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first place: I order pizza for you online. Must be cool with giving me your address and must have an place that delivers 24 hours with an online order form. NO PHONE CALLS. 

I don’t know if I can tip the driver online, if I can’t, don’t be an asshole.

second/consolation prize: tje cheapest pizza item on neopets idk what it is yet

So, I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of weeks, but ended up dealing with some personal bullshit. Go figure.

I’m still kind of new to the neoblogging community, but you all are the nicest most supportive bunch of people I’ve found on tumblr.  I always have people caring and cheering me up and stuff if I post about a bad day or my feelings or personal problems, even more than on my personal/recovery blogs. That’s really special. I just want you all to know I really appreciate you all and stuff.

I also hate that I’m not the only one going through shit times and I see so many of you dealing with terrible things and I just wanted to put together little care packages for you all in a little giveaway.

I’ll put together more specific sets, but I might have to suit them to fit winners’ needs because like I know that you might not want a hug poster if your dog died or that food can be really scary for a lot of us or maybe you’re allergic to flowers and the daisy would just be cruel. 

  • Like or reblog, but everybody will only end up with one entry. I suppose you could get around this with multiple blogs, but don’t be that asshole. 
  • Care packages will probably consist of 5 items but I might make them smaller if this takes off or something.
  • You don’t actually have to be having a rough time to enter, I just want to make people smile a little and cheer them up, and most of these are just small things anyway.
  • yeah, rules are weird, I don’t know
  • Oh, this will probably end in a week or so? I guess it depends on how popular it ends up being.



I was inspired to share. Also, my room is fucking awesome this year. 

  • shelf!cubes, cozy chair, pretty pillows, my table, my whiteboard, my dog banner, a very-blank wall that I need to put art on (I wish I could print art from you guys), a lamp, zebra carpet
  • desk, laptop with tumblr, tv cabinet with teleivion and other fun things (not pictured: art supplies and camera within), window with partial mountain view (seriously I am so excited about it)
  • full-sized fridge (not pictured: stove), door to rest of building, backpack, excess luggage,  room divider to separate my sleeping area
  • book shelf, bed, plushies (my dog, a fluffy owl, a crocheted albino bat from somebody on tumblr, a faerie poogle), my iPad
  • picture of my dog because I miss him sleeping in my room, a turbie twist, the bin where I put all my meds, portable air conditioner because it’s so hot I would probably pass out or end up with blood pressure in the negatives
  • bathroom door, closet, seriously I have so much space for just that, it’s ridiculous