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at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D


Hannibal: Post Mortem, with  Caroline Dhavernas and Katharine Isabelle (x)


“there were once three brothers who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight…”


So I arranged I Burn in a minor key based of the snippet in episode 6 of volume 3. And now I made a video to avoid my homework 👌🏽 Warning: the sound quality is pretty crappy and I’ve never recorded anything before so it’s kinda yikes lol

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maybe a fic where MC expects yoosung to be like really subby after a long day at the vets bc that's how he usually is but he is actually being really dominant (nsfw? if you want)

I’m not too familiar with what being a sub or dom means, but I tried >o<


Note: This concludes the end of the Yoosung Birthday Event!!

Warning: NSFW

The door swung shut as Yoosung entered the apartment quietly, turning on all the lights.

A nonchalant expression was on his face as he gazed around the room. All was quiet. His eyes flashed in understanding, a small sigh escaping his lips as he took calm, long strides to the bedroom. He gently pushed open the bedroom door, only to find that you weren’t inside.

Before Yoosung could turn around, a blindfold was wrapped around his eyes.

Your sweet, seductive voice made its way to his ears as a whisper, “How’s my pet today, hmm?”

He remained quiet, not even turning to face you. You tilted your head in confusion—he was usually very responsive to your dominant act, but his reaction was pretty odd today.

Suddenly, he ripped off the blindfold and spun around, grabbing you by the arms and pulling you against him all at once.

“Wha-” you were cut off by an abrupt kiss. He harshly pressed his lips against yours, slipping his tongue inside your mouth and easily winning a fight for dominance. He sucked on your bottom lip, eliciting a moan from you. He kept a firm grip on your waist with one hand, while the other groped at your thighs.

In the back of your mind, you wondered what had spurred him to suddenly take the dominant role—usually, he had no problem with being submissive to you. In fact, he very clearly enjoyed it. So why was he-


His amethyst eyes stared intensely into yours, as if challenging you to disobey him. Your eyes widened at his command, but you found yourself growing wetter and wetter, as your trembling hands moved to slide off your clothes.

Yoosung acting dominant was… new. It was a strange feeling, with the roles reversed. And holy crap, he was fucking hot.

“Wait for me on the bed,” he said coolly, using one finger to tilt your chin upwards. He flashed a wry smile at you before leaving the bedroom.

For a moment, you just stood in shock. You never realized that Yoosung had it in him! You could feel your cheeks flame in embarrassment at the thought of all those nights where you’d struggled to command him. It had taken you a while to finally get comfortable ordering him around, after you’d realized that you really weren’t hurting his feelings. But he was doing this so naturally?!

You scrambled onto the bed before he returned, the cool sensation of the blanket against your naked body sending tingles to your pussy. You could hear shuffling in the other room, and you squirmed in anticipation. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what Yoosung would do to you.

The sound of his footsteps drew near and you naturally straightened up, feeling the urge to sit in an obedient manner. His lips curled into a smirk as he looked over you.

“What a good girl,” he cooed.

Your cheeks flamed at the sound of that. There was something exciting about Yoosung calling you like this. Like you were his toy. Like he could do anything he wanted to you.

He grasped your hand, holding it to his lips as he planted a small kiss on the back, violet eyes burning passionately into yours. His voice was low when he spoke. “Do you know how much I’ve missed you today, MC?”

You didn’t know how to respond. Should you say no…?

“Of course you don’t,” he answered for you, letting out a disappointed sigh. “You know, MC… all day at work, my mind was filled with thoughts of you. Thoughts like…”

He planted another kiss on your lips. “…claiming your lips for my own…”

A light nip at your neck. “Straddling you…”

“… and pinning you down so I may watch the different expressions on your face as I make you moan in pleasure…” A bite on your shoulder.

“…and making you all mine.” His fingers trailed up your thighs, making you shudder from the sensitive feeling he elicited.

You tried to be subtle as you moved your hips closer to him, but he caught your legs in a tight grip.

“Oh my. Are you trying to be a bad girl, MC~?” he coldly questioned you.

“N-no,” you stammered, your face still heated up. “I’m not…”

“Well… If you’re that desperate, why don’t you spread your legs for me? Show me all of you… I want to see all of my good girl. Show me every bit of the body that belongs to me.”

You shakily spread your legs for him, whimpering as you found yourself unable to look away from his lustful eyes that wandered all over you.

“God, MC, I love you,” he murmured under his breath, just barely loud enough for you to hear. Awh fuck. That melted your heart.

Almost as if he hadn’t just said that sweet line, he pushed you onto the bed, lifting your hips to grind against his hard erection.

“Can you feel that, MC? Can you feel how much I want you?”

“Y-yesss,” you gasped out, closing your eyes to savour the feeling of his cock pressing just perfectly against your pussy. “Mmn… Yoosung, please…”

“What’s that, MC? Please what?”

You desperately thrust yourself against him in frustration, refusing to answer him.

“You’re just waiting to be fucked, hm?” he chuckled.

He slides a thumb onto your clit, pressing the nub with a gentle pressure. Another finger slipped into your dripping wetness, swirling around inside. You watched as he licked off your juices from his fingers, smiling devilishly at you.

“Aww, look at you~ So wet and ready for my cock to enter you…” he mocked you, rubbing the tip of his length against you.

“Stop teasing me!” you groaned, reaching your hand down to grab hold of his cock and trying to move yourself onto him.

“Bad girl,” he scowled. “I’m in control here. You will be touched when I decide you should be touched.”

Without a warning, he suddenly entered you, slamming all the way inside your pussy.

“Aaahnn!” you moaned, not expecting the sudden movement.

He immediately quickened his pace, pounding into you almost frantically.

Every thrust seemed to scream, IneedyouIneedyouIneedyou

Because god he was being absolutely merciless, taking you at his own pace.

“G-good girl,” he panted, covering your lips with his own, his hands tangling into your hair.

You could feel his cock throbbing inside you, a tell-tale sign that he was going to cum. You wrapped your legs around him, feeling your own pussy clench as a sudden hard thrust sent you over the edge.

But he didn’t stop, or ease his pace. No, he only sped up, ignoring your moans from how sensitive you were after your climax.

And then suddenly, you felt something hot spill inside you, and he finally stopped, pulling out as his cum leaked from your pussy and dripping over your ass crack… and onto the bedsheets.

You let out a huge sigh of relief. Damn. Dominant Yoosung was intense.

He propped himself up on an elbow, one hand running over your breasts and lightly swirling around the nipples.

“I hope my princess is ready for Round Two.”


different midnight new years kisses following up this post of mine


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THANKS FOR THE VALIDATION BC istg the second I read "Dray" I chant "bad fic bad fic bad fic" until I exit out and am cleansed (I can't stand it tbh, while people getting his name wrong or fucking with him calling him Drake or s/t is funny, Dray will always make me cringe and run)

I mean, there was once a fic that had “Dray” in it that I still really liked.