me bored and without sleep :)

Destination: Life: a playlist of joyful, upbeat, scream-along-able music for the Gangsey to play on their future adventures. No murder squash allowed.

[oh, and I don’t want to be the center of anything, just a part of something bigger] [we will teach you how to make boys next door out of assholes] [we lie beneath the stars at night, our hands gripping each other tight[deep in my bones, I can feel you, take me back to a time only we knew] [we’ve no time for getting old, mortal bodies, timeless souls] [she was trying to show me how a life can move from the darkness[firecrackers in the east, my car parked south] [we could always dare to dream that the places we have seen were enough to make us who we are] [I’m gonna let the future in, the future in, take it on, make it on my own] [our minds have gone to kingdoms without rule] [let every vessel pitching hard to starboard lay its head on summer’s freckled knees]

Hard life of a stydia shipper
  • Me: * watches teen wolf *
  • Me: * watches wolf watch *
  • Me: * goes on tumblr *
  • Me: *rants* *rants* *more ranting*
  • Me: *stays on tumblr till 3am*
  • Me: *wakes up at 6am*
  • Me: *in class*
  • Me: * sleeping *
  • Teacher: Are you okay? Why are you sleeping in my class?!
  • Me: No , actually i was up all night on tumblr after teen wolf to look at beautiful amazing gorgeous gifs of stydia..
  • Me: *stares at class* and if you don't know what stydia is consider yourself invisible to me thank you!
  • Me: *looks back at teacher* anyways i needed to grasp some hope from my fellow stydia shippers (my real family) so i could sleep and get over the fact of how much i dislike malia! Is that enough information for you maybe you can write a book. Instead of asking me why i am sleeping in your super boring class without knowing what im going through. *continues to sleep*
Shower with me (M)

Tao doesn’t like to shower alone, but lately he didn’t ask you as often as before, so you figured he got over it. But what happens when he suddenly asks you again?


It was the middle of the night and you were endlessly tossing and turning in your bed. It wasn’t only because you were cold or weren’t tired. In fact, you were more than just tired but the main problem was the lack of Tao by your side. After accompanying your boyfriend to china you had grown  used to having him by his side every night. But once you were back in Seoul he simply couldn’t spend every night at your place. And even if he did, he usually arrived late due to his promotions and schedules. You were used to it though, but that didn’t make it any more pleasant. So here you were, on your own again.

Checking your phone, you were glad to see Tao’s message he texted you a while ago. It greeted you as you unlocked your phone;:”you must be bored without me? Right? I miss you too, but you should really sleep. Goodnight jagiya”.  It brought a smile to your lips, but you knew that even though you really wanted to sleep, you wouldn’t be able too. That was the curse of a girlfriend with a busy boyfriend. Being alone in bed sucked majorly. Suddenly the beeping of your front door’s lock startled you. Was he back? “____-ah?” His delicate voice reacted your ears and instantly warmed your heart. Humming lightly in return, you let him know you were indeed still awake though you also didn’t give away how happy you actually were to see him. When in fact you just wanted to squeal and pull him into your arms. But no. It was better not to give away how badly you wanted him there, or else he’d feel guilty about staying away until late the upcoming weeks. So you kept silent and he left for the kitchen to get food. His presence was helping though. You felt significantly more relaxed with him around and slow but steadily felt yourself drift into a peaceful sleep.

“Jagi? Yaaaaa~~you were awake just now.” Tao whined softly as he nudged you in your sleep. You weren’t that far gone yet so you easily heard him. Unfortunately that didn’t mean your eyes weren’t heavy with sleep already. "Whaaaat?” You whined in return, pushing him away a bit and confused as to why he’d to wake you up right now. Didn’t he want you to sleep? It was way past midnight and you both needed rest. “Come shower with me?” He replied, making your eyes fly open in reaction to his words. Oh god no he couldn’t be serious. ..not again. You knew your boyfriend and how badly he hated to shower alone. Not that it was something to complain about, but it didn’t always fitted your schedule so perfectly. Especially not now when you were cozily half-asleep in your bed. The last thing on your mind right now was a shower. “I thought you didn’t mind showering alone anymore? ” you remarked, thinking of the last time he had asked you to shower with him. It had been a while and it had been some obvious progress in the matter. Unfortunately your hopes had been in vain. “Ahhh come on you know it’s worse when it’s the middle of the night. I just really don’t like it and you’re awake anyway you might as well join me.” He grinned mischievously. It had you scowl at him “I was sleeping you kn–” “Aaaahhh pleaaaseeee. Just this once? ” he interrupted you as he begged and started to pull your arms from under the blankets. hopeless really. Granted, his cute whiny sounds and that little pout were rather convincing, but you wanted to remain headstrong. Still, he kept on pulling and pulling; trying to drag you out from under the blankets. He was succeeding easily making you move to the side of the bed rather fast until… bam. You fell rather harshly against the cold floor .

“Ya!” You angrily yelled, seeing him run away and into the the bathroom while you rubbed your head and bum. Logically you didn’t hesitate even the slightest second to chase after him.. only to be met with an empty bathroom. “Tao?” You replied?, though his location was easily  revealed in the sound of the closing lock behind you. He had managed to lock you two into the bathroom. “Step 1 - achieved.” He said, laughing at the way you glared at him. “Achieved my ass. You merely have me locked in here. I’m still not showering.” You returned, being purposely stubborn in return for him dropping you on the ground. “Well for that I  have step 2.” Your boyfriend said, making you want to ask what that step was, but you didn’t have to since he already pulled of his shirt . You had this feeling the removal of your own clothing would be part of this step2. Damnit.

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