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Is it a spoiler if i ask why the interlude is called "rewrite"? Or will that be clear once the story progresses a bit more? Or is it because you're kind of expanding upon/rewriting the tape from the canon Undertale?

It’s not really a spoiler per say, but I think you’ll be able to solve it on your own. One page of the interlude remains.

Come Over (Chanyeol) [Smut]

     “Hey, my parents are gone. Come over now, I’m bored.” Chanyeol whined over the phone. His parents were planning to go to the Bahamas for two weeks and they just left an hour ago. I laughed.

     “I’m kind of hurt you only want me over because you’re bored, Yeol. I’m not a clown. Call Baekhyun or something.” I replied. There was more whining after I said that.

     “Baekhyun’s with his girlfriend, I don’t want to be third wheeled. Besides, you’re more fun to play with. Pleaseee??”

     “I can’t, Chan. I need to study for the finals on Friday. Build a cup tower or something. I’ll talk to you later okay?” I suggested before hanging up and going to change. I am going over his house, he’s been telling me he wanted bubble tea for the past week, so why not surprise him? Once dressed, I went downstairs to pull on my shoes before leaving to the nearest shop.

     Two bubble teas were bought before I walked over to his house. Obviously having been here more times than I care to remember, I took the key hidden in his mailbox and went straight in, trying my best not to make a sound because I wanted to scare him. When Chanyeol is scared, he will jump like a bunny. It’s the cutest. When I saw the living room, the coffee able was littered with plastic cups, telling me he really did try to make a tower of cups. Giggling a little, I gently placed the two cups on the table, I tip-toed up the stairs but slowed down when noises were heard.

     What is he doing? Does he have someone over? It sounds like he’s hurt…Once I reached the top of the stairs, his bedroom door was slightly opened, allowing me to peak through. The sight that I saw was tempting once I looked. The boy was shirtless with one hand under the blanket that was covering half of his body. It was obvious he was pumping himself when his head was thrown back in satisfaction. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, causing me to swallow.

     “(Y-Y/N)…” his low voice moaned out, causing my eyes to widen but my lips to curl into a smirk. I can’t lie and say that I don’t enjoy this, after all, I’ve liked Chanyeol since forever, but this caused me to feel a little hot. He was pleasuring himself thinking about me. I opened the door more to let myself in before leaning against the wall, arms crossed, watching him writhe on his own bed.

     It was until I felt my panties getting wet that I finally spoke. “Huh, I came over to surprise you but instead, you surprised me, Chanyeolie.” With that, his eyes snapped open, looking at me from across the room, hand movement slowing down and jumping straight up like I thought he would
“(Y/N)!” he exclaimed, trying to hide the red showing on his face. I walked closer towards him.

     “What? You were moaning the name a while ago, why did you stop?” I questioned before dipping my head down to connect our lips together into a deep kiss. He didn’t hesitate to grab my waist and pull me down so I was straddling his waist, deepening the kiss. When we pulled away because of the lack of air, one of his hands flew to the hem of my shirt, lifting it up and off of me before flinging it away.

     Another moment later, his lips were on mine again and he flipped us so he was on top. The blanket was swiftly removed from between us and my face flushed after seeing the sight of his erect member. Fingers were starting to unbutton and remove my shorts before I helped him slip it off. It was then his turn to smirk at me in my pink bunny bra and underwear.

     His right hand slipped under the bra and started massaging one breast while the other hand went to my back to unclip the piece of clothing once that was off, he latched his mouth onto the other nipple, sucking and lightly biting while I began heavily breathing. My back was slowly arching as his tongue flicked the nipple repeatedly.

     One hand then started slithering towards my underwear and tugged at it until it was kicked off. The cold air caused me to close my legs but he prevented that by placing himself between.

     “Before I take you to heaven, you need to know that I’ve liked you for a long time now.” he whispered in my ear causing me to smile.

     “I like you too, Chanyeol.” I replied, I almost didn’t get to finish the sentence when he pushed himself in. Both of us moaned out at the feeling.  My hands gripped his arms that were on either side of me. The pain started to subside and pleasure kicked in before I wanted him to move. He got the message with the nod of my head and started to thrust. His head leaned down to start kissing and sucking on my neck, leaving various purple spots for me to worry about tomorrow.

     “C-Chanyeol…please..go faster..” I moaned out as he went faster. My head was thrown back like his was earlier. There was a thin layer of sweat on us as the room started to get hotter. His thrusts got deeper as he took hold of my hips.

     “I’m going to…Chanyeol, I’m about to…” I breathed out, he nodded, coming to take me into another kiss and giving one last hard thrust, causing us to moan into each other as I came first and he right after. It’s a good thing I’m on the pill otherwise I would’ve yelled at him. Our breathing was heavy and irregular as he put his weight on me, pulling his member out along the way.

     “You know, I got you bubble tea downstairs.” The words were able to form after a few minutes of breathing. He turned his head to look at me before planting a kiss on my temple.

     “That sounds tempting, but we need to clean up first.” he mumbled, his voice somehow coming out deeper than before. Then, he got up, hoisting me over his shoulder and walking towards the bathroom and locking it.


I don’t even know why you guys ask me to do smuts, I’m so bad at it wtf. Ya’ll being naughty, Chanyurr knows.

But leave a scenario request anyway ^^


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How do you start sending letter to Richard Ramirez? How do you write to a person who is in prison and isn’t your relative? Lots of love 💞

How *did* I start?  I found his address and I wrote a letter.  I kept it simple and introduced myself.  3 weeks later, I had a response from him in my mailbox. 
We took it from there, speaking monthly up until his death.  The last year or so of his life, he began calling me here and there by telephone.  It wasn’t frequent but he would call once in a while and we’d chat for about what…15-20 minutes?  (the calls get cut off fairly quickly). 
You can technically write anyone in prison unless they are under writing restrictions (plenty of well known federal inmates are).  You don’t have to be related or know them prior to their incarceration.  If someone is in jail or a state prison, you don’t have to worry about writing restriction.  Most of those in Federal that are under restriction are “terrorists” or involved in gangs.  I hope this answer helps!

my latest order from @themanlylobster was waiting for me in my mailbox (along with three weeks of mail) and, once again, i love it!!

one of the lost light pins and the rod squad pin is going to @outreotter, who deserves all the nice things in the world, and the other lost light pin is for me! (i already have a rod squad pin.) i also ordered a bumblebee keychain, and i blame @pretentiousfork for making me love him so much again. and look at what a cute bonus art i got with him!

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shit like this is why i think mutual aid is so important.  because honestly literally WHAT I NEED is for someone to come over once a week, bring me a bag of groceries, and sit down and physically fill out forms and put shit in envelopes while i help out.  i provide the forms, the relevant documents, the stamps, the envelopes, the printer, the internet connection, and somebody else does the necessary physical labor.  drops the envelopes in the mailbox on their way out. 

with all these social services and shit like, you have to go to THEM, and even the least arduous ones to access are still a drain on your already overtaxed energy reserves.  what people NEED right now is HELP with REALLY BASIC SHIT.  when you’re dealing with mental illnesses and stuff like, making a phone call or printing out one email can turn into this horrible insurmountable task.  asking friends and family to help often doesn’t pan out because people get impatient or bored or you flake on them and they stop trying or whatever. 

what we need are dedicated volunteers, people who have the time, energy, and desire to do the actual, physical legwork that poor people (who are probably disabled and/or elderly and/or mentally ill) can’t manage consistently on their own.  prescription pickup couriers – a kid on a bike with a smartphone could do this.  help filling out forms and making phone calls – an english-speaking adult with 2 hours free once a week could do this for one person/household.  grocery delivery, secondhand clothing delivery – again, a kid on a bike or a teenager or adult with a car and a couple hours free could do this.  free rides to doctors’ appointments that don’t require screwing around with public transit government bureaucracy phone tree hell – anyone with a car could do this.  even if it’s just one way, that saves so much time and energy.

i think THIS is the kind of shit the radical left should be organizing to do on a local level.  offer assistance to people in the community.  we don’t even need a community center to do it in.  if you’re already based out of a commune or whatever, that would be fucking ideal, but it’s not like, crucial.  this kind of aid is direct action, and it makes a huge difference in people’s lives.  or it would if people were doing it.  churches do a lot of this shit and it’s great but it’s not enough.  there’s a huge void here that we could step in and fill, especially when it comes to queer and trans ppl living in poverty, like… this should be a thing in my life already imo

Academic Rock Bottom 

This is one is for the perpetually lazy under-achievers at school (previously me as of recently). Some of us just can’t get motivated to do well in school and I feel you. This isn’t your ‘perfect’ guide to motivate yourself for school (that has to come from you). This is my story of how I finally said bye bye to procrastination and hello to good grades. 

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[DISCLAIMER: I do not own 5sos, or the picture above.]

Hey everyone, it’s time for my end of the year giveaway. Last year it was all kinds of accessories from 5sos and 1d, but this year it’ll be shirts bc that shit is cheap and shipping is like 3 bucks can i get an amen

i’ll be doing a total of 5 shirts:

  • ‘lol ur not ashton irwin’
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these shirts can be customized to the winner’s liking. you can change the font, punctuation, color, shirt style, or if you want just the first or last name idk

what you need to do:

if you want a higher chance of winning, you can spam and leave all of us lovely things in our inbox (off anon please we would love to give you more credit)

how the winners will be picked:

  • i will check the notes to see if you liked + reblogged
  • i will have the ppl up there check their follow list for your name
  • winners will most likely be the ones that were nice to us (we’re all paying shipping and buying shirts so yh)

More Info:

  • winners will be picked on new years, sent in 1-3 business days, and will arrive in 1-2 weeks. 
  • I’ll inbox you for your p.o or mailbox address, and preferences on the shirt. 

anymore q’s inbox me?????