me every saturday morning


it’s always been riley, it’s always been riley since day one. 

I hope that if alternate universes exist, it will still be you and me in the end.Tina Tran (insp.)

If you stay with me, I promise I will make every second count. If you stay with me, I will make you breakfast in bed, I will warm your towels before you get out of the shower, I will bake you your favorite desserts. If you stay with me, I will give you massages every night before bed, give you random kisses, and play your favorite video games with you all night long. If you stay with me I will listen to you talk about how horrible your day was after you come home from work, I will always come to the door to give you a hug and kiss hello, I will always be there for you. If you stay with me I will learn how to tie a tie so every Saturday morning I can tie yours up and give you a kiss, I will iron your shirts and make you chicken soup when your feeling sick. If you stay with me I will take you to places we’ve never been, show you parts of me that nobody has ever seen and seranade you with our favorite songs. If you stay with me I will take pictures of you constantly and put them on social media for the whole world to see. I will show you my favorite songs and listen to yours too. If you stay with me I will cuddle you tight on nights when your falling apart. I will spoil you and buy you the best brands you could imagine. I will hold your hand at every concert and music festival we go to. If you stay with me, I will spot you at the gym and scare off all the girls who walk by. I will talk about you with galaxies in my eyes. I will make all my friends jealous because of how amazing you are to me. If you stay with me I will make midnight runs to tacobell and rent a movie from a redbox machine on the nights you can’t fall asleep. I will light candles around the house and we will dance to slow music on our anniversary. If you stay with me I will book hotels along side the ocean for last minute rendezvous. I will chase you down the beach with a water gun and some water balloons. I will set up a bunch of blankets and pillows in the back of your truck so we can lay in there one night and stargaze. If you stay with me, I will find our favorite spot in the city to watch the sun go down. I will plan roadtrips to the mountains where we can snuggle and camp out by the bonfire. I will listen endlessly to you talk about all the things that make you happy. I will stare at you like you are made of gold. If you stay with me I will fill the house with helium balloons and your favorite things on your birthday. I will give you goodmorning and goodnight kisses. I will teach you how to smile through everything. If you stay with me I will calm your anger and kiss you hard when you’re upset about something. I will make you look in my eyes and tell you that we will get through this together. I will hug you untill I can put your heart back together. If you stay with me I will watch your basketball games and route for you from the side lines. I will practice with you and fill your water bottle for you. I will take you out for icecream after all your games and tell you how sexy you looked. If you stay with me I will prove to you that monster energy drinks actually taste like blended up green candies. I will take you through every little shop in the city so we can share all those memories. I will take you to unknown cafes and we will eat the craziest things. If you stay with me I will never go a day without telling you how much I love you. If you stay with me baby … I will make your wildest dreams come true.
—  She’s in love

Back in my old stomping grounds for the weekend. I run alone, often because I prefer the meditation that comes from listening to my labored breathing and the unfiltered thoughts that come with running many miles.

However, I will say there is something deeply comforting being around my running people. Seeing my fellow runners and waving hello and knowing that they get me. They understand why I get up early every single Saturday morning and tie up my shoes and go out for my long run. They understand because they’re out there too.

I remember the time I got the dollhouse I wanted.

I remember getting excited when people got me toys as presents.

I remember waking up every Saturday morning watching cartoons with my aunt and grandma.

I remember when life was simple.

Then I got my first makeup kit.

Then I realized more things about the world around me.

Then I remember my life changing as the years went by.

Now I am stressed.

Now I have to deal with life.

Now I don’t see the world with the same eyes.

Now I can see the innocent person I once was slowly fading into the darkness of this cruel world.

I wished I could grow up faster. I wished I wasn’t a kid anymore.

I wish I could be young again. I wish I was a kid.


Less Than Famous || Juliana Sabo

Here I discuss my definition of success and the benefits of being a small YouTuber.

(This was my submission for VidCon’s Less Than Famous panel. I never heard back from them, so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t chosen. Oh well. Always next year.)

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Also like.  Something about Confession:

  • In Catholicism, at least, you should Confess before receiving Holy Communion.  Most Catholics don’t, (the ones I grew up with) preferring to stay to a schedule of once a month/quarter, instead of every Sunday morning/Saturday night/right before Mass.  Me and my mother used to do every Easter season, for example.  
  • This is to allow your body to be as pure as possible when you take in Christ.  (You know the theory that was floating around that Dean’s MoC would be cured by Castiel’s Grace because of the title card??  Yeah.  Okay.)  (It’s also interesting that in order to have blood that can cure a demon a human must Confess.  So.  That’s something.)
  • Confession, as I was told and taught, is less about THIS IS A LIST OF SINS I HAVE COMMITTED and more about what’s weighing on you.  “Cheap therapy,” my priest used to call it.  It’s less about impressing God with your self-righteousness and more about being alright with yourself and your actions and your emotions when you walk out of the Confessional.