me during the game

holy fucc okay me and @rakghoul had this crazy ass comp game during her placements

we were on watchpoint gibraltar and attacking first. our team comp was pretty weird but eh whom cared it was placements. we go in and they are stalling to hell!! they literally would not let us leave past the first bridge because they were pushing us in. 4 mins later and the best we could do was push it to the bottom of the hill where the old checkpoint used to be.

the enemy team was being super cocky saying “ahaha good luck :)” and stuff. we were so discouraged! couldn’t even get the first point and we were just gonna cheese it to maybe last at least a minute.

about 10 seconds before the round started 2 people on their team left making it a 4v6. it was so wild and we just kept spawn camping them. eventually the 2 guys came back a minute before it ended but it was too late. we held them even FURTHER ahead where they didn’t even get past the first TURN. we won!! it was 0 - 0 but we did it

i guess the lesson in this is to not be cocky assholes 💕

fanfic prompts for writers

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  1. we pretend to be a couple to get on a couples game show and win the prize money
  2. laundry mix-up, we have to find a way to exchange our bags, but I don’t know how to tell you your DC underwear sucks- marvel is better
  3. I need to save you from the beep test before one of us passes out
  4. you are the announcer at an event, I am the participant, you accidently hit on me during the game/fair/dance & I go to talk to you after I stop laughing
  5. “okay, so you’re looking for our daughter who time traveled here?”
  6. you are the witch/wizard on 9th street and I am the poor patron who’s cursed been cursed by a succubus. Help me.
  7. your sexy dance is giving me a migraine, I go to show you how it’s done
  8. We are both in limbo and our deaths were somehow connected, we don’t know how, but we might as well go together to find out
  9. I am the museum curator and you can’t sleep inside the exhibit!! Stop moving the displays around at night for fun 
  10. DND game gone wrong
  11. revolution is upon us, I am the plucky newspaper reporter sent to stab you, you are the moderate trying to stop the bloodshed
  12. “Okay, I have to draw your freckles. Right now.”
  13. there is a rogue Roomba in our dorm playing music in the middle of the night, I go to try and track down the owner

Doodles from waiting at the bus stop, using only my sweet keychains as ref

  • Me, during the game: I hate sports, this is the worst, I'm so stressed, why do they put me through this??
  • Me, after a loss: don't talk to me, sports are the worst, my team and I we deserve better than this

I had a friendly Widow blow me kisses during Skirmish and I’ve never felt more loved.
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Things Uttered At The Haus

(Based on my own grad school experiences/having very thin walls in my apartment building)

-*offended whisper* “Why don’t you look at me during?*
“What the fuck dude? Have you been watching Game Grumps again?”

-”It’s three am and I’m making pot brownies because what is life anymore even? Let’s just eat the chocolate and chill out until we die.”


-*slams a thermos of gin and tonic on the table* “So before we go through our writing group critique, I feel like we all need some of this.”
“Getting drunk at eleven in the morning? Now we’re real writers!” 

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guys, bambam is so much more beautiful in person, he is literally that beautiful, I was about to cry. I think he noticed that I was really nervous so he kept telling me to just have fun during the game and that we’d do well. he was so so soooooo sweet, y'all. like he asked how old I was and I’m like 23 and he was like “oh you’re older, I’m 19 but I’m going to be 20” and I quietly said that he’s so young and he smiled and if you don’t know by now, he did indeed ask if I had a boyfriend and I said no. what I didn’t even realize is that he said “I’m your boyfriend now” and I juST XJFJHDSUUSJFKGKKKG AND OMG HE HUGGED ME LIKE THREE TIMES AND HELD MY HAND LIKE A BUNCH OF TIMES AND PUT HIS ARMS AROUND ME AND I’M JUST SO DEAD, GUYS, MY SOUL HAS HONESTLY ASCENDED AND I CAN DIE IN PEACE BECAUSE THIS WAS THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE AND THIS WAS MY FIRST FANMEET EVER AND I AM BLESSED ❤️

On a Dare [m]

Rating: M

Summary: My friends have a twisted sense of humor so during a game of Truth or Dare they dare me to have sex with the one person they know I hate the most: Yoo Kihyun.

Warnings: Crude language, crude humor, crazy sex, spanking, cumplay, etc etc. I don’t even know what else.

It was a Friday night and my closest friend Wonho had asked me over to hang out. He was in a group called Monsta X, and I was really good friends with the rest of them, too. Well, mostly, except for one member.

As I arrived at their dorm I pressed the buzzer. The door opened and Kihyun appeared looking pink haired and clueless as usual. I couldn’t even hide my disgust. “Ugh. It’s you. I suddenly regret that I even came.”

His eyes narrowed. He looked me up and down dismissively. “So go home then,” he said, and shut the door right in my face.

I stood there for two seconds, nose to the door, in total disbelief. Then I stepped back and knocked angrily on the door. “Yah! Asshole! Let me in!”  I cried.

No response.

“Kihyun open the door,” I said, starting to get serious, because the cold was starting to get to me.

Honestly, what possessed me to wear a miniskirt and some flimsy leggings in the middle of December? How I regretted it now that I would die and my tombstone would read ‘here lies Hani. Froze to death while trying to look cute.’

“It’s cold out here goddammit!” I complained grumpily.

“Good! Freeze and die!” Kihyun called and then cackled evilly. “Just stay outside and get snowed upon until you freeze into a slutty statue. No, a frightening whoregoyle!”

My hands bunched up at my sides as I seethed. Kihyun always called me a cheap whore and I knew he did it just for fun since in all the time he knew me he had never seen me with any guys. If he thought just that would be enough to make me mad, he could think again.

“You are an annoying infant! Your insults are so stupid. They’re not even worth dignifying with a response. But I hope you know when I get in there I’m going to destroy you,” I growled.

“But you’ll never get in here,” he sang, tauntingly, and then laughed some more like the petty little brat that he was.

Furious now, I kicked the door numerous times as hard as I could. No response. So I just kept kicking it. “Open. This. Damn. Door! Kihyun!” I yelled with each kick. Then I got tired and gave up. He probably left, the damn bastard.

I raised up on my tiptoes to look through the glass window at the top of the door. Pink waves filled my view. “I can see the top of your empty head! I know you’re still standing there! Open this door Kihyun!”

Nothing but giggles.

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anonymous asked:

what do u have against the flyers????


For one, there’s everything surrounding The Hit on Crosby. I was very much not a Pens fan at the time, so I’m going to refer you to @lovethygoalies‘s post here, because she did a really good job of explaining things, imo.

The transphobic and sexist insults and signs haven’t stopped. They’re atrocious, and I have absolutely no patience for it. You can not like Crosby, it’s whatever. There are going to be players people don’t like for whatever reasons, and it’s fine. But that doesn’t mean you get to call those players sexist and transphobic insults.

Then there’s the whole issue with Manning and his hit on McDavid, and the way the team and the fans handled that. I don’t know if Manning hurt McDavid last season on purpose or not, but judging from McDavid’s comments post-game and the way the Oilers reacted to Manning on the ice during that game (trust me, I watched that game, and there were instances in which the Oilers were visibly reacting to whatever shit Philly was saying) I’m inclined to believe that it was at least not completely accidental. 

I get it. It’s hockey, and injuries happen. And we don’t know for sure that it was on purpose. But the way the team handled it, by allowing it to fester a bit until it became this huge thing, and then the way the fanbase handled it? By mocking McDavid and calling him things similar to everything they sling Crosby’s way? Whoever thought this goddamn jersey was a good idea can get fucked. McDavid was 18. He was eighteen and you’re going to make fun of him for an injury that cost him 3 months of his rookie season?  

And then there’s the actual in-game scenarios with their fanbase. You don’t boo when players are hurt on the ice. It’s classless and rude and awful and yet they do it anyway. They did it this game after Murray took a knee to the head and the trainer had to come out on the ice to check him out. They’ve done it before, and they’ll do it again. 

There are good flyers, yeah, and they’ve got a prospect or two who I absolutely adore. But for the most part? Fuck the flyers, and especially fuck the culture of sexist, transphobic, and overall tasteless insults and signs and “jokes” within their fanbase.