me cause im beautiful

Hnnnggghh here, have this.

I was stuck inside a chalet for a day with no internet and nothing to do so I drew this dude here.

How did I draw him so accurately with no photos for reference due to a lack of internet access, you may ask?

Well, the answer is simple:  I had various photos of him stockpiled on my phone that I could use for reference. I have a very good memory.

ive literally just been listening to “evermore” on repeat for the past 6hrs 

you know it’s funny because you can have love for taylor and calvin’s relationship just based on the interactions you see between them

but personally i didn’t realize how real this was until i saw Andrea pat him on the cheek and they both smiled at each other

or even when calvin was talking and laughing with scott a few shows ago

HELL, remember that time he looked at Austin like this

i honestly have nothing else to say

i just