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Pros of a Gaiden Remake
+ “May Doma’s Blessings” becomes your new favorite phrase
+ Alm being completely different from the rest of the series lords. Alm give no fucks and will fight everyone and anyone.
- Battle Map 5 rendition, no seriously go listen to Battle Map 5 and tell me that ain’t hype.

Cons of a Gaiden Remake
- RIP Alm’s codpiece
- The Usual Grievances

so I’m finally going through the steps of getting therapy for myself. my doctor was very concerned about me and set me up with a counselor who gave me a run down of what I gotta do to set up an appointment at a private clinic. I’m very happy, and maybe from there, I can look into options about also seeing a psychiatrist but idk, I’m still nervous about that.

The Future!Darcy Week ~ Day Four:  “Heir” and/or “Stranded”


Sequel to this

“Listen, Loki, it’s sweet that you’re concerned for me, but I can do it!”

“No,” Darcy’s husband insisted instantly. “I won’t have you endangering yourself simply for my sake.”

“For our sake, actually, seeing as we would, you know, share any hypothetical babies that we would conceive, and that I would have. By that logic, it sounds like the kids would be more mine then yours, meaning I should get to make the decision to have a kid.”

“You know that an erroneous stand to take on the matter,” he informed her flatly, and they both knew he was right. Loki shook his head almost to himself, dropping to one knee in front of her as she sat on a chaise. “I know you wish to have children; I do as well, and I understand that Asgard… the court… my-” Darcy noticed that he hesitated here, but in the end, he still said it. “My family… this culture… It’s what is expected of us. I understand that, but I also understand that by Midgardian standards… it may be dangerous for you to have a child at your age. I don’t fault you for that in the least… but I would like to… propose pursuing a different avenue instead.”

Darcy ticked an eyebrow upward as his permanently-cold hands slid into hers. “What ‘different avenue’?”

“Asgard has it’s orphans as well, my dear, and while I understand if you think the suggestion is… uncharacteristic of me, shall we say,” he shot her a dry smirk before his expression smoothed back into nothing but sincerity, and he suggested, “I thought we might looking into adopting an heir.”

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Krennic finding out his women is force sensitive when they get in a argument


K, but what if YOU are jealous of Krennic?

“It’s just bussiness, dear. Not a big deal, stay quiet.” Krennic tries to keep his voice down. Despite the fact that you’re alone in your room in the middle of the day, he doesn’t want people to know, that he can’t controll you as well as his previous partners. “I just have to talk her into giving ME a supervision over the newest imperial project. It’s my chance.”

You sit displeased on the bed, arms crossed, lips pouted, trying to chop Orson’s head off with your gaze. He seems to tower above you when standing but there’s no doubt who got to get into his defensive mode.

“I don’t care about you supervising the project or not” your voice could freeze the blood in vains. “It’s what you said you will do to her concerns me.”

“Come on” Krennic tilts his head and smiles “Is charming her a little into doing what I want a bad thing?”

“I know your charms.”

Orson chuckles.

“Okay” he raises his hands up. “I swear, I will not kiss her, or fuck her that would be absolutely disgusting anyway.”

“I am not allowing touching or complimenting her either.”

“Am I allowed to stare?” Krennic’s voice gives away his irritation. “You are overusing my patience, honey. I will do whatever I find accurate.” He turns away and walks up to the door but stops when your datapad crushes on the door, milimeters away from his head.

“You are overusing MY patience!” you scream. Orson turn’s back to you an opens his mouth to say something back at you, although words don’t want to flow.

“Stop…” he manages to growl silently, his face turning red. You find yourself clenching fist and focusing on silencing that motherfucker. When you realise what you’re actually doing, the invisible grip on Krennic disappeares. He kneels on the floor trying to catch his breath and understand what actually happened. You jump up like something hot touched your skin and want to walk up to Orson to help him, but amazement grounds you for good. You didn’t mean to kill him. Not even choke. Your talents just slipped out of control…

Krennic manages to get on his feet. He walks up to you and says “Change of plans, dear. You’re comming on the meeting with me” a nasty smile appeares on his face. You know what he means and anwer with a smile. What you don’t know, however is if you can control yourself well enough not to kill the bitch. “But the best tricks” he takes your hand and places it between his legs. He’s hard. “Leave for later.”

Master LIst

Guys imma be real honest

All the talk from the bioware devs, especially on twitter, about how much banging we’re gonna get in Andromeda is really off-putting.

like i can joke about it and i know how much people enjoy the romances but honestly, I never enjoyed the romance/relationship aspect for the sex. I’m an Ace through and through, and I am really not interested in these romances that just becomes a sex scene. I respect that many people do want that, but I just really want the connection between characters to mean something. Emotional connection and all that.

@thejollywriter and I were talking about this last night and they said it would be awesome, but that it’s a concern that bioware might not know how to accurately write an asexual long-term relationship. And I’d be lying if I said that didn’t really concern me too. I’m really trying to stay positive that we’ll get some true Ace representation here in this game, I mean I know they have confirmed you don’t have to have sex in romances, but there’s a big difference between someone who is asexual and someone who just doesn’t want sex at this time, at least imo. Not to mention a difference between headcanoning that our player character is asexual and having an NPC character who is a canon asexual regardless of your choices.

And the fact that there’s so much constant pressing talk about virtual sex rather than having actual realistic character relationships, be they romantic or not, really bothers me.

DMB community (tw: mentions of weight),

I know this is a random place to ask for advice but I am here because I trust every single person that reads and writes into this blog. It isn’t anything super important, just something that concerns me.

I began working out last year, riding my bike for five miles and lifting weights on nights I didn’t feel like doing that. I also started drinking more water daily. It wasn’t to shed extra pounds, it was because I am easily winded, I don’t feel my heart is in the best shape it could be and I know that I need to strive to be more physically active. (Plus, who doesn’t want a little bit of muscle?)

The problem is, while I do feel somewhat healthier and I am starting to be able to see abs in my stomach, I have also lost weight. This worries me because I am nineteen and not once in my entire life have I weighed over one hundred pounds. It isn’t a confidence thing, I am perfectly happy with the way that I look and that is what matters. But it scares me to think that if I got really sick, I could easily drop to a dangerous low and be hospitalized. People have always told me to “eat more” but if anyone knows me well they know that’s ridiculous. I am always eating. I am the smallest one in my immediate family and I eat at least (probably more than) double what any of them do. I get the fast metabolism from my dad. He’s always been the same way though maybe not quite as dangerously so.

I had a bout with food poisoning a few weeks ago and since I couldn’t hold anything down, over the course of one evening and night, I dropped over six pounds. I was in my eighties. Seeing that number on the scale was scary. I still haven’t managed to gain all of that weight back. It’s disappointing.

I was hoping that one of you may be able to give me some tips on how to gain or even maintain my weight? I don’t want to stop exercising because I want to be able to walk longer without my legs aching and I want to be able to run without having to catch my breath – but I don’t want to be on the unhealthy side of skinny either. I have tried to stick to snacks that are more heart healthy and not overdo it with greasy foods simply because it scares me to death when my heart hurts. I don’t think that I’m doing anything wrong by trying to “eat healthy” either, but I don’t know. From what I have read, 92 pounds for a woman that’s 5'3 is far from average. Being overweight can be a danger to health, I know, but being underweight can as well.

If you could help, that would be greatly appreciated. I know I could turn to Google, but I don’t trust just anyone on the internet. Thank you.

- An A that wants her body to love her back.

“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)

Just imagine how Dex prepares for his compsci finals, fueled by pure spite for technology and the universe. He tends to get lost in what he’s doing so he’ll make some offhand comment like “I am the physical embodiment of how this world has fucked up and I am fueled by rage. Let me study” that has Nursey just…stop.

Cue sweet loving boyfriend Derek Nurse spending the next ten minutes telling Dex “no you’re not a fuckup” “of course you’re not perfect but nobody is” until Dex has to put down the computer, turn to him, look him in the eye and say “Babe, I know you mean well, but I cannot be happy with my life choices and fueled by spite at the same time. Please just let me study.”