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Experience with the signs(as a scorpio)

I’m Aquarius and Scorpio dominant.

I’m Aquarius and Scorpio dominant.

Aries: I only know Aries guys and I love their energy. Dating them for me is a huge no-no! They’re so controlling and aggressive that it drives me crazy. However, as friends they are hilarious and fun to hang out with.

Taurus: Some of the most loyal people that I know. So kindhearted and adorable. Very awkward but amazing friends to have.

Gemini: My Gemini friends are aloof most of the time. Always moving around and having fun. Really quick temper and emotional issues that they hide perfectly. They seem confused most of the time.

Cancer: I know two different types. One of them are extremely sweet and never mean to anyone. They are liked by everybody and extremely adorable. You can go to them for anything. The other type is basically the opposite. They’re really bitchy and annoying. Always looking for trouble or something to get involved with.

Leo: The leos that I know are very caring but in a forceful way. If they think you have a problem they’ll spend hours explaining to you how to fix it. Love to be in the spotlight no matter what. Very obnoxious.

Virgo: all the virgos that I’ve met have been huge/ horrible liars.

Libra: I love the confidence of libra friends .They are very easy-going. You can always have a good small talk with them.

Scorpio: I love other Scorpio girls/women but I HATE the men. Both are Very dirty minded. The girls always worrying but are extremely loyal in any situation.

Sagittarius: Cannot be trusted. They switch up a lot. Shallow as FUCK. They are very pretty though.

Capricorn: They are boring to me😴 that is all.

Aquarius: I love them so such. The best people. They stay true to themselves. They put themselves in situations that are uncomfortable for them then try to run away from the issue. They are weird but really funny. They don’t like being in the spotlight.

Pisces: Very annoying to me. Can talk for hours. Doesn’t really care about others. Makes up the weirdest sayings that are funny.

anonymous asked:

I actually was an avid listener to you before i came across this blog/started reading your responses. Your attitude really puts me off your music which is crazy because your music really speaks to me. I think saying certain types of people or people who take your work a certain type of way shouldn't listen to you because it's "not what you're about" is the most pretentious, boring thing ever. The fact is, your art CAN be interpreted and listened to that way. It's there, and that's the beauty.

there’s a difference between art interpretation and using that art to project a harmful image that the artist has never stood for. i encourage people to relate to my music in any way that they want, but if their interpretation of it is using my own art as a justification for problematic behavior that i’m actively against then i’m allowed to speak up about it you dingus.

you know what’s really interesting? whenever i talk about stuff like this there’s always a bunch of really cool people who actually hear me out or, at very least, respect my artistic intention and comfort level enough to say “hey, i could totally see how having my art misinterpreted to represent something i’m against would kind of be a bummer!”.

then there are people like you, who stubbornly cross their arms and pout about me being pretentious every time i talk about my own wants and intentions regarding the extremely personal content that i create. you think i’m boring and pretentious? that’s fine. i think you’re weird and self-absorbed for approaching me about it like i’m supposed to give a shit.

this isn’t a debate. are you really trying to tell me that people CAN interpret my art in an unhealthy way? no shit. as the artist that created it, i think i’m allowed to say “gee, i really fucking wish that they wouldn’t”.

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did you think it was a bit weird how all the gems were reading the newspaper? There was something really odd about it to me. But I guess between missions there lives are extremely boring, like in Mirror Gem when they were all watching Pearl stack things.

Not really, I mean most of what the Gems do is pretty weird in regards to domestic stuff. It was funny to see them all sitting around reading newspapers (Pearl you can kinda accept but the other two were a surprise). Possible they were specifically looking for something? But in all likelihood, they were probably just trying a human thing to see what its like. So it probably wasn’t so boring for them

So they were basically being like

Nothing - Part 2 : A Joshifer One-Shot

A/N: OKAY YAY IT’S FINALLY HERE! i know y'all have been wanting this and asking for it and i finally got the chance to sit down and write it. if you haven’t read Part 1, it won’t make sense so please take a look! i skimmed over it but it’s basically unedited, so all mistakes are mine. rated NC-17 so if you aren’t old enough to be reading this, don’t! enjoy, leave comments/feedback/more prompts in my ask! xoxoxox

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