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singlemanmedia  asked:

I've seen people ask you about actors portraying Sokka and Azula, what about the rest? Which actors will you choose for Iroh, Zuko, Ozai, Ursa, Mai, Ty Lee, Rui Shi and Suki?

Alright, alright, alright. I’m going to try and answer this thoroughly, with a nigh complete dreamcast for Gladiator… feel free to make any suggestions, I know I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to casts, so I’m open for ideas :)

Azula: Zhao Wei

Sokka: Chen Kun

Iroh: Sammo Hung (gotta get him a proper beard and his hair would have to be whiter, but stiill…)

Zuko: Hu Ge

Ozai: Andy Lau (kinda odd choice but at least he can grow the beard, eh? ^^U)

Ursa: Gong Li (definitely want another choice for her but for now…)

Mai: Liu Yi Fei

Ty Lee: Shu Chang

Rui Shi: Lin Geng Xin

Suki: Misaki Ito

Toph: Zhang Ziyi

Song: Han Hyo-Joo

Haru: Yuan Hong


Aang - Sungwoong Yoong

Katara -  Lee Hyori 

(I’m not entirely happy with this one because further searches gave away that her skin tone might not be as depicted here… but I’ve lost my patience .____. I can’t find the perfect Katara! If someone else can help with this, I’d be very grateful)

And I really think I’ve had this post on hold for long enough, I know we have way more characters but after having spent months with these ones as it is, I’d rather leave it alone for once and for all .w. here goes nothing…


Six of Crows Dreamcast:
1: Fransisco Lachowski as Kaz Brekker
2: Alex Pettyfer as Matthias Helvar
3: Olivia Cooke as Nina Zenik
4: Colin Ford as Wylan Van Eck
5: Adonis Bosso as Jesper Fahey
6: Mariana Santana as Inej Ghafa

Let me know what you think!!!!

My TDA Dreamcast

Emma Carstairs - Teresa Palmer
Julian Blackthorn - Joshua Anthony Brand
Mark Blackthorn - Niclas Gillis
Octavian Blackthorn - Max Charles
Aline Penhallow - Arden Cho
Livia Blackthorn - Emily Rudd
Diego Rocio Rosales - Diego Boneta
Cristina Mendoza Rosales - Naomi Scott
Drusilla Blackthorn - Mackenzie Foy
Tiberius Blackthorn - Asa Butterfield
Helen Blackthorn - Eliza Taylor
Kit Rook - Colin Ford
Malcolm Fade - Jake Abel
Arthur Blackthorn - Liam Neeson
Jaime Rocio Rosales - Tyler Posey
Kieran of the Hunt - Dane DeHaan
Cameron Ashdown - Cameron Monaghan

great comet dreamcast

me as natasha
me as pierre
me as sonya
me as marya
me as hélène
me as dolokhov
me as mary
me as bolkonsky
me as andrey
me as balaga
and lucas steele as anatole because boy howdy