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anyway wow! what a beautiful day for isak and even to be in love! what a wonderful day for jonas noah vasquez to be third wheeling at mcdonalds! and what a fantastic day for sana to be good enough friends with all of them to be invited along without hesitation! a marvelous day! just amazing!

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🐰🐐: headcanons of dorky kaneki slowly falling in love with touka

okay, i think i’ve talked about this before. I basically said that Kaneki’s behavior towards Touka was definitely going to change from now on, and that maybe he would start seeing her with different eyes, appreciating her in different ways and starting to consider his options.. after a love confession, you usually start to see things differently. So these are a few headcanons that i have in mind of Kaneki basically starting to feel a little butterfly fluttering inside his tummy thanks to Touka-chan.

  • karaoke time. Yes, again. Nishiki is bored and wants some party time *insert Furuta’s party mask* and of course, he needs to drag his friends with him. So Tsukiyama, Touka, Kaneki, Hinami and Ayato decide to join him. They’re all singing and showing their talents. Nishiki brings blood wine with him and Touka gets a little dizzy. It’s her turn to sing, a very hardcore rock-pop song & not feminine at all, but she looks badass as fuck so she sings and shakes her head and nobody is really paying attention to her? 😂  everyone is discussing goat stuff except for Tsukiyama, who looks at Touka and says “you’re doing it wrong, that’s not how you’re supposed to sing it” so he walks towards her trying to teach her, Touka complains and both fight for the mic, and while Nishiki and the others are talking about goat, Kaneki is not taking part in the conversation. He’s looking at Touka with dorky eyes like… not very sure of why he’s looking at her like that, she’s just yelling at Tsukiyama and having fun, but he’s just staring at her like an idiot. Then Tsukiyama gets angry and he looks at Kaneki like “Kaneki-kun! tell her something!! she won’t let me sing!” and Kaneki is like… “u-uhh.. she’s just, uhm… drunk, let her sing a bit more” and Touka is like heya and keeps singing and that’s the perfect excuse for Kaneki to keep looking at her in silence.

  • she falls asleep against the counter and it’s actually a pretty chilly day. Kaneki arrives at :re for whatever reason and he finds her resting her head on her arms on the counter and she’s snorting a bit, Kaneki is not sure if he should wake her up or let her sleep there, so after thinking about it for almost ten minutes lol, he takes off his jacket and places it on her back to keep her warm and leaves the shop. When Touka wakes up, she finds his jacket on her and his smell is like all over the place and Touka is like ;-; omg… did he…? 

  • hands touching accidentally. Whenever Touka makes him a coffee and hands him the mug (or Kaneki gives back the empty mug) their fingers briefly touch and Kaneki feels like his chest is a mess everytime it happens. Touka doesn’t seem to notice, she keeps acting like nothing happened, but Kaneki’s eyes quickly travel to the place in where she touched him, or stares at her like ……. why do i feel this way?

  • every time he has to go somewhere, or do something and needs someone’s help, he asks Touka-chan. His heart is completely embarrassed about it but he tries to keep it cool on the outside. “Okay, i’ll go… Touka-chan, you come too?” or “good, Nishiki let’s go… -deep silence- ……… you too, Touka-chan” and Touka just follows him with a nod, not trying to look extremely excited (because she is).

  • THE BOOK TRICK. His inner Haise comes back to life again when, without noticing, he keeps doing what he did before. Read a book, or some papers from the organization, and peering at Touka while she’s not looking. Especially when she’s being sweet to Hinami or grumpy with the garden kids because they’re criticizing her food, Kaneki smiles a bit and Touka turns around and when she sees him, Kaneki quickly lowers his gaze to his lecture, blushing and pretending that it didn’t happen, but Touka knows. She smiles too. 
Freaking out

Tomorrow, both fall out boy and imagine dragons are coming with something new. Fall out boy is very vague, but imagine dragons is either a single or an album.
And, both 30 seconds to mars and bring me the horizon are recording a new album.
And, of course, Dan and Phil are moving
I am actually crying and freaking out, this is so amazing, I can’t even.

Words: 1383

Trigger warnings(?) : Mental health problems, brain injury (speech impediments, deteriorating mobility - not anxiety/depression)

It was all too good to be true. Stan knew it was far too optimistic to believe that his brother would have no lasting effects of the electrical torture Bill put him through. For the first few days after Weirdmageddon, as Stan was recovering his memories, Ford had seemed fine. Sure, he seemed to keep passing out at random moments and forgetting things nearly as much as Stan himself, but Stan chalked the sleep down to exhaustion. He doubted that Ford had had a moment’s rest while in Bill’s clutches. He didn’t think much of it when Ford fell asleep face-down into his lunch one day.

It was only after a week that things started getting scary. The twins had gone home and hadn’t picked up on Ford’s strange behaviour. Stan had, though. Before Weirdmageddon, Ford always walked with a slight spring in his step, always confident, a man on a mission. Now, Ford walked almost bow-legged. He barely bent his knees and his legs were too far apart. He seemed to stumble and trip a lot, too. Stan had been startled one evening to find Ford lying face-down on the carpet, struggling to get back up. He didn’t seem to be able to hold a pen without dropping it, either.

It wasn’t just his walk or his movements that were weird. Ford always talked very articulately, enunciating his words quickly and precisely, as if he had swallowed a dictionary. Now, he stuttered and stumbled over his words, struggling to speak. His eyes were always unfocused and Stan was downright worried when he noticed them darting back and forth across the room at a dizzyingly fast pace. Ford didn’t seem to be able to say a simple sentence without struggling to speak, as if he were a young child learning to read for the first time.

It was when these symptoms started showing up that Stan really got concerned. He knew there was something wrong with his brother, but he had no idea what. Well, he knew what was wrong with him, he just didn’t know why. As the days passed, Ford’s symptoms only grew worse and worse until he was barely able to say his own name without pausing and thinking, before slowly letting the word roll off his tongue.

Stan decided to do some digging. He borrowed almost every available book on neurology, psychology, medicine and the human brain that he could find. He spent hours upon hours pouring through them, trying to find an answer to his brother’s odd behaviour. He knew it would be much faster looking up the symptoms online, but Stan had never quite grasped the concept of the Internet.

As he scanned through a fourth book on psychology in his favourite living room chair, he heard something smash in the kitchen, immediately followed by a startled yelp. He set the book down and rushed into the kitchen to find Ford sitting amongst some broken glass and a puddle of water, shards of glass sticking into his hand. Blood slowly dripped down his hand and onto the floor.

Stan sighed, kneeling beside his brother and using some paper towel to mop up the water. He collected the shards of glass on the table before helping Ford to his feet. Ford stumbled, having to lean against his brother for support. Holding Ford’s injured hand by the wrist in one hand, Stan slung Ford’s other arm around his shoulders and guided his brother to the bathroom. He sat Ford down on the closed toilet lid and began removing the shards of glass from Ford’s hand. Ford let out a sharp hiss and a few slurred mumbled words ever so often. It had gotten to the point where Stan could barely understand what his brother was saying. It broke Stan’s heart to see Ford like this. He couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for Ford.

Once the glass was removed, Stan cleaned and wrapped Ford’s hand securely. Ford sniffled a little bit. Stan looked up to see tears trickling down his brother’s face. Ford let out a choked sob and leaned forward into Stan’s shoulder. He struggled to get his arms up around his brother’s back.

Stan lifted Ford’s arms up so they were around his neck before pulling his brother close. Stan sat on the bathroom floor and gently lifted Ford off the toilet and sat him in his lap like a young child. Ford buried his face in Stan’s neck, trembling with quiet sobs. Stan kept his brother in a tight hug. “Oh Poindexter… wish I knew what was wrong with you…” he murmured quietly.

Ford sat up a little bit, bringing one hand up to his head. He weakly tapped a finger against his skull, his eyes downcast. He mumbled something, his words slurred inaudibly.

Stan frowned. “I know, your brain’s all messed up, bud. Wish I could work out why, though.”

Ford shook his head. He curled his hand into a fist and knocked it against his head. Stan was startled to hear what sounded like metal beneath his brother’s scalp. His eyes widened. “Ford…? Is that… is that metal?!”

Ford nodded, his face lighting up a little bit. His arms dropped weakly back to his side. He tried to pull himself to his feet by gripping onto the sink, but lacked the upper body strength. Stan caught the hint and helped his brother up, looping one of Ford’s arms over his shoulders again.

Ford stumbled in the direction of his bedroom. Stan held him up as slowly the pair left the bathroom and walked down the hall. Ford slumped into the chair by his desk and grabbed a pen, clutching it in his fist as tight as he could manage. He dragged over a scrap piece of paper and put the pen down.

Stan watched in anticipation as Ford began drawing on the paper. The lines were shaky and rough, but they were as clear as they needed to be for Stan to understand them. Ford drew a small triangle on the paper, before drawing what looked like a lemon in the middle, a small black line through the middle of the shape in the centre.

Stan swallowed. “Bill…?”

Ford nodded, grinning slightly. Stan was concerned to see that his eyes were unfocused again. He put the pen onto a clear space of the paper and drew three long, jagged lines on the page, representing a lightning strike.

Stan ran a hand through his hair, the pieces beginning to fall into place. “Bill… struck you with lightning?”

Ford put his hand out flat and tipped it side to side in a “sort of” motion. He drew a crooked stickman with something wrapped around its neck, arms and legs. He drew some small circles joined to the cuffs with more lightning bolts leading up to Bill’s eye. The whole drawing was shaky and childlike, but Stan knew exactly what it meant.

His heart pounded in his throat as he fixed Ford with a scared look. “Bill… electrocuted you…?”

Ford nodded rapidly, his mouth open in a lopsided smile. He tapped again on the side of his head, his skull making the same metallic clunking sound. Stanley gulped. “A-and that metal in your head conducted it to your brain?”

Ford nodded again. He put his hand on Stan’s arm, his mouth wide in a grin. Stan noticed his eyes seemed focused on him and full of joy. Stan couldn’t believe it. He was in shock. The sort of electric shock Bill must have given him to cause damage like that… it made him sick. One question still lingered in the forefront of his mind.

“C-can it be cured…?”

Ford swallowed and looked away. He didn’t nod, but he didn’t shake his head either. His shoulders raised in a quick shrug. Stan noticed Ford was trembling again. He knelt to his brother’s level, wrapping his arms securely around Ford once more. Ford leaned into the hug, body shaking with fresh sobs.

Stan ran a hand through his brother’s hair. “Don’t worry, Poindexter, we’ll get you some help. We’ll get you better, I promise.” He felt Ford relax in his arms and nod slowly.

Stan wasn’t entirely sure he’d be able to keep that promise.



Had to do some research for this one. Found out a ton of interesting stuff. Psychology and neurology are not my areas of expertise, though, so I apologise for inaccuracies. 

I figured that despite his problems, Ford would still be able to think and know how to help Stan understand what he was thinking. 

A lot of people on my dash seem confused;

T-bag is not a good person, he’s a good character!

There’s a difference.

And when I say I understand his character, I’m not saying he’s not a piece of shit who deserves shit to happen to him! I’m saying he’s a great antagonist doing reasonable actions based on his character and/or development.


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i found out the cause of my hip pain has been osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and a few other issues. my pain over these past few months has been overwhelming, but in light of it all my days are slowly getting brighter, and i’m forever thankful for those of you who have encouraged me ♡

damn man what’s happening with my mutuals… first one was a terf… just found out one’s pro life… like that’s definitely not as bad as being a terf (obviously not) still goddamn i thought i was better at figuring people out than i am