me everytime i see my men :d


My memory
The more and I keep rowing this boat,
I remember the faces
Where money exchanged
Or I remember kindness
And you know damn well I remember
Sexual urges,
More like sexual ponderances,
All of the above
Includes women,
What I remember of men,
Is Elly potentially being scared of
My telling of the encounter with the
Security guard,
Or that one,
With lines going across his face
It’s a type of beard you’d see in a
Barber shop,
You know the one
With a connected line,
I remember him being perplexed
By me saying Jazz
In our conversation about music,
I remember the older guy
Who sensed he’d like me
So Everytime I’d encounter him
He’d act like the proverbial older cousin,
Or gasp !
Older brother,
Once in our token hand shake
He believed I said something
Offensive under my breath
And he attempted to check me,
Well one I didn’t say anything
And two,
I was then 24 years old,
I had journeyed
Been in danger
And fucked my share of
Transcendent women,
So him trying to check me,
Brought out
What ran afoul of all the men there
The fact I am a Man,
And I can’t be threatened by
11 dollars an hour,
That I’m not going to back down and
With the group just cause,
I’m my own,
Not scared to speak
Common sense
As I did many times
Not as a test
Simply because as a Man
I can only process rationality,
So they had an aisle
Out back
Where toys were stocked
This aisle had a broken light
Causing it to be near
Pitch black
So what do I do,
I tell the man employed here
To fix things,
If he could bother looking at it,
So I tell him
When I tell him
He gives me the most systematic
Response along with a low key insult
In that moment
All I did
Was tower over him
I let out a laugh
That left him
Embarrassed and in his feelings
Towards me from there on out,
What the fuck
Were they
Where you all protecting
This isn’t your Target
These products aren’t yours,
Why do you protect something
You don’t own,
That doesn’t even respect you enough
To have everything in here
In order,
So that’s what I remember
It’ll be better in San Francisco
Elly’s going to hold me to her breasts
So that I can finally
Let all this out,