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carbuncled  asked:

*whispers* Hidekane AU where Hide is a watercolour painter and Kaneki is blind and heterochromatic and they meet at a student showcase and Kaneki is one of those people who started painting after he became the way he was and Hide is just like, "uh, hi, you're attractive are you a modal do you want to be can I paint you?" And Kaneki is just like, "....what?" ((I'm tempted to write a one-shot for this, though if it spirals into nsfw I'm going to cry))

Aaaaah painter!au is always nice even though most people headcanon Kaneki to be the painter since canon Hide’s doodle I’m sorry son but it’s true is a mess. BUT I can see this going because I can imagine Hide stumbling?? In front of Kaneki because whoa never seen anyone with heterochromia before and he’d mess up even further by stumbling with his words and it scares Kaneki off and gosh I imagine by the end of the month or something Hide’s room would be filled with paintings of Kaneki and oh man.. what about the ending aaah.

If you do it, I’ll support you 120%. And if it ends up as nsfw… find someone else to blame.