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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: I have never been so happy to NOT be able to locate an item left in a room.

So, just got this call about a half hour ago…. L: “lady” Me:…me.

Me: herp derp thank you how can I help you and stuff?

L: Yes, I stayed there and I think I left an item in room 666(not real room number), could you check if it was turned in?

Me: Sure! Let me check in our lost and found. (checked lost and found, nothing for that room at all let alone today) Sorry, I’m not seeing anything from that room in lost and found. Could you tell me what the item was so I can contact housekeeping and see if maybe it got left on a cart by accident?

Lady: Ummm… it was a large, white massager.

Me: …Oh, ok, well we don’t have it in lost and found, but I will contact you if it pops up!

I looked at the system and….. we have a reservation set for that room today So I rand upstairs and checked the room thoroughly. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of thing HK would throw away, anyway.

By: _Affexion_


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