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Farewell message ❤

That’s right, you saw it correctly friends ;3; Everyone comes to that point where they have to move forward from something, and for me this blog is that thing. I’m sure many of you have noticed I’ve been blogging less SNS lately, and not writing anything either. 

Don’t get me wrong–this isn’t because I don’t love them anymore! That will never, ever be true. It’s just, shipping them on tumblr doesn’t feel as good as it used to. Of course, the fandom has changed a lot since 3 years, and I’ve changed too. 

At this point, I feel that I want to celebrate my love for Naruto and Sasuke through writing stories for them, and sharing those stories with others. Although I can do this on tumblr too, it doesn’t feel right anymore. I admit I’m sick of all the negativity going around, and I guess I just want a healthier environment. Shipping is meant to be fun, and I’ve lost some of that fun lately on tumblr. 

So, I’m saying goodbye to tumblr. It took me a long time to reach this decision, but this feels right to me. I’ll forever love and be grateful for what tumblr has given me. My time being on my blog has given me some of the happiest moments in my life. I’ve met so many amazing people here, and people who will have become close friends of mine through this website. Finding a place to share my obsessive love for these dorks has meant the world to me, and I’ll never forget all the happy moments we’ve had together as a fandom ❤

So many good things happened to me being here on tumblr, but a lot of bad things happened here as well. I don’t regret anything, because every bad experience was a lesson learned and that’s important. However, it’s time for me to take the next step and start realising my goals.

I’m still going to read fanfics of them, and I’m still going to continue and keep up with writing my own SNS fanfics ^__^ You can keep track of them on my AO3 account, here. So you see my love for them hasn’t died at all xD I’m just moving on from shipping them on tumblr.

There are some very special people I need to thank before I go, though. They are all very precious to me and made my time on tumblr worth it :)

@bahare-uzuchiha - My longest tumblr friend ;////; and my beautiful, sweet sis who I love very much ❤ ❤ ❤ There is so much I can say about you and me, but then I’ll make this even longer than it is xD I’m sure you already know anyway, but let me say some things. You have so many times been the one person I can count on, to be honest and fair and thoughtful. We have helped each other be better people, I’m sure of it, and you’ll honestly never know how grateful I am to you *hugs tight* I’m so glad I met you Bahare, I really am.

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@blurryfaceimagines - Probably my second longest tumblr friend XD Nawal my bae, it’s sure been one heck of a journey ^____^ We have been through a lot together and as individuals, but I think that’s what makes my friendship with you so real ;U; You’re not someone who will fade into the crowd for me, I have your back through thick and thin and I wish more than anything that one day we can meet and just hang out together without any worries  ❤ ❤ ❤ Love you forever and ever!

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@sesilet-nymphet - You’re only a new friend to me sweetie but it feels so comfortable talking with you ^__^ It feels so easy to be close with you, and I love our conversations about anything and everything XD I only hope we can become even better friends than now, which I think will be easy because you’re so awesome!  ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you for all the drawings you’ve done, it’s so amazing what you can do so never stop :) Thank you for everything, Sasha.

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@kiwicakecris - Senpai is so proud of you and happy to have met you, dear  ❤ ❤ ❤ I’ve truly made a special friend out of you, even if we don’t talk all the time I know we are there for each other, for anything *hugs*  Thank you so much for your kind, sincere words and your brilliant shining personality that makes it easy for me to smile even when I think it’s hard :) Love you!

@vo-dcc - my precious, smol and wonderful bean *glomps and hugs tightly* Ahh, I remember when I first met you, and we rp-ed together as Naruto and Sasuke ^___^ You were so easy to talk to, I felt like we were good friends straight away! ❤ The way you always accept me and understand me…it’s something I hold very dear to me. We may not talk all the time, but you’re someone I can count on :) Let’s stay in touch, I love you my smol Sas bean *squishes cheeks*

And people that deserve an honourable mention, for lifting me up whenever I felt down and just cheering me up :3

@cantgetoversns -  a big ray of sunshine that lit up this fandom when it was feeling low ^w^ I still can’t believe you wrote a (wonderful and totally amazing) fic for me, I seriously am blessed to have known you sweetie pie *hugs tight* Thank you so much for everything, and please don’t ever lose your brightness, you are incredible ❤

@pathrdn​ - one of my favourite mutuals ever. Even though we didn’t talk much, you always supported me and that really meant a lot. Thank you so much sweetheart ❤

@yaoi-sasuke - such a good person, a very good quality person right here people!!! All your stories have made me laugh, cry and just feel something when I feel numb ;_; I truly wish you happiness in life, you are someone who I will never forget ❤

@offansandflames - you really inspire me, truly. I’m sure you’ve seen me on your blog multiple times, as I do like to check up on how you’re going with things. I know your personal life is your own and I have no right being so interested in it, but learning your story and everything you’ve gone through and overcome floors me. The fact you managed to find your ‘Naruto’ makes me have hope, and things will always get better. Although we’ve never truly spoken, I just wanted you to know before I leave that I admire you, thank you ❤

I’m going to deactivate my blog on Friday (Australian timezone), so if anyone wants to save any of my fic recs or ask me anything you have time to do so. However I will NOT be doing any more fanfic requests before I deactivate, so please don’t ask me for any. 

Thank you all so much. Never forget to live the life you want to, and never apologise for who you are to anyone. You are you, and that’s all you need :)

Safe travels, friends~

Am I the only one finding it funny ?

There are a lot of reasons why I love Tumblr. Like its content, its people, and blah blah blah. But there is ONE thing I love above all : the peoples’ URLs. Like you can be searching through a random stuff like cookies and then you have a people called “Satan’s ass” or “I ride Voldemort”. I find it very interesting. And disturbing. “Satan’s ass reblogued your photo.”

  • me: i'll just watch the 1st episode and if i like it i can watch it over the break
  • *2 days later*
  • me: *has finished all the seasons, watched all the fan edits, read all the fanfics, made a fanpage, filled up camera roll with screen shots, constantly ranting about the show, knows every character's mother's maiden name*
Me reading a fanfic
  • The couple: does something kind of cute
  • Me, gasping for breath, on the verge of tears, 12 dead, 15 wounded, sirens in the streets. The house is burning. My phone, shattered. : I would die for you