 🌈🌈))

that’s so nice and cute to hear! bless you, treasure. thank you, i do love my long rambly tags about sterek. and, i do write fic! it’s here on tumblr, and here on ao3, i hope you enjoy!


Not only did I wake up this morning to Daisy having learned to jump up on our bed, but I was also treated to the delightful [/s] sight and smell of her diarrhea poop on the dining room floor.

I now have a supposedly-housebroken puppy barking away furiously in her crate, a dining room that’s poop-free but smells of shit, and the urge to scrub myself down with some very hot water.

Any experienced dog owners have any suggestions on how to get dog poop smell out of a room without windows?

We took our last morning walk at this apartment! Now it’s the awkward stage of using up the very last half-banana, throwing away 100% of the trash and doing 100% of the dishes and laundry, and stumbling around in my piles of things. I fly tomorrow. I move the day after I get back. There’s way too much to do and pack and think about, so I’m going to write  here instead and pretend it doesn’t exist. 

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sooo this morning i woke up in an awful, grumpy mood then tried to shake it off w/ coffee, a bowl and fun music. It worked v well too!! until i got to work to find my boss in the same mood. now its spreading to me again and i’m so fucking frustrated. i need to get the hell away from him and this negativity but i’m stuck here for 2 more hours until i go to lunch! 🙌

This morning I woke up and had to slide my phone under a cubicle door to get someone else to order me an uber and realised that this might be the lowest point my life’s ever been at. So hi, I’m Matty, and I think it’s safe to say I’m a grade-a mess.

In My Life - Part 12

Dr. Lennon

I woke up on Paul’s stiff couch with a sore back and freezing cold feet. It didn’t take much to wake me up, the lad didn’t even have drapes over his windows so the sun came beaming in to wake me. I stood up and stretched, yawning like mad. Thankfully, I hadn’t drank nearly as much as poor McCartney so I wasn’t hungover as I expected him to be that morning. I walked into his dimly lit kitchen and turned on his coffee maker, and opened his fridge. Did he ever eat? There was a carton of eggs, a bottle of what looked like expired milk, and three apples. I decided I would try to make him some scrambled eggs. When I was in med school, when we would all go out and get too knackered, eggs were always my savior in the morning. As I fried them up and made some coffee, I heard some grunting and groaning coming close. I spun around and put some eggs on a plate quickly so they’d be ready for him. I set it down on his tiny kitchen table and quickly poured him a cup of coffee. I was moving too quickly, because I definitely splashed myself with hot coffee.

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