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DOES THIS LIKE… ANNOY ANYONE ELSE? OR IS IT JUST ME? Like… can Yuuri not just be happy for one second without Yurio being like I CAN DO BETTER THAN YOU!! I know they are like rival friends, but Yuuri is nervous and shy and finally found happiness in life with the love of his life and YURIO is like FUCK YOU I CAN DO BETTER WITH THIS NEW FRIEND I JUST MADE YESTERDAY.

I seriously can’t get over the fact that Javi is bi… Like this has just, like made my entire week. I’m not even kidding. 

And people on the forums are just pissing me off right now… Ughhhhhhhh

u ever get tired of being mediocre at everything

About the new Irish Taoiseach

All I’ve seen on here about Varadkar becoming Taoiseach is “yay gay Taoiseach, son of an immigrant, so progressive!” But Varadkar is a shitty politician who only cares about his career, he’s pro-life, he’s incredibly classist and he’s way less suited to the job than his opponent was.

The only reason he got the job was cos he makes Ireland look progressive and apparently it’s working, given the “yay gay Taoiseach” shit.

Shoutout to the people making this website worth it ❤️

You’re my princess and I love you no matter what. Thank you for being the sweet and funny and kinky person you are - it would be so boring without you, seriously! And thank you so much for making me write cabin fever with you, this fic changed me forever!

There’s really nothing that could make me not love you xD I don’t know how you do it but no matter how bad I feel, I forget all this crap when I’m talking to you. Must be all those perfect gifs you tend to talk in, but I think it’s just bc you’re awesome as fuck. You’re the reason I kept fighting when I wanted to give up, I’ll be forever grateful for that.

We’re so different and you’re still my perfectly beautiful little sister that I would fight armies for. I love you and your strength and beauty and kindness, thank you for being such a wonderful friend 💕

Thank you for still being here and for being as sweet as you are! You’re incredibly cute and nice and I wish more people were as supportive and lovely as you.

Do we know each other for long? No. But I love you anyways xD You’re so sassy and funny, it’s impossible not to, seriously ^^

Yes, we talked for like… what? A few days? I don’t care xD You are fucking great and hilarious and talented and I wanna hug the shit out of you for being so damn amazing!!! You’re my cool bro and don’t you dare tell me you’re not xD

@everyone not on this list that I talk to: I love you all and I can’t tell you all how much i appreciate you and how much you mean to me. Stay as amazing as you are, all of you, and don’t ever think I don’t love you, bc I do!

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personal crap in the tags, totally ignore this but wanted to share

i personally Love the idea of never ever getting myself romantically involved with men and not having any sort of relationship with a man at all as long as i live

Too many non black people have too much shit to say about me being black and it’s annoying like what could you possibly tell me? I’m fuckin elite, bitch.

Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I don’t know. I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I’ll hit somebody with my car.
—  Kuroko Tetsuya

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i love your blog, your sense of humor is spot on and vanderwood is my new love ;U; would you do vanderwood and saeran w/ MC who has selective mutism?

Thank you for thinking my dumb ass is funny. ;w; there aren’t a ton of jokes in this one, but I think it’s sweet and hope you enjoy it!


  • During the whole thing with Mint Eye, he was too preoccupied to really pick up on your reluctance to talk. The first time he really notices that you don’t speak is when you come visit him in the hospital - you pass him notes to read as you sit by his bedside. 
  • It’s mostly encouragement, interspersed with fun drawings and assurances that he’ll be okay. He rejects them at first, but you’re so persistent, and eventually he keeps and looks at them while you’re not around.
  • You start texting a lot once he’s recovered some. He is literally the last person to judge anyone for being a little peculiar, and having to read messages from you instead of hearing you talk isn’t too much trouble. Seven even sets up his phone so that he can set it to automatically read messages from you out loud if he happens to have his hands full.
  • (Whenever he’s stressed out, he goes back through his message log with you and remembers the conversations you’d had. They make him feel all weird and warm and fuzzy in a way he just doesn’t understand.)
  • Obviously he shoves those feelings in a box and doesn’t acknowledge them
  • Saeran struggles with a lot of anger after everything that happened to him, and it’s difficult to control at times. He often goes off on his own so he doesn’t take his emotions out on anyone around him, and you accompany him via text. He’s sat for hours before on a park bench, calming down and texting you.
  • Whenever he sees interesting things around, he’ll send you a picture. Sometimes it’s a dog! Sometimes it’s a mushroom! Sometimes it’s a pretty cake in a window. There’s so much he never got to experience, and he sends it all to you.
  • You’re always very supportive, even when it’s a stupid picture of a pile of rocks.
  • Normally, you do everything you can online - ordering groceries, buying things… it means keeping you out of situations where you might have to talk. But you and Saeran start doing domestic things like going to the grocery store. As long as he’s with you, things are infinitely less scary.
  • You tell him that one day - in private, with your voice, when you’re alone. You hate talking, but when you’re in a safe space and it’s just him…. It’s not so bad.
  • He blurts out that your voice is pretty and he likes it, and of course tries to be like, NO THAT’S JUST - I’M JUST BEING OBJECTIVE - I…
  • (You can’t help but laugh and he secretly LOVES IT.)
  • Saeran starts getting really protective of you in public, like a guard dog. Just- always at your side, ready to jump in if something happens.
  • (put a collar on him - he DOES like leather…)
  • One week, you get sick - really sick, in bed with flu for a week - and he takes care of you of course because he’s one of the few people you’ll let be in your space. It’s as he’s fretting over you that he confesses - just, “please don’t die PLEASE DON’T DIE I LOVE YOU……!!”
  • (seriously Saeran it’s just the flu stop with this dramatic shit)
  • You end up vomiting right after which has nothing to do with his confession 
  • Your stomach is just in the middle of having its own Russian revolution
  • Saeran FREAKS OUT
  • when you’re better, the two of your talk (well, text) about it like reasonable human beings. He makes a better confession that doesn’t involve any vomit.
  • (seven finds out about this and teases him FOREVER)


  • You’re introduced to Vanderwood as the “person who doesn’t talk” and they’re like, well. Alright. Sounds good to me, means you won’t say stupid shit and annoy them.
  • (being a wonderful, tactful person that’s exactly what they say lmao. you snort and cover it up.)
  • All things considered, they take to you pretty quickly. Not because of a crush, like Seven is teasing them about, but because they have a natural soft spot for shy, timid people. They’ve got some protective instincts, okay? It’s why they fret over Seven.
  • (obviously they SAY they aren’t worried about you, because they’ve gotta look cool, but they’re not fooling anyone.)
  • They’re just kind of… chill? About everything. When you’re getting anxious, they exist as a stabilizing presence (putting their hand on your shoulder and leading you somewhere nice and quiet as necessary) and they have a really finely honed ability to just… figure out what you need.
  • You’re feeling crowded in public? They get people away from you.
  • You’re nervous about being in a restaurant? Hey, point at what you want and they’ll order for you.
  • You’re tired? No need for you to try to communicate that - they’ll take you home. Yes, it’s fine to leave early. No, no one will think badly of you.
  • Casually - without drawing attention to it or making a big deal of it - they figure out what you want to say and say it for you… and they have NO idea what they’re doing until it’s pointed out to them by Seven.
  • Of course, they say it’s not a big deal, they’re just - it’s not like they’re going out of their way to do anything. (Of course, they ARE going out of their way, but they’ll burn in hell before they acknowledge that.)
  • You start to rely on them, feel comfortable around them because of their extreme reliability and the fact that they just don’t care that you don’t talk. The fact that you’d rather text them when you’re sitting right across from them seems totally natural to them.
  • In return, you’re the person who notices the little things about them. When they get in one of their anxious, snappy moods, you can just tug on their sleeve and smile and they’ll just feel better. When they’re stressed out and need to talk… you’ll just poke them, look at them questioningly, and they’ll just spill.
  • They can’t help it.
  • They realize they’re in love when you invite them inside your apartment, and for the very, very first time you speak to them - in a quiet voice and asking a completely mundane question: whether they want coffee or tea. It’s the TRUST you put in them, being okay with actually speaking, and they’ve never been trusted like that by… by.. anyone.
  • Ever.
  • You feel safe around them. Secure enough to do something you don’t do around anyone else, and shit they’re doomed.
  • Vanderwood stutters when they confess to you, fidgeting with their gloves and completely unable to look at your face, and they almost can’t bring themselves to open the text message you send them in reply.
  • I like you too.
  • (They save that message in their inbox forever.)

Holy shit


I literally have no words (just kidding, of course I fucking do).

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my trashy shit, for dealing with my never ending supply of reblogs (that I feel are annoying ??), for talking and feeling like you can vent to me, for giving me an endless amount of love that I definitely do not deserve, and for all the feedback I get, like holy shit. You have no idea how much it makes my day to hear that my writing impacts you.

You guys, when I made this account I expected no more than maybe 200-300 followers ?? But 1,000 ??? I’m shook. This is more than I ever expected. I literally cannot thank you all enough, seriously! I’m just, fuck I’m rambling (yikes).

Just, thank you.

p.s. I want to do something special for y'all because this is amazing, but idk what to do ??? Don’t be afraid to send me suggestions !! (pls) Also, I would tag homies, but that list would never end (I have a post all about me faves in case you wanted to know– just ask).

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i hate the term POC, a primer by me, una chapina irritada

anyway, I hate the fucking term “POC” for many reasons, here they are:

1. still frames white people as the center; it makes them the standard from which everyone else is somehow deviating

2. projects an american framework onto the rest of the world. by referring to someone from the Ukraine (to pick a place at random) as a “white person”, you’re basically saying that the thing you find most important about them is how they might be treated if they lived somewhere else.

 different countries have different ways of looking at race, and the “POC”/ “white person” dichotomy is in no way universally useful or even relevant.

3. is so broad as to be completely useless in describing the experiences of actual people. there is no commonality between the five billion people who fall under this umbrella that doesn’t also include white people. it’s a gross erasure of the diversity of human experience to pretend that my downstairs neighbor Miss. Jerry, Scipio Africanus, and Alexander Dumas are somehow more similar to each other than they are to “white people” of their period

someone is sure to say, “oh, but they’re all affected by racism”, but a. racism affects people in wildly different ways and b. racism in different countries can be structured such that non-white people are still at the top of their power structure.

4. creates the illusion of some kind of solidarity between the 5 billion members of that group, many of whom are engaged in actively oppressing, murdering, stealing from, and fighting against other “POC”. there’s no such thing as pretending otherwise ignores all the victims of repressive regimes staffed and headed by “POC”

Okay: so then what should you say?

The answer is simple: be more specific. In fact, be as specific as possible. Naming the actual group who you’re referring to isn’t catchy for stupid slogans like “support all POC”, but it’s more useful for actual discussion of actionable steps to improve people’s lives. Poor black people and poor hispanic people are impacted by racism in different ways, and that’s before we get into smaller subdivisions like mexicans vs. guatemalans vs. cubans. (A small distinction, but important!)

If we’re actually going to do something about racism, a good first step is to stop lumping all non-white people into the same group.

I'm used to it - Chapter 4

Reader x Jaebum

Warnings: Swearing, assault

Words: 2,225

Chapters: 3 , 5


It had been a week since the incident. A week since i’ve been to school. A week i’ve been getting abusive messages online and texts, telling me how i was disgusting and how i was doing it all for attention. I wanted it to stop. I wanted to tell them to leave me alone, that i wasn’t making it up, but i couldn’t, because no matter how hard i tried, no-one would listen.

Also in that week my grandma found me passed out on the bathroom floor because i wasn’t eating and i told her everything, about my depression, bullying, harm. She started crying she hated that i kept it from her and pops, i begged her not to tell my parents as they would drive down here and take me back home. She only promised, but if only i didn’t hurt myself again and if i ate, so i didn’t do those things for the first few days, but then began cutting again, but not on my arms as that’s where she checked, instead on my stomach and legs.

“Morning sweetheart”, i looked up and saw my grandpa with a cup of coffee for me, i gave him a small smile before laying back down. He brought the cup over to my bedside table, “are you going to school today, your friends are worried about you”, i didn’t reply instead i buried my face further into my pillow, to which my pops just sighed, “me and noona are going out for the week, for the annual festival, there’s money in the box downstairs if you need to buy anything okay?”, i hummed in response. Again pops sighed louder this time, “well….we’ll see you then (y/n), remember to lock up before going to bed”. With that my grandpa left closing the door behind him.

I sat up in bed taking the cup in my hand and taking a sip, as i was i heard my phone let of the notification tone. I put down the cup and retrieved my phone and saw i received a text from Marrie:

Marrie: Hey, seen you’re not in school, again

(y/n): No surprise

Marrie: I know, but if you’re not gonna come to school at least come out with me after, i have something i need to tell you as well

(y/n): say if someone from school sees me

Marrie: PLEASE

I hated myself for giving in.

(y/n): Fine, but if i see anyone i’m running

Marrie: I’ll pick you up at 7

I threw my phone down on my bed and decided to get a few more hours of sleep before Marrie came and picked me up.

I woke a half hour before she was picking me up, i washed up and put on a hoodie, jeans and a pair of sneakers and waited.

Marrie arrived 7 on the dot, when i opened the door i saw she was dressed in quite revealing clothes, “omg (y/n) what are you wearing”, she said as she walked passed me and turned, i closed the door and turned to face her, “i think i should be the one asking”, “whatever just get changed, we are going to a club, jackso-”, “no”, i replied dully, going to sit on the couch. “Please”, “no Marrie seriously, i don’t feel comfortable”, she sighed loudly before sitting down next to me. “Please, you don’t have to wear anything that i’m wearing and i’ll stay with you the whole time. I just really wanted to do this you haven’t been out, i begged Jackson for fake passes to get in as well, please”. God i knew i was going to give in again. She went through all that trouble for me and here i was being an annoying shit, “ughh…fine”.

It was crowded, all i could smell was sweat and see bodies grinding up on each other. Jackson and Marrie were dancing together whereas i was sat at the bar on my 5th drink, so much for not leaving me. I did change my clothes so I was wearing a long sleeved, knee-length dress.

I downed the rest of my drink before asking the bartender for another, “easy there tiger”, i furrowed my brows and turned to my side to be met with a rather cute guy. He had sharp features, his jaw was the sharpest, he had plump bright bottom lip and his hair was messy, but he pulled it off well, i also noticed he had a very build body, especially his thighs. “And you are…?”, the guy chuckled before moving closer and holding a card up, “not getting your arse kicked out for using a fake”, i looked at the card he was holding and saw that he had my ID, i tried reaching for it, but he just pulled away causing me to fall forward. But before i could fall he caught me by my waist and pulled me closer, “damn baby we just met, but…”, “ugh..”, i groaned and ripped myself away from him and stormed off to Marrie and Jackson, “GUYS!”, i screamed over the music, “CAN WE GO NOW?”, they both just looked up and me and hummed, but just carried on dancing. I rolled my eyes at them and walked off, out the club, “great guess i’ll have to walk home”, as i stepped outside, i was hit with a blast of cold air. I wrapped my arms around myself and began walking home.

5 minutes into the hour walk i heard people behind me, i briefly looked to see a hooded guy behind me. I began walking faster due to instincts, and as i did i heard the footsteps behind me get faster, until they completely stopped as i was being pushed into a wall. Why was it always me.

I let out a piercing screaming, but was shut up as the guy cover my mouth and he leaned in closer, “make another noise and i assure you, you won’t make it out alive”. The man chuckled when i shut up and then forced me around into a dark alleyway, again he threw me against the wall, but this time he trapped me with his body and his hands pinned mine above my head. The man began trailed kisses up and down my neck, he moved one of his hands up my thigh, to my behind, touching it. I let out a whimper, “p-please let me go…”, “”, he gritted through his teeth, i didn’t speak up, but somebody else did.

“She said let her go”, i turned around to see the guy from the club. “Why would she do that, the whore was enjoying it weren’t you?”, his question was rhetorical, as he gave me a sly smile after. Before i knew it the guy was pushed away from me onto the floor, “what the-”, the guy was hushed as he received a knockout punch to the face.

The guy from the club turned to me, whereas i was just stood there frozen, tears welling up in my eyes, silently thanking him. “Hey-”, he stopped talking when i engulfed him in a tight hug, my arms around his waist, my face in his chest as i cried. He stayed still for a while as he was surprised by my sudden actions, but eventually began to rub my back, telling me it was okay.

Eventually he got me into his car and began to drive me home after i told him where i lived. On the way there i decided to thank him again, “t-thank you”, my voice was hushed. The guy just smiled at me before speaking up himself, “Jungkook”, i looked up at him confused, “that’s my name, what’s yours, if you don’t mind me asking”. I didn’t reply right away, but the guy saved me, he should atleast know who he saved right?, “(y/n)”

Once we arrived i invited him in and he accepted. Inside he sat down on the couch as i went to get 2 glasses and wine from my grandparents cabinet and placed them down on the table in front of him and filled them up. “Are you sure that’s the best thing, you know after what just happened”, i ignored him and sat down next to him taking my glass with me, “cheers”. As i was about to take a sip the glass was taken from me and placed down on the table, “hey..”, “(y/n), seriously, you almost got…”, he didn’t finish of the sentence instead started a new one, “do you want to talk about it?”. His voice was soft, comforting, trusting. I nodded my head slowly as i felt the tears stream down my face.

After almost 2 hours of talking i told him basically my whole life story, aside from the cutting and starving. I told a complete stranger my whole life story, but it felt right, i didn’t regret it as he made me feel safe and warm.

“Wow…” , Jungkook whispered, “you went through all that”, i nodded my head as i wiped my remaining tears. “And now i can’t even face to go to school, because everybody thinks i’m a horrible person thanks to her”, i let out a small laugh before joking, “hey, but it could be worse right?”. Jungkook smiled at me for a few seconds before it disappeared, so he was sat there staring at me and i was doing the same back. I began to lean forward, to connect our lips, but he spoke “I-i should go”, i looked up at him, his eyes were closed. “Please don’t, i need to be with someone”, “(y/n)…”, “please Jungkook…if you don’t want to stop me, and you can go”. With that i connected our lips, his were soft and delicate and fitted perfectly with mine, not even a few seconds later, Jungkook was kissing me back.

He lay me back on the couch, hovering over me his body between my legs that wrapped around his waist. His lips moved to my jaw he placed wet kisses on it and then began moving down south to my neck. He rested in the crook and began sucking and licking the spot, his hands running up my things, stopping just under my scars. Jungkook then moved one of his hands to my chest and squeezed me through it, i yelped in surprise and pushed him off me. He stared at me shocked by my actions, i sat up and hugged myself,“i’m sorry”, my voice was on the verge of breaking for the nth time today. “(y/n), don’t apologise, after what happened now and before, I shouldn’t have even done this”.

I heard Jungkook sigh loudly, before he stood up, “please dont go”, my voice was quiet, “i’ll do something stupid, please”, he furrowed his brows and stared at me, “what do you mean?”.

Crap, now i needed to tell him, “i-i’ll hurt myself”, “listen (y/n) i get you went through a lot but making up-”, of course he thought i was lying, god did people think i was that desperate. Before he could finish his sentence i lifted my dress so he could see the cuts that decorated my thighs. Jungkook froze and just stared and my thighs, not saying anything. The only things that could be heard was our heavy breathing.

“I’m not making it up”, i said to him in a hushed tone, my head still tilted down. I heard Jungkook move forward and he was crouched down in front of my thighs, he lifted his hand to touch my thigh and it was just mere inches away from it, but i flinched, so his hand froze in mid air. He looked up at me for permission, so i nodded my head as he continued, the second i felt his cool fingertips on my leg, i closed my eyes and let out an airy breath. “Why?”, he questioned as his fingers continued to skim over my cuts, “to cope, to let off steam, get rid of the weight on my shoulders”, he just nodded and my answer before he did something unexpected, especially from a stranger.

He kissed my cuts, he kissed every single one.

“M-my best friend went through the same you know, i never noticed, that’s why he’s 6 feet under now”, i looked at him, his eyes still on my cuts as he rested his head on my thighs, fingers brushing them. His doe eyes began getting teary, “i never forgave myself, people told me it wasn’t my fault, but it is in some way, i wasn’t there as a friend, i never asked him…maybe if i did he would still be here”, a single tear leaked from his eyes, i quickly wiped it and ran my fingers through his hair. “Thats why, im going to stop you doing the same”, he looked up at me, “i know we’ve just met, but i feel something with you, i feel close, like i did with him. Please let me help you”.

I stared at him, lost for words, this stranger wanted to help me, he wanted to stop me from doing these things. I contemplated for a while before hesitantly nodding my head.


I forgot to post this chapter, I thought I posted it before😂, anyways here you go bibs, if it’s awful tell me and I’ll rewrite and thank you for 600 followers 😘😘


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