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Do you mind telling us your first language? And how long it took you to learn the other ones? Did you immerse yourself in an environment with the language or learn it (with classes or other)? It took me less than 1 year for English (2nd) because I was immersed but french classes for 2 years and I can understand it (written & spoken) but still can't speak it. And now my 3rd language attempt is decent despite no classes or immersion. Find it interesting how time differs for languages and ppl

the 2nd language i learned is english, since it’s a compulsory subject in the education system, which puts english as an official subject from 1st grade all the way until the last year of high school, and english is actually one of the subjects for entrance exam too. so i have been learning english ever since i started going to school, but i was just so-so until middle school, since i have no desire nor interest with languages. i got to know kpop when i went to middle school, and as a result i got more engaged with english for idols stuffs. after about few months or a year of liking kpop and reading lots of fics (and twitter lol), i became more familiar with english and now, i feel like i’m even better at english than my native lang ;; things come out of my mouth in english more naturally than my native lang ;;

the 3rd language i learned is chinese, it’s one of the subjects for my class in middle school, but i had absolutely no interest towards it then. when i moved up to high school, i suddenly became interested in chinese dramas and started liking chinese idols. i picked up chinese again by myself and learned it again using my old textbooks and lots of help from weibo. i also used to be a staff for a fanbase and they occasionally asked me to translate things from chinese so that was how i practiced chinese back then.

the 4th language is korean. i actually wanted to learn korean since a long time ago, and learned the basic things like the alphabet and basic grammars back then, but i didn’t have time to pursue it until 2015. it’s ironic how when i started properly learning korean, i wasn’t interested in any korean idols, i was all about chinese idols then ;; after learning it for about 4 5 months, i got the grammars but still couldn’t speak or generally use korean naturally at all. then i got to know about bts and started stanning them, that’s when i started using my korean knowledge to catch up on things faster.

every language i learned starts by classes but it’s the social networks that helped me getting to know and use it more naturally. the classes only help me with grammars and i figure out the rest and practical use of languages by myself, mostly through google. it’s definitely a big help if you’re immersed in something related to the language, be it idols, the culture or the language itself. it keeps you from being bored and also provides you with constant exposure to the language. i got a various amount of english vocabulary from reading cooking blogs and recipes because i’m into cooking and baking ;;

currently i’m challenging myself with learning japanese, i got a friend who’s working as a japanese teacher to help me, but the main reason i’m learning japanese is because of bts’ japanese schedules. i can’t stand looking at something i’m interested in without knowing what it means, so i decided to learn japanese. i’m praying by the time i can properly learn japanese bts will have schedules in japan again, so i can practice it regularly 🙏

  • me in bed: And then HE kisses ME.
  • me eating: Because we match.
  • me in the car: Front seat’s for people who haven’t been kidnapped by fucking numpties.
  • me in school: And I'm hopelessly in love with him.
  • me watching tv: Because I'm disturbed. Ask anyone.
  • me showering: You're flammable! So is everything.
  • me sleeping: You were the sun, and I was crashing into you.
  • me: Aleister Crowley, I'm living a charmed life.


the most DISHEARTENING thing a roleplayer can ever feel is when they play a male muse and get semi-popular on this blog then get messages like “you’re such an amazing writer, I want to rp with you everywhere!” on a weekly basis

and then when this mun of a male muse has a FEMALE muse, it’s completely ignored and you’re treated like a SHIT writer…and that’s not the disheartening part, the disheartening part is when you feel like compliments are only given so someone can play with your ale muse and that the compliment was all a lie in hopes of getting a ship  with a male muse.

Getting real tired of going to anime conventions and seeing NH and SS cosplays tbh. Like good for them for having a good time but they have a big storm a comin’ when I show up in my Sakura cosplay with a cute ass Naruto with a big ass drawing of Shinachiku on a huge board. I’ve been to 9 conventions throughout my life so far, and not once had I seen a NaruSaku Cosplay. There were some narusasu cosplays here and there, but the point is that we really are a minority as a fandom irl and this chick here is bringing change to conventions as a cosplayer. My goal is to start recruiting NaruSaku cosplayers and shippers at conventions and expand ourselves just like how we come together on the internet. I feel so alone when I cosplay Sakura at conventions because my ships are so foreign to these people. Like I can’t even go to photoshoots without cringing and I keep silent when they talk about ships and THE LAST. We narusaku shippers exist, and I feel like something needs to change.