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Somewhere inside a college AU, Kuroo is being an embarrassement in public for his first day at uni and Daichi gets a good laugh about it when he comes visit the next week-end.

(i am weak for college Kurodai plz don’t judge me)

but still like… when ppl say… “Person Lastname is so HOT that they make me wish i wasn’t born straight” … like ??…   “too bad my EXTREME STRAIGHTNESS prevents me from being AFFECTIONATE and NAKED with this person of my own gender - which i want to do SO BAD” ….. listen…   i have good news for you buddy…..?? …

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Masrur and Muu reaction to their s/o innocently wearing their shirt around and it's literally nearly hitting the floor cause wtf when were they this tiny?


  • Masrur crouches at his s/o’s feet. He scoops the bottom of his shirt in his hands, twisting it into an over-sized knot that hangs just about his s/o’s ankles. “Don’t hurt yourself,” he says in a slightly scolding tone, but his small smile betrays him—he did enjoy his pocket-sized s/o’s antics.
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Muu Alexius

  • Muu very nearly runs straight into a wall. He couldn’t help it, 120% of his attention snapped to his s/o and how unbelievable adorable they were. It takes him a moment to recover—from the wall and his s/o—before he scoops them up into his arms, refusing to let them wander away from him before he had his fill of their cuteness.
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there’s something i used to do a lot, which i still do but i don’t do it on my blog and stuff cause i think ppl would make fun of me. but i’d type my affectionate actions.

From FetLife

Important questions to ask in a new poly relationship

1. How do you feel about me being affectionate to my other partners in front of you?

2. How do you feel about me flirting with people you don’t know?

3. How do you feel about me flirting with people you do know?

4. How comfortable are you with hearing about sex I have with other people?

5. What are your relationship agreements and boundaries with your other partners?

6. How can I be a good metamour to your other partners?

7. What level of emotional support is appropriate to ask you to provide at this point in our relationship?

These are excellent questions. 

Rogue Facial Hair (Jaspar Romance FanFic)

“Caspar, I’m not gay.”

“And you think I am?” Caspar shakes his head so frustrated, rubbing a palm across his face.

Joe gulps hard, clearly uncomfortable with this conversation. Caspar had just returned to London from a visit with his family in South Africa, and the last thing Joe expected was a fight at three in the morning. “I dunno, the way you look at me sometimes…”

“Joe if you don’t want me looking at you, the I won’t. But I think that might make it sorta difficult to film collab videos,” Caspar folds his arms across his chest defiantly, thankful for the dim lighting in the flat that masked his blushing cheeks.

“Casp c’mon now. You know I didn’t mean that.” Joe reaches out a hand to pat Caspar on the shoulder reassuringly, but Caspar shrugs it off.

“So what? Why are you so afraid of me being affectionate towards you in front of our viewers?”

“Because,” Joe mumbles beneath his breath.

“Because what?” Caspar instinctively lowers the tone of his voice upon sensing Joe’s genuine discomfort.

“Because, it’s weird for a straight guy to act that way towards his best mate.” Joe admits, furrowing his eyebrows and frowning slightly.

“Have you ever considered that maybe we’re not straight,” Caspar leans into Joe, asserting his dominance over the smaller lad in this moment. Joe’s adam’s apple moves up and down nervously, but he refuses to move back and let Caspar have the best of him.

Joe slowly pulls away from Caspar’s intense gaze, shooting him a bewildered look. “Speak for yourself mate.”

Caspar smirks and runs a hand through his hair unphased. “I’d much rather speak for the guy who clings to me when he’s drunk,…and leaves me random sleepy voicemails at 2AM, whenever we’re apart for more than a week….Or have you forgotten that you’re the one who spends hours and hours “redecorating” my bedroom while I’m gone..under the guise of a YouTube prank, when we both really know it’s how you show that you miss me.” Caspar can no longer hide his amusement as his bright smiles beams down at Joe in the darkness of their moonlit living room.

“Hey, hey hold on a second,” Joe is flustered and tries to cut in but Caspar is having none of it.

“And what about my past girlfriends?”

“What about them?”

“You would hardly ever speak to them or even acknowledge their existence.”

“That’s not true Caspar.” Joe was doing a pretty good job of staying levelheaded given the current situation.

“It is!” Caspar takes a deep breath before saying the next part. “Will thought it was because you were uncomfortable sharing me with someone else.” Caspar was really testing him now.

“What? That’s ridiculous. I haven’t even heard from Will in months, since he got with Arden. Casp, you’ve been watching too many Jaspar fan videos. Just cause some of our fans ‘ship’ us together, doesn’t mean we have to go pick out matching rings.” Joe attempts a joke to lighten the mood but Caspar only frowns in response, making Joe instantly regret his poor choice of words. “Casp…”

All the words come tumbling out of Caspar’s mouth at once. “Jim supports us Joe. Jim. Also Oli, Marcus, Niomi, Will, Alfie, Zoe, Tyler, and Troye. Even your dad approves. In fact, you’re the only person who doesn’t seem to grasp what’s going on here, but unfortunately I can’t spell it out any clearer for you.” Caspar sighs dejectedly, flopping down onto the couch with an exhausted thud. Joe sighs as well, popping a squat next to him.

The silence is real and rather painful before Joe manages to speak. “I don’t know what you want from me,” Joe mutters honestly in hushed tones almost to himself, but he sneaks a glance in Caspar’s direction to gauge his reaction, only to find his crystal blue eyes staring deeply into Joe’s rich hazel ones. Caspar silently leans his head against the couch cushion making Joe subconsciously mimic this motion, neither one of them daring to break eye contact. Caspar waits patiently for Joe to do something, anything that might prove or disprove his reciprocal feelings for Caspar once and for all.

“You’ve got a rogue facial hair,” Joe finally pipes up after some time.

Caspar eyes him curiously, rubbing a hand across his chin to feel for any random hairs that may be poking out. “How can you even see that in the dark?”

“I dunno. Here, let me get it,” Joe motions for him to scoot closer. Caspar does as he is asked, not really thinking anything of it, but glad for an excuse to deplete the previous tension in the room. Joe reaches out a shaky hand, turning Caspar’s head as Caspar closes his eyes, ready to embrace the small twinge of pain, that somehow never came to pass.

“Caspar?” Joe whispers softly, causing Caspar to open his eyes and witness a very vulnerable Joe mere inches from his face. A Joe whose shy quiet gaze was currently fixated on Caspar’s mouth. Caspar covers Joe’s hand on his face with his own larger palm, stroking his skin encouragingly at they once again meet each other’s gaze. “I should go to bed,” Joe backs away quickly as if suddenly aware of the predicament he’d gotten himself in. Fortunately, Caspar has a hold on Joe’s wrist and prevents him from getting up off the couch.

“Not so fast Joseph.” Caspar abruptly lays down pulling Joe down with him. He quickly rearranges their positions so that his head ends up resting happily against Joe’s chest, where he can hear his heart beating out of control. Caspar smiles satisfied, and proceeds to wrap his arms possessively around his boy. “Goodnight Joe.”

Joe makes one of his trademark unbecomingly funny faces before settling in to accept his new sleeping arrangement.

“Welcome home Caspar.” And Joe drifts off to sleep smiling happily to himself.

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Little!mark hc cause you can never have to many -little ma//rk like to impress his big with how strong he can be and how he can do things on his own -he loves playing games on his/his bigs phone -he loves playing w/ Chica/any other animal


little mark trying to tie his own shoes or dress himself because he wants to prove he’s a big boy for his big!!

he likes playing really childish games too, but his favorite is ne//ko at//su//me.

little mark being so affectionate with her!! petting her, playing catch with her, even sleeping side by side with her awww ❤️