me getting up in the morning

i don’t usually blog about my actual life, mostly it’s just snippets you can see on twitter and even those i tend to delete after a few days because sharing things about my life always feels embarrassing so i can’t guarantee that i won’t delete this once i get up in the morning but right now i’m having a feeling so please bear with me for a moment

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So today during lecture one of my students walked up to me looking distressed, so I asked him if he was okay and he said

“call 911. I’m having a heart attack.”

So my morning was very scary.

It seemed like it took them forever to get here and I kept forgetting how words worked and what the names of all the buildings. My students were *dolls* and pulled together beautifully to take care of all the little details. They also helped me remember how words worked while I was on the phone with 911. One of my students in particular had a husband with heart problems, and knew the symptoms and things to check for and what to do in the short term.

Good news, the paramedics said his heart and vitals were good and got him breathing better again. Bad news, they weren’t sure what the cause was. (Maybe an anxiety attack?). He went to the hospital for blood work and I called his mom. (He was so confused he gave me his own phone number originally.)

Also at one point I actually came close to blacking out, which was weird, and I really didn’t want to distract the paramedics so I sat down and got my head lower. Apparently it’s pretty common for bystanders to pass out during these types of things? Weird.

Anyway, like I said, it sounded like he was doing okay by the end of it, so a mostly good and promising ending to a stressful event, but wow. Just. whoa.

Every morning, the ray of the sun wakes me up. It tells me to start a new day. It gives me comfort and warmth that can make me feel better. And i always think that the sun never get tired of shining to give us light and that gives me motivation to keep moving. Sometimes i feel hollow inside that i don’t want to open my eyes and just sleep for the rest of my life. But God never fails to wake me every single day to remind me how blessed i am to wake up every morning to continue and accomplish all the things i need to do and be better than yesterday. We are all lucky to be given the chance to see the sun and to spend another day.

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Can we talk about cuddly (mildly clingy) Harry? Maybe it's late at night and you're working and he just wants snuggles since you've both been so busy. Or you've both had a few glasses of wine and he just needs to have you close. Or maybe it's early morning and you're trying to get up but he's not done using you as his human pillow (and you're somehow softer while wearing his shirt after a night in his bed).

I do not even know which route to take here… but clingy Harry fucks me all the way up.

You’re watching tv but he’s smirking. He can’t stop kissing your neck, muttering “baaaaaby” over and over and punctuating each one with a kiss.

“Harry I have to finish this text…”

“But baby…” Kissing your ear. “Want a snuggle. Miss you.”

“I’m right here.”

“Still miss you.” Nibbling at your neck and wrapping his arms around your middle. “M'cold. Need you.”

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MC x Kaitlyn please. 😁

Hold Me

Who is a night owl:

She tried waiting up for Kaitlyn again. Band practice has been extending till the wee hours of the morning. But there’s only so much waiting she can do. She falls asleep on the couch, book falling from her hand. When Kaitlyn comes home, she kisses her girlfriend awake, guiding her to the bedroom.  

Who is a morning person:

No matter how many times she lures her with French toast and bacon, Kaitlyn stays hidden under the covers. The only way she can lure Kaitlyn out of bed is to get in bed. She starts kissing Kaitlyn’s ankles, moving up her calves, the back of her knees, her inner thighs… There’s no other way Kaitlyn likes waking up to on early mornings.

Are they cuddlers:

Yes, most especially after a wild round of sex.

Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon:

They take turns, depending on who needs the hugs more. On nights when she is more stressed out, she seeks to be little spoon to Kaitlyn’s big spoon. Kaitlyn becomes small spoon when she needs extra warmth, most especially during bad calls with her parents, or over ests barely making the passing mark.

What is their favourite sleeping position:

She likes falling asleep by the crook of Kaitlyn’s neck, skin to skin, flesh to flesh, nothing in between them.

Who steals all the blankets:

There’s enough blanket for the two of them and so hogging the covers was never a problem.  

What they wear to bed:

It depends on what the intentions for the night were. Kaitlyn knows how best to make the most of the night. She slips on a purple camisole that left little to the imagination. But two can play that game. She’s often ready with her red lace bra and thong, ready to play the night’s games with her sexy, beautiful girlfriend.

Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt:

While they wear the same size clothes, they hardly wear each other’s shirts or dresses.

Who falls asleep mid-conversation:

Kaitlyn falls asleep mid-song. And so she tucks Kaitlyn under the covers, then drifts off to sleep right after.

Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares:

Visions of not getting to finish Vasquez’s book scare her. She wakes up crying, praying it’s all a big mistake, her sobs awakening Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn reaches out to her. It is only under Kaitlyn’s soothing touch that she begins to calm down.

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep:

This has happened to neither of them.

Who can’t keep their hands to themselves:

Kaitlyn, for sure, especially with all the lost time she has yet to make up for. Her hands will do the first exploring, followed by her tongue, her mouth, her eyes fixed on you, watching you turn to putty in her hands.


Goodbye Girlfriend!
23 March 2017

My upper arms are hams! 😂 I love these happy sweaty photos by my buddy and Thai-X-Fit instructor Claire. Our awesome girlfriend Kaz is Sydney-bound for work and all of her morning workout cronies are going to miss her bigtime. (It will be now up to me to carry on the class moan, groan, grunt and loud self-talk vocals solo.) 💪😁👊

Mitzy our mini-schnauzer getting her selfie-face on. Post-prandial relaxation on The Girl’s knee. She actually did take one photo but, well, pratice is required. 😂🐶😂 (Rose gold iPhone in your dreams Mitto!) 🐶📷🐶

great comet songs with alternate titles
  • prologue: guys,👏 andrey 👏 Isn't Here™👏
  • pierre: the most relatable character is introduced
  • the private and intimate life of the house: bolkonsky is an Asshole™
  • natasha & bolkonskys: is this wicked?
  • no one else: BOY YA GOT ME HELPLESS
  • the opera: shit's about to go down
  • natasha & anatole: hey this hot motherfucker is anatole, hes about to fuck shit up
  • natasha lost: natasha is Frightened™
  • dust and ashes: pierre wants to die
  • sunday morning: forgive me father for i have sinned
  • charming: hélène can't french
  • the ball: NATASHA DONT DO IT
  • letters: she did it
  • sonya & natasha: don't shoot the messenger
  • sonya alone: try not to cry
  • preparations: anatole please listen to dolokhov
  • balaga: GET HYPE™
  • the abduction: goooodbyyyyye my gypsy lovers
  • in my house: nOT TODAY SATAN
  • a call to pierre: yo pierre hmu shit went down
  • find anatole: find that motherfucker
  • pierre & anatole: next day anatole left fOR PETERSBUUUUUUURG
  • natasha very ill: tfw you poison yourself out of guilt
  • pierre & andrey: andrey finally isn't Not Here™
  • pierre & natasha: angst part 1
  • the great comet of 1812: angst part 2

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I was having a meltdown on the bathroom floor yesterday morning and my boyfriend said 'look its not exactly easy for me either, how do you think it feels to fall in love with someone and find out they're a f-ing psycho', and i cant get any positive feelings back for him, hes apologized and is trying really hard but all i cant stop thinking about it and hes being kind to make up for it but i dont want kindness from him anymore it feels uncomfortable, he is the only person i have in my life

I don’t blame you for feeling that way. He used his love against you in an insult with an awful slur that upholds stigma against you. He shouldn’t been supporting you, not insulting you. I’m not surprised that affected your feelings this much

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How would the US and SF brothers deal with it when their S/O doesn't want to get up in the morning? Like they're even hanging on to the bed posts.

This is me XD
(Sidenote, I had finished writing this ask… but then I forgot to save it ;-;)

Having Paps as a brother, Blueberry is used to laziness. That doesn’t mean he won’t try and get you to wake up! Usually he lets you sleep in until he gets back from his morning patrol, but after that is free game! Blue is pretty strong so he won’t hesitate to lift you from the bed and/or pull you away from the bed post. Good thing he then gives you up with your daily “shower of kisses” X3

You’re talking to the king of laziness here! Paps doesn’t mind letting you sleep in as long as he’s there too. But, on the occasion where he knows you have something important to do, he’ll actively try and wake you up. He starts by trying to drag you off the bed. It’s funny to him and even funnier when you hold onto the bed post. At that point, he’ll float you into his arms and chuckle at your sleepy whining~

Raspberry isn’t taking any of your shit! He has a schedule to keep up with and you are going to abide by it. Being the “giving” monster that he is, Raz lets you sleep in while he gets ready for patrol but that only takes 30 minutes max. After that, he’ll pull you out of bed…. or try to. Raspberry isn’t patient so when you hold onto the bed post, he ends up ripping the cover off and attacking any ticklish points of yours. Good luck XD

Russ might not be king, but he is part of the royal court of laziness! He sleeps in about as much as you do but when Raspberry wants you both up, he is willing to wake up. Russ doesn’t want to scare you so he tries to gently wake you up with nuzzles. When that doesn’t work, he’ll try and lift you up and out of bed… but that’s when you have a death grip on the bed post. Russ knows how to fix this though and he chuckles. He’ll float you up into the air and call for one of his blasters. Hope you like getting woken up by ecto-licks and bone nuzzles ^^

I fail to understand why it’s so hard for me to write a fucking AU. Like…I don’t get it.

On an unrelated note I’m hella cranky that I’m spending my fucking day off getting up at 530 in the fucking morning to go have a billion vials of blood stolen from me for more blood work. Last time…it was 9 tubes. 9. NINE. How about no? 

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Maybe a short blurb on shiro and keith? The morning after their marriage?

Sunlight creeps in through the blinds to rest on Shiro’s closed eyelids. He groans just slightly, rolling over to feel soft hair and a warm body next to him. He registered that it was Keith, a smile gracing his lips.

The black paladin looped his arms around his lover, now his new husband, pulling him closer. Keith made a small noise, eyes opening as he let out a breathy laugh.

“Someone is clingy.” He whispered in the silence that hung over he morning.

“Says the one holding onto me last night.” Shiro retorted light-heartedly.

“I can’t help it that your arm is really warm.” He mumbled into his chest.

The morning after their wedding was one of laziness. Shiro -who was normally up early to work out- didn’t get up until after noon. The two of them were all smiles, holding each other close. Keith sat on Shiro’s lap for lunch, sharing small talk.

Shiro had never felt better. He had thought when he was taken from Kerberos that it would be the last time that he would see Keith: he wouldn’t have anyone to love. But now he saw that Keith and him fit together so perfectly. Keith was scared of not being accepted now that he was his true form; both paladins thought they were monsters.

Only through their love for each other did they realize they were not monsters, but rather, lost souls.

i shaved my armpits this morning and my friend is going to try to hook me up with a job at sephora so essentially i’m a traitor to women now. my next move is going to get into shibari and insist to everyone that people who like it should be considered queer 


I woke up this morning, went to work, treated myself to a nice lunch and thought about what I was going to do later. I was going to post a new chapter of ‘Lockdown’ and my friends would come over. All in all I thought it was going to be a good day. 

Then the terror attack in Westminster happened. I was listening to the radio when a news bulletin was announced about sounds of gun fire near parliament. I checked BBC news and saw reports of a stabbing of a police officer and it all sunk in. 

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Long due post.
Bragging about this one. So a couple weeks ago was my birthday and I wasn’t looking forward towards it at all. Addison kept saying it’s going to be the best day and was full of encouragement. I had some family stuff go on and just made my little to no excitement for my birthday just decrease.
So the morning of my birthday, he wanted to get breakfast super early at our favorite coffee shop. He picks me up, and I had this small feeling oh he’d surprise me with something. We get there, and no cars I recognized were parked there so I was like okay just a cute coffee date. So I walk in and standing in the back were all my best friends. I cried and couldn’t believe he got everyone together. I’ve never felt more loved. He’s the greatest man and I’m so honored to be with him.

The power of a good nights sleep is incredible.
I felt so poorly last night, Matt came over & we watched Arrival, though I slept through most & he was a trooper as always & looked after me, expected to feel awful today & was already fretting how to call in sick for worse, is it just me that is terrified of making that call?!

Anyway I had a good sleep & woke up feeling so much better! Still have a ‘kind of’ cold, but it was the headache I couldn’t bare!
I’ve had so much to get on with this morning but I really enjoy having a lot to do!
Looking forward to dinner with Matt after work.

Dad’s feeling better today; started off with a rough morning but got progressively better. I think a long phone call from a friend and me firing up the laptop and watching Planet Earth II with him helped. It’s looking like a pacemaker might not be necessary for him. Now he just needs to get his appetite back.

Currently making baked chicken and green beans because my mother is going to have a decent lunch at the hospital tomorrow, dammit.


Pocket-Anon’s Vancouver Adventure: Day 2

Day 2 started with a change of plans as the scenic helicopter tour we’d booked Tuesday was rescheduled due to weather.  Fingers crossed the skies are clearer tomorrow.  So instead, my very patient husband spent the afternoon driving me around Vancouver so I could see a number of filming locations, including (of course) Steveston itself.  We didn’t get to see everything; we totally forgot to stop by It’s Posh (ie, Gold’s Pawn Shop - DOH!), but we got to see a LOT, and we’re worn out!  Photos of any houses that are actually private residences were taken on drive-by to try to avoid disturbing the residents (but were awesome to get to see even if we didn’t stop!).

1. Morning view of the bay from the hotel room balcony.  Woke up with the seagulls.  2. Hearty brunch.  3. Vancouver skyline.  4. Burnaby Art Gallery (Sisters of Saint Melissa - Fairie’s Convent)  5. Deer Lake  6. The Swan-Jones Family house  7. Regina’s house  8. Gold’s house  9. Britannia Shipyards (filming location for the Jolly Roger/Lady Washington)  10. The Three Bears’ Day Spa  11. Storybrooke Country Bread  12. The patio of the Cannery Cafe (Granny’s patio)  13. The Cannery Cafe (Granny’s) - closed today to fix the grill  14. The door to Archie Hopper’s office  15. Nikka Fishing & Marine (Storybrooke Public Library)  16. Steveston Museum & Visitor’s Center  17. Moncton Street (Main Street, Storybrooke)  18. Gulf of Georgia Cannery (Storybrooke Cannery Co.)  19. Cecil Green Park House (Sorcerer’s House)  20. Rogers Arena (on the way back to the hotel)

Registration for the con tomorrow and the arrival of more friends!  Yay!