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Jon wanting to hang out with Damian is what I live for. 

Superman Issue #33


I… Have no excuse for the second image… I’M SORRY, OK?? The scene from the movie is so funny I just… Had to… 👉 👈

Anyways, hope you like it! ^^

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Why I’m impossible to have a conversation with: (MCR Version)

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(on phone) : “Hey babe, can you hear me?”

Me: “Aare you near me?”

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: “Umm no… that’s why I asked if you could hear me…But if I was near you, could I lie next to you?”

Me: “Alright, give up, get down It’s just the hardest part of living

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: “Wtf.. Are you okay?”

Me: “I’m not oookaaaayy”

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: *hangs up*

Submitted by @basscarrier:

Introducing Hydreigon, the Brutal Pokemon… Chroma Hydreigon by Basscarrier

Uses Chroma with the Drac helmet and default Chroma skin. Accessorized using the Eos Prime Spurs and Prisma Hecate Syandana. Coloured using the Classic Saturated palette.


Thank you for your submission!

Okay but like, question for you SSers...

When RFI and LWYMMD come on, does everyone sing every word in front of Tay like it’s a concert or do you sit there in silence just appreciating the moment you’re in?

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Name: Chelsea
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5'4

What images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpapers?: My phone is my boyfriend and I at a college football game. Desktop wallpaper is Mike and Will sitting on Mikes bed (Stranger Things).

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: Not really. My college history professor was handsome and l was obsessed with his class but not enough to actually call it a crush. 

What was your last text message?: 
To: Lobster (my best friend’s nickname)
“I absolutely did NOT APPROACH HIM I FELT SO WEIRD” (because I saw my high school psych teacher at a concert last night lmao. 

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?: I want to have an MSW and be either working in forensic social work centers orrrrrr hopefully my screenplay writing will have been good enough to make a career as a screenwriter. I also want to own a couple horses. 

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: A Saturday night at a haunted house with my best friends. Also would be nice to be sitting in my family’s cottage wrapped in a blanket and playing card games. 

What was your coolest Halloween costume?: IVE HAD SO MANY I LOVE HALLOWEEN SO MUCH. I usually make my own. My faves were a Christmas present, scarecrow, convict, Merlin, crazy cat lady, Snow White, witch, the list goes on.  

What was your favorite 90s show?: SHIT. THIS IS TOUGH. Ummmm Rosanne, Full House, and Angry Beavers. 

Who was your last kiss?: My boyfriend. We’re currently watching someone play through The Evil Within. 

Have you ever been stood up?: LOL YES. It was humiliating for sure.

Favorite ice cream flavor?: Chocolate peanut butter :)

Have you been to Las Vegas?: Nah, maybe someday.

Your favorite pair of shoes?: My Chucks.

What is your favorite fruit? Apples! 

What’s your favourite book?: FUCK. Another hard one. All time faves are To Kill A Mockingbird and The Outsiders 

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?: Ran from the cops with my best friend after a party got busted back in high school. We both made it over three fences before getting caught and handcuffed. Funny thing was we were not drunk or high. Just dumb lol. 

What loser?: Richie Tozier

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Cold steel presses against your throat, firmly enough that you struggle to swallow in its presence. "Tell me, darling," Ignis murmurs, his breath fanning across your neck, his arousal pressing insistently into your backside. The blade travels down your collar towards your chest, resting just above your breast. Your heart beats wildly beneath your ribcage. A sudden cut, and your bra strap is severed. "Will it be la petite mort... or the real thing?" A thin trickle of blood drips down your skin.

External image


L I S T E N.

When I first saw this anon I was at work coming back from a meeting and I damn near started choking

I was snatched by my meager edges back into the lightless depths of Ignis hell so fast I can’t even think straight, I’ve embodied full on thirst, now.

Also, listen

When I say this man could do anything to me I mean it, I’m just at your mercy… but ya know if ya want feel free to bang me first before you kill me, if you’re feeling generous, sir.


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any cuddle h for the crusaders?

I never know how to write anything cuddly because m an, I am the opposite of cuddly, not even my own family is allowed to touch me rip lmao; I hope these are okay!

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • It’s no surprise to his s/o, but Jotaro’s just not a cuddly person at all. At the start of the relationship he’d brush them off every time they went to touch him in any way, but eventually he did realize that physical affection’s important to them; he’s gruff about it, but he finally relents and lets them grab at him however they please.
  • He’s super awkward about returning the affection; not only is he not used to it, but he’s also afraid of hurting his s/o somehow, because they’re so much smaller than him. He just kind of follows his s/o’s lead, letting them grab his hands and guide him. The only times he’s ever the one to initiate are going to be when he’s really tired, or when he’s aware that his s/o’s having a really hard time- and even then he’s not very tactful about it, just scooping his s/o into his arms and carrying them off to bed.


  • Kakyoin’s also not used to physical affection, but he definitely craves it; once he’s got a partner, he realizes that he definitely enjoys the way they wrap their arm around his waist when they’re standing together, or how they like to snuggle against his chest and play with his hair while he’s working on something.
  • He’s the most likely to fall asleep while cuddling his s/o, but he never wants to fall asleep before they do; he doesn’t mean to sound weird about it or anything, but he loves watching them sleep next to him or in his arms. He’s just super honored that they love him so much and feel safe enough to fall asleep with him, and it’s pretty cute how they keep a tight grip on him even when they’re fast asleep.

☆ Joseph ☆

  • While he still puts on a show about being tough and wild, Joseph does still adore cuddling, even if he won’t admit it. Whenever his s/o goes to hug him, he’ll make all sorts of jokes about how they just like him for his muscles, but he honestly just thinks it’s adorable that his s/o likes his hugs so much. Well, he does have years of practice-
  • He’s the type to be overly-affectionate with his s/o, so he’s totally down with cuddling in public; here’s hoping his s/o isn’t that easily embarrassed, because he’s actually pretty sad if they’re not comfortable with public displays. He understands either way, though, and would never purposely do anything to upset or embarrass his s/o, so he’ll stop whenever they tell him to.

☆ Polnareff ☆

  • Polnareff’s also super affectionate with his s/o, even more so than Joseph can be; cuddling with his s/o is just about his favorite thing in the world because he loves them so much. It definitely helps that he’s super comfortable to be with- he’s pretty warm to the touch, and he’s just soft enough that his s/o can fall asleep against his chest comfortably. It also helps that he’s super gentle and holds them like they’re an absolute treasure.
  • He’s not really able to keep his hands still when his s/o’s in his arms. He’s constantly tracing different patterns on his s/o’s skin, or dragging his hands up and down their sides, or twirling bits of their hair around his fingers. If his s/o’s ticklish at all, he’s definitely likely to accidentally runs his hands over a spot that sets them giggling- and then he starts snickering too, because his s/o’s adorable-

☆ Avdol ☆

  • Avdol keeps himself busy throughout the day, so although he does enjoy holding his s/o, he’s rarely the one to initiate- but there’s nothing he loves more than to come home after a tiring day, just for his s/o to throw themselves into his arms. They’d been hoping to catch him off-guard for once, but he laughs, and they pout as he picks them up and just carries them effortlessly.
  • Even disregarding his stand, Avdol’s just naturally really warm; on colder nights, his s/o always snuggles as close as they can get before proceeding to wrap his coat around the both of them. He keeps warning them that they could overheat if they’re not careful, but his s/o refuses to listen anyways- instead they just curl up tightly against him and ask him to tell them stories. He obliges, naturally, and his s/o almost always falls asleep against his rumbling chest.

It’s funny… I told my friend that I was sad that I didn’t get invited to secret sessions and she was like “your time will come” but she was probably thinking “wtf like I know you love her but how would she even know who you are?” cuz she has no idea I have a blog dedicated to my queen